Faculty Procedure - Department of Chemistry

Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Procedure for Placing RIAS Orders
General: It is University policy that Purchase Orders be created for all
product/service expenditures, PRIOR to the actual purchase.
Non-RIAS users: Please complete the CCB requisition form and place it in the
Main Office Bin (front desk) in Room 142 or email it to the Chemistry Purchasing
Team, [email protected] The electronic requisition form is located
on our website under ABOUT, Department Users, ADMIN PROCEDURES,
Purchasing 2.2
All Users: In order to expedite the processing of your orders, please keep in
mind the following requirements when submitting purchase requisitions.
1. Any purchase order $1000 and greater in total, must have a quote unless
you plan to purchase from a preferred supplier (such as Fisher Scientific,
Sigma Aldrich, Airgas, VWR, etc.) A list of Preferred Suppliers is
available on our website, Purchasing 2.4
2. Any purchase order $5000 and greater in total must include 3 quotes:
one from the supplier with whom you are placing the order, and 2
competitive quotes. An exception to this rule is if you plan to purchase
from a preferred supplier (such as Fisher Scientific, Sigma Aldrich, Airgas,
VWR, etc.); then only 1 quote (from the preferred supplier) is required.
a) If you obtain the quotes directly from the supplier, the quotes MUST be
independent, that is, it is unethical to share the contents of one
supplier’s quote with another supplier, especially the price.
b) University Purchasing is at your disposal to obtain competitive quotes.
c) If competitive quotes are not possible (single source manufacturer,
unique good or service, etc), then your single quote must be
accompanied by a Sole Source Justification Form. Please complete
the form, print and sign it and forward to
[email protected] If you require help with Part II B. of
the form (Fair Pricing), we will assist. Copies of this form are located
@ the RIAS forms depository website:
d) All quotes must have the shipping terms "F.O.B. Destination" stated on
the quote.
e) For all major equipment orders in the Wright Chemistry Building,
please notify our building manager, Andy DeZaio
[email protected], for facilities review of utilities and environmental
concerns PRIOR to placing your order.
3. For orders $40,000 and up, University Procurement must seek formal
competition between multiple suppliers.
4. For all computers/laptops/printers/peripherals and their related supplies:
 Please contact your IT support group to discuss your requirements
and obtain a quote. Please review the quote and forward to
[email protected] for processing.
 If you wish to charge a grant account, a Chemistry Computer Form
(justification) is now required for all PC related purchases, regardless
of the dollar amount. Please complete the form, sign it and forward it
to [email protected] and we will obtain the Chair’s
signature. The electronic requisition form is located on our website,
Purchasing 2.3
5. If you are preparing your own purchase orders, please be advised that
you are the only one who receives the emailed copy of the purchase
order. Please forward a copy of the electronic PO to
[email protected] for electronic archiving.
If you have any questions, please contact Lydia Haynes, Purchasing Manager.
[email protected]