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World Update
News from Wesleyan World Missions
Apr/May 2014
Getting Ready...
t was a privilege to
introduce Rev. David
Collins to the
National Pastors and
Leaders Conference in
Queensland recently and
for him to share his
passion and calling to
fulltime ministry in the
Solomon Islands.
David will begin his
Home Ministry
assignment on July
13th right through to
December. He will be
travelling to each
District and to as
many churches as
possible to share
about the ministry in
Solomon Islands and how
people can pray and
support this work.
His itinerary will be
coordinated with District
Missions Directors within
specific times to ensure
the widest possible
coverage in the relatively
short time frame.
It will be impossible for
David to visit all 90
Wesleyan Churches in a
23 week time frame. And
obviously even more
impossible to be at every
church on a Sunday, that
would take a couple of
years of continuous
and there will be
considerable travel costs
as you can imagine.
David will also be
attending each District
Conference so that the
maximum number of
pastors and leaders can
catch up with him and
share in the vision.
Please pray for
David as he
finalises pastoral
ministry in
Church, completes
a required
course, plus goes
travel. He does need to
on a Teaching tour to the
get to the Solomons early Solomons at the end of
next year!
Whilst the schedule is
To get the most up to
being finalised, it is
date news from David,
important that funds start ‘like’ the facebook page
to be pledged and also
‘David Collins in the
given now. As he will be
Solomon Islands’.
on salary with Wesleyan
Individuals can set up
World Missions from July
direct once off or
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From First Page
ongoing payments at
Churches are encouraged
to finalise their missions
budgets to include an
annual allocation towards
David’s Ministry Support
in the Solomon’s.
Getting Ready...
Pledged support will be
the key for determining
that the budget will be
covered once David has
moved overseas.
These support pledges
should be forwarded to
[email protected]
Dallas Thomas
Natinoal Director
ev. George Velopide, National Supt. of the
Solomon Islands Wesleyan Methodist has
been spending siginicant time and effort in
Honiara endouvering to gain the best possible
outcome for the Land Allocation for Noro.
It has become quite a task to finalise the paperwork
with the letter of offer received in December from
the Lands Department. He met with the
Commissioner for Lands with his own local Federal
Member and the National Church Secretary to
negotiate the hefty premium charge that had been set
for the allocation of the 50 year lease. This has been
taken into consideration with the Commissioner’s office to assess this request and determine a new
This has not yet been done and we have just heard that the Commissioner of Lands has just been
sacked. We are yet to understand what affect this might have on the outcome.
After 9 years of waiting to have this final step further delayed has been trying everyone’s patience.
However we firmly believe that God is still in control in the midst of the difficulties.
George has returned back to his village and is communicating with authorities via phone. It is
hoped that the revised premium will quickly be finalised.
As soon as it is finalised the wheels will start to turn. Allowing the deployment of Jeff and Shelly
Davies to oversee the building project as they volunteer for up to six months in readiness for
David’s anticipated arrival next year.
Keep praying.
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Australian Wesleyans Serving Overseas Missions
Great Opportunities to get involved in God’s work in the
Pacific Region.
Tutor Students- Solomon Islands 28th June 11th
This trip will give you the chance to journey with fellow
learners as a tutor. It is planned for two courses to be
offered at Noro over two five day periods: Pastoral Care and
Counselling & Apologetics. Please note date change.
Anyone keen to experience God in a cross cultural setting,
plus serve others as they also learn, is welcome make
application for this trip. Approx Cost $2200, all inclusive.
Apply at [email protected] now as time is running out.
NATIONAL YOUTH CAMP- PNG July 1st - 8th or
13th to help Build Pastors house
Help the National Youth Leaders in PNG run their National Youth Camp in Lae. Don
Floyd is going to begin building a new Pastors house straight afterwards, so if you
have building/handy man skills and want to extend your trip stay for the second
week. Please register your interest asap at [email protected]
YOUNG ADULTS- Solomon Islands Sept 23-Oct 3rd
FILLING FAST. This trip is sponsored by Sth Qld Young adults, but other district
Young Adults may apply. This team will be roughing it in one of the remotest areas
of the Solomon Islands, within sight of the southern tip of Bougainville in the
Choiseul province. The team will be running a kids program in the afternoon. Huge
opportunity to get to know and identify with the local church leaders and kids.
Approx cost $2500 all inclusive. Apply at [email protected]
With the impending signing of the land deal in the Solomons we will need tradies
and handy people with flexible time frames to assist with the building of the Bible
School training centre building and house for David Collins in Noro. Individuals and
teams that can go and assist local volunteers and Jeff and Shelly Daveis as they
coordinate the building project. Again please register your interest and availability to
[email protected]
Interested in heading to Sri Lanka next year?- let us know at [email protected]
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Pray for the Wesleyan
Bible College of PNG,
2nd term will begin on
the 14th. Pray
especially for students
Jethro and Jenny. At the
beginning of the year
Jenny was diagnosed
with terminal lung
cancer. It appears God
will be taking Jenny to
Heaven soon. Jenny’s
desire is that Jethro will
be able to resume
studies after her
passing. Pray that God
will give Jenny pain-free
nights. That He will
grant courage to Jethro.
