The feasibility of industrialized flexible housing for young

TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, [A+BE] Graduate School
Towards a new housing business model: The feasibility of industrialized
flexible housing for young starters in Malaysia
Keywords: Innovative leasing, Industrialized Flexible housing, Business model, Open building & Infill,
Real Estate & Housing Department/ Design and Construction Management)
Area of Research: Innovation in the Management of the Built Environment
Mohd Zairul Mohd Noor
PhD started in: September, 2012
M.Sc. in Architectural
B. of Architecture
Promoter(s): Prof. Dr.Ir. J.W.F.
Co-Promoter: Prof. Dr. Ir. V. Gruis
Daily Supervisor(s): Dr. John L.
Research Summary: The definition of flexible housing is definitely broad. One easy definition is a Email: [email protected]
flexible house that can physically change according to users’ need and configuration. However, the
concept might posed expensive construction and involves a complex manufacturing technology thus
make it expensive towards customers. The study aims to provide feasibility study of flexible housing
through innovative leasing of the housing components towards young starters in Malaysia. This research
posits that the future housing industry in Malaysia will be using a manufacturing style of production thus
help young starters to access housing in Malaysia and ‘grow’ and ‘shrink’ with the house. Towards the
end, the research highlights the architecture flexibility of the housing, the business model to support the
financial aspect and the delivery of the product for supply chain management. The research will be using
focus groups and multiple case study(s) as its research investigation strategy. The result will highlight key
components behind flexible housing supply chain management and also post constructional changes in
the housing industry. It will develop the future model of flexible housing that leasing its components to
support ‘grow’ and innovative financial solution for young starters in Malaysia.
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M ain Question:
How does Industrialized Flexible
Housing provide alternative towards
better workmanship, customizable
options and flexible financial for
housing industry in Malaysia?
Research Methodology: Qualitative inquiry has been discovered as one of the way to reveal things Deliverables: To seek whether
we did not know in a new way that allows flexibility in the investigation procedure. In contrast to the the new business model is feasible in
popular method of marketing survey, this approach is seen to be more sensitive and explorative that suit the context of Malaysia housing
the nature to uncover new ideas(Wardle, 2002). The study used explorative approach in which industry
respondents share their feedbacks and we were also aware of the limitation that the research is exploring
raw and not fully finished ideas and things might evolve along the way. As Wardle (2002) mentioned, the
qualitative inquiry is good in understanding but not predicting. This approach allowed the respondents to
understand the new business model in depths to add on new ideas according to their needs and
experiences. The exploratory nature of the study led us to use focus groups and case studies for
qualitative inquiry.
Key Publications: Zairul, M. (2013). Housing dilemma among young starters in Malaysia. Elixir online
journal, 58, 14923–14926.
Updated: October 30, 2014