Screenwriter: Yoo Hyun-mi Director: Oh Gyung

Overview t 企划意图 t 企画意図
A melodrama with suspense. Two friends who went to the same girl’s high school find their lives intertwined in so many ways due to
their colliding ambitions. In “Home of Joy” a married couple who have reached their 10th wedding anniversary find themselves locked in
a battle that is similar to the tensions in the Hollywood movie, “War of the Roses.” Finding it unbearable to deal with the irreconcilable
differences that she has with her husband, she wishes that her husband would just drop dead. During their frequent fights, they learn
an invaluable lesson about life and marriage. The story in “Home of Joy” tries to show how marriages work when two partners work
together and that the institution of marriage itself is not a reservoir of instant happiness as people think a marriage should be so.
Screenwriter: Yoo Hyun-mi Director: Oh Gyung-hoon Cast: Kim Hye-soo, Hwang Shin-hye
编剧: 柳贤美 导演: 吴景勋 主演: 金惠洙, 黄薪惠
脚本:ユ・ヒョンミ 演出:オ・ギョンフン 主演:キム・ヘス、ファン・シネ
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Main characters t 主要剧中人物 t 主な登場人物
Kim Jin-seo
(Actress Kim Hye-soo, 38) t Psychiatrist
With beauty and brains, she is a perfect woman who also has a compassionate heart. But there is one
person in her life that she can never forgive. That person is her hometown friend Yoon-hee... Yoon-hee
refers a 21-year-old female college student to Jin-seo as one of her first patients. But the college student
turns out to be grappling with problems while carrying an affair with a married man. Yoon-hee knew all
along that the student was the young mistress of Jin-seo’s husband so why on earth would she steer the
patient to Jin-seo? What was she thinking?
金真瑞(金惠洙饰,38岁) t 精神科医生
キム・ジンソ(キム・ヘス、38才) t 精神科医
Lee Sang-hyun
(Actor Shin Sung-woo, 40) t Jin-seo’s husband, College lecturer at Myungsung University
He is a gentle person who has a big heart. He felt compassion for Yoon-hee when they were both young kids.
Unaware that Yoon-hee had a crush on him, he fell in love with Jin-seo and they got married. But having a
doctor wife who is the breadwinner in the house undermines his masculinity. Finding this unbearable, he has
an affair with a young female student of his who looks up to him as being more mature and wiser.
李尚贤(申成雨饰,男,40岁) t 真瑞的丈夫,明成大学影像文化系的临时讲师
イ・サンヒョン(シン・ソンウ、40才) t ジンソの夫、ミョンソン大学映像文学科の非常勤講師
Kang Shin-woo
Mo Yoon-hee
He is a tough detective who has a short temper. He gives in to Jin-seo’s demands to reopen an
investigation of a deadly accident and discovers new evidence. As a hard-charging detective, he becomes
fixated with the case even more so than Jin-seo as he searches for the truth.
(Actress Hwang Shin-hye, 38) t Curator of an Art Gallery, Wife of the Board Director of Myungsung University
(Actor Lee Sang-yoon, 29) t Detective
She is sexy, impulsive and a drama queen. She is well aware of her sexuality and how attractive she is.
She always envied Jin-seo who had terrific parents that provided her with a comfortable life. So even
when she was Jin-seo’s best friend, she hated her at the same time... Jin-seo stole the first boy that Yoonhee ever loved. And she did it in a cruel way...
江申宇(李尚润饰,29岁) t 强力班刑警
毛润姬(黄薪惠饰,38岁) t 明美术馆的馆长,明成大学财团董事长的妻子
同时一直心怀嫉妒...所以虽然两人形影不离,她却总是厌恨真瑞... 真瑞夺走了她的初恋对象,而且手法卑劣...
モ・ユニ(ファン・シネ、38才) t ミョン美術館館長、ミョンソン大学財団理事長の妻
カン・シヌ(イ・サンユン、29才) t 強力系刑事
Sung Eun-pil
(Actor Kim Gab-soo, 49) t Yoon-hee’s husband, Board Director of Myungsung University
He is a serene romanticist who is well-mannered like an upright British gentleman. Behind his impeccable
manners, cultured ways and devotion to his religion, he can become a very violent and cruel person.
成恩弼(金甲洙饰,男,49岁) t 润姬的丈夫,明成大学财团董事长
ソン・ウンピル(キム・ガプス、49才) t ユニの夫、ミョンソン大学財団理事長