And that their 4 young
daughters will be
surrounded by love.
Praise God for the good
things happening among
Wesleyans in Lae city
and their province
(Morobe). On the 12th
they will dedicate a new
classroom building for
their pre-school. Pray
also for Pastor Baker of
Lae and Pastor Roy
(PNG national church
leader) who will be
speaking at a crusade
soon after, reaching out
in areas new to the
Wesleyan church.
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Join us in thanking God
for good visits from the
Andersons from
Toowoomba and the
Whites from Logan. We
are grateful for the
impact they made during
their time in PNG.
Also we thank God for
the support Dubbo
School of Distance
Education provides our
family, particularly in
Stephen’s HSC year.
Pray for perseverance
for Stephen over the
next two terms.
Pray for David as he is
currently on Long
Service leave. For
complete refreshment in
readiness for his new
position moving forward.
Pray that as he returns
that all plans for the
teaching tour in the
Solomons, his own
Assessment course
work, and readiness for
Home Ministries will
come together quickly.
Pray for his home
church, Maryborough, as
he transitions out of
ministry there after more
than 7 years.
Pray for supporters in
both prayer and
finances. That a good
team will be quickly built
to uphold his work and
ministry in the
SolomonsPlease pray urgently for
the final details to fall
into place for the land at
Noro. That the new
Commissioner for Lands
will provide the final
price and paperwork to
be signed.
Pray for Jeff and Shelly
Davies as they wait
(patiently) for the
finalisation of the land.
Pray for tradies and
handy people to make
themselves available to
help with the building
program when up and
Pray for AWSOM teams
as they come together
for July and October.
Pray for the following
goals of the Bangladeshi
Wesleyan Church for
To plant 40 new churches
To establish 30 new
preaching points
To add 1,000 new
members to their
To provide a place of
worship for some of the
churches in remote villages
To establish community
development projects that
would benefit both the
people in the church and in
the community .
Japan: The following
praise report is from
missionary Robin White:
A lady who has been
attending my English Bible
study recently told us that
she believes in Jesus as
her Savior! She have been
searching the scriptures,
borrowing books from the
church, asking questions,
and seeking truth for
herself. She is starting to
take one-on-one
discipleship classes with
one of our pastors.
Pray that her faith would
become firmly planted in
Jesus and grow to produce
fruit for the Kingdom
Mozambique: According to
missionaries Jim and
Karen Pickett, there are 52
students studying at the
Xai Xai Wesleyan Bible
College. The JESUS film is
reaching many people for
Christ in new areas. These
new Christians need
mature leaders to help
ground them in their
newfound faith. The
students at Xai Xai are
desperately needed in the
pastorate because many
churches are led by new
converts. Pray for these
students as they learn how
to effectively lead and
impart scriptural truth. Also,
pray for the staff to follow
God’s leadings in what He
would have them teach.
Zambia: Pray for the
construction of the new xray building that begins this
month at the Zimba
Mission Hospital. Praise
God that Samaritan’s
Purse generously agreed
to cover the cost of
shipping the new x-ray
machine to Zambia.
Bosnia: The following
prayer requests are from
our missionary team in
Our team and five Bosnian
women are reading
through and discussing the
New Testament in the 40
days leading up to Easter.
We are excited about this
time to grow together in our
love for the Scripture and
the Lord. Pray for God to
speak to hearts through
His Word, and pray for Him
to strengthen His church in
Pray that there would be
men who are interested in
reading the Scripture and
growing their belief and
faith in Christ.
The Wesleyan Church has
a group of 15 churches in
the British Isles. These
churches have a unique
opportunity to reach the
growing Muslim immigrant
population. Please pray for
these churches as they
raise up leaders to
creatively engage a rapidly
changing culture
Karis People: Pray for our
missionary team among
the Karis people. They
have designated the month
of April as a “Season of
Harvesting.” They will
specifically focus on
sharing the good news and
asking the Lord to grant the
Cambodia: The following
prayer request is from
missionaries Tim and
Tiffany Gallant:As you
prepare for bed every
Saturday night, please
remember in prayer our
Khmer churches and pray
specifically for the Lord’s
anointing on each pastor.
Pray especially for the
movement of the Holy
Spirit in the lives of the
individuals who attend
each church service. Pray
that Satan would be bound
in the name of Jesus Christ
so that he would not hinder
worship and worshippers.
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Miracle on the river!
The story has been told by
team leader Job Weli that the
Jesus Film team left
Mt.Hagen flying by M.A.F to
Waposale with the Jesus Film
We landed safely and a heavy
rain started. From here our
team would need to travel
down the river. There were
eight of us in the old dugout
canoe with about three hours
to go before we would reach
the next village. After about
an hour of heavy rain our
canoe had filled up with the
rain and with the weight of
the people and equipment
the canoe began to sink.
