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August 25, 2014
Zac becomes Triple Zero (000) hero and reunites with operator who answered
his call for help
To be home alone can be frightening for any young child. To be home alone with your younger brother
when your mum suffers a medical emergency and keep calm while calling Triple Zero (000) takes
NSW Ambulance will today recognise this bravery by awarding 12 year old Zac Magill, from
Adamstown, with the NSW Ambulance Star Award. On hand to make the special presentation to Zac
will be the control centre operator who took his call.
On 4 December 2013, Zac was home with his younger brother Aiden when his mum Aimee collapsed
and suffered medical complications eight months into her pregnancy.
The 12 year old knew exactly what to do and picked up the phone and dialled Triple Zero (000).
Aimee Rothkirch taught her son Zac how to call Triple Zero (000) when he became school-aged.
NSW Ambulance Assistant Control Centre Operator Marnie Robertson was at the other end of the
phone to take Zac’s call.
“Zac was calm and in control given the pressure he must have been under,” Ms Robertson said.
“He knew his address and his phone number and answered all my questions helping me to send
paramedics immediately to assist.”
NSW Ambulance control centre operators are highly trained professionals who rely on crucial
information from the Triple Zero (000) caller to start providing the right medical treatment prior to
paramedics arrival.
“Zac stayed on the phone for over ten minutes while I guided him in assessing his mum’s medical
condition” Ms Robertson said.
“He was a brave boy, and I will be so proud to meet the face behind that young voice today at this
special school presentation.”
Ms Robertson and Zac are being reunited at Zac’s school, Holy Family Primary School in Merewether
Beach today.
Zac is already a star in his mother’s eyes.
“I never thought my son would make a call that would one day save my life. I cannot remember
anything from that day and was told by doctors how lucky I was that Zac was there because things
would have been very different,” Ms Rothkirch said.
“I couldn't be prouder of Zac for calling Triple Zero (000) and also for looking after Aiden. He is my
hero and his actions saved my life.”
“After our family's experience, teaching your children to call Triple Zero (000) is one of the most
important lessons they can learn You never know when they could need to make that potentially lifesaving call.”
As a result of this medical emergency, the Rothkirch and Magill family lost their beautiful daughter and
sister Isla. They have, however, been buoyed by news of the impending birth of a fourth child due next
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media release
excellence in care
As a tribute to Isla, the family along with NSW Ambulance and NSW Health would like to encourage
the community to acknowledge 15 October as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.
The NSW Minister for Health the Hon Jillian Skinner established 15 October as Pregnancy and Infant
Loss Remembrance Day, commencing for the first time in 2012.
For more information visit 15October.com.au
NSW Ambulance Star Award presentation
When: 10.30am Monday 25 August 2014
Where: School Hall, Holy Family Primary School
19 Janet St, Merewether Beach NSW 2291
Media: Arrive at 10.15am outside School Hall (for 10.30am presentation)
Please register your intention to cover the presentation by calling NSW Ambulance Media on 02 9320
7796 or [email protected]
Save Triple Zero (000) for saving lives
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