The team wanted to save
their own lives and not
thinking about the
equipment, which was in a
duffle bag, everyone bailed
from the canoe and the
equipment went into the
world update page six
river. Someone grabbed
the bag but not before it
had gone under water. As
soon as everyone was
safely on shore they
immediately opened the
bag to check the
equipment. The bag was
completely filled with
I, Job Weli, began
weeping, with tears falling
down my face I
cried out to
the Lord. “Lord
in this place
someone will
be saved who
is possessed
by Satan. Lord
we believe
that you will
help us.” We
left the canoe
and walked
another hour to the village.
We decided to set up the
equipment, and when
we checked everything
was in in good condition.
Teacher Training
Program run by
Aussie Volunteers.
Cecilia Anderson kicks off a
mobile library program for
early elementary education at
Fugwa. Brenda White is
assisting during this round of
in-service training.
Why are we so passionate
about this program? IT'S THE
That night 8 people gave
their lives to Jesus
including the village
Chief and his family who
never been to a church.
We are now planning to
build a church in that
Just outside the Floyds gate.
On a "city road".
The DAVIES are on Standby...
Jeff and Shelly Davies are ready to head to the Solomons to
volunteer for up to six months with the building project at
Noro. Here is an update from them...
“Thank you for standing with us in your prayers as we wait for a
date to actually leave for the Solomons. We need to keep
praying for the many details that have to be finalized and then
for plans to quickly be approved by council.
We have officially moved out of our house. Working out what to
keep, what to sell and what to store, while not actually knowing when we are going has been
challenging, but praise God by turning to the promises in His Word we continue to be able to make
difficult decisions.
Our house is now rented out. Actually moving out of our house has felt like a huge step of faith,
only made possible by our church family offering us a place to stay until we go. While there we
have been working out how to minimize our belongings to just have what we think we need. This
has been a challenge as we don't know how much longer we will be in Australia. Thank you so
much to our growth group friend who is storing our boxes.
One of the blessings has been the relationship we have been developing with a young couple
who are now renting our house and recently the young man joined us as at church. He was really
moved by the message and the following week brought his family. Please pray for this family
Please continue praying for our family. Our eldest son Ashley has been accepted into an
internship in his church in Toowoomba. Always a priority in our prayers, is our other youngest
unsaved son. Our son-in-law has recently enrolled in a course in Christian Ministry.
As we wait for an actual date to go, we pray that we will continue to grow to know God more and
more and to be wise in applying his word to our lives.” Jeff and Shelly
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Changing lives, planting churches
The Wesleyan Church international has for years had a high focus on showing the Jesus Film
around the Globe. Here are some up to date testimonies of why...
Liberia.From Darkness to Light: The community where we screened the first night has been known to
be a hideout for criminals and deviants. It has even gotten worse in recent history. We actually screened
there against the advice of security. Praise God for protecting the equipment and the team during the
outreach into this community. We also thank God for snatching most of these “troublemakers” from the
kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light. Pray that these converts would not only be nurtured by
the follow-up team but that they would also take full
membership in the local Wesleyan church or other
Bible-believing churches
One night after showing the JESUS film, I asked if
anyone was in need of prayer for healing. Among those
that night was one man who came to us and said, “I am
from this village and watched this JESUS film. I heard
what you had been sharing awhile ago. I am also like
the disciples of Jesus Christ; I always go to the river and
catch fish in order to feed my family and to run my
household. I am now 55 years old, but ever since my childhood I had learned to fish. Often I will be gone
fishing for a week. I stay to catch as much fish as I can. Once I sell my fish, I buy oil, salt, and other
things for my house.
“The things that happened in the JESUS film, is somehow related to my life too. I am like Peter, James,
and John. Christ called them and they followed Him in His everyday life. I also want to be called by
Jesus Christ and follow Him. Every year in our village we celebrate Nwatgi (one of the festivals of the
people of this local tribe), and I am always the organizer of it. At last years festival, a man died because
of too much liquor. I want to quit everything and get rid of all these noises and unnecessary things. If
you can help me in anyway, then please do it." After telling everything to him, amazingly he told us that
he wants to follow Christ, to live for Him, and to know Him in a deeper way. Praise to God for using this
man’s life for his glory. Pray for him and his testimony in his village).
Sierra Leone
Jesus Speaks Mende: The JESUS film in the language of
the people carries great attention and much impact at the
end. In the village of Nduview, many people watched the film
a few months back in their local dialect called Mende. It
attracted the entire village, with a great number of Muslims in
attendance. The hearts of many were pricked and touched
because the teachings, healings, and miracles of Jesus
Christ were rightly interpreted in their language. A young
Muslim man gave his life to the Lord as a result of the simple
interpretation of the film in his language. He confessed that he never realized such astounding
teachings in Islam. The words of Jesus Christ on the cross deeply touched him, especially on
forgiveness. He totally surrendered his life to the Jesus he can understand.
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