JF Japanese Language Course

JF Japanese Language Course at The Nippon Club CULTURE COURSES Class Contents ‐ Summer Intensive Course for Teens Class Title: Instructor: Hours: Goal: A1‐2 Introductory Japanese Yoko SAKURAI Mon ‐ Fri, 7/28 ‐ 8/8, 10:00‐11:30 am (10 lessons/15 hrs total) Upon successful completion of this class, you will be able to: - talk briefly about yourself such as hobbies, schedule, what you want to buy, what you did/want to do on the weekends, etc. - use very simple phrases that may be helpful when traveling in Japan, including asking how to get to a destination, and handling numbers, quantities, costs and time - read and understand very short, simple texts written with basic words and phrases in hiragana and katakana - write simple words and sentences about yourself, where you live and what you do using hiragana and katakana - make a short simple speech about a place you traveled - read approximately 20 kanji and kanji words related to the topics Week 7/28 (Mon) Topic/Context Hobbies Words/Expressions
Verbs and Nouns related to hobbies Grammar Noun が
Can‐do ‐ Talk about your hobbies よく/ときどき V ます
あまり/ぜんぜん V ません 7/29 (Tue) Schedule Words related to schedule When に V ます 7/30 (Wed) Events Words related to events Place で event が あります
Inviting someone using V‐ませんか 7/31 (Thu) Town 1 Transportation Transportation で
8/1 (Fri) 8/4 (Mon) Review Review Review Town 2 Adjective + Noun Thing が あります 8/5 (Tue) Shopping Adjectives to describe places Location words Large numbers Expressions used for shopping いきます Noun が ほしいです
Past tense of verbs Demonstrative words この、その、あの 8/6 (Wed) Weekend Verbs to describe a weekend Past tense of adjectives 8/7 (Thu) Trip Verbs to describe a trip V‐たいです 8/8 (Fri) Presentation Trip Review ‐ Talk about your availability ‐ Read and write kanji words related to numbers ‐ Invite your friends to an event ‐ Read and write kanji words related to days of the week ‐ Ask for / give advice about a good way to get to a certain place ‐ Read and write kanji words related to directions ‐ Interact on such topics as hobbies, events, town ‐ Describe buildings and places ‐ Read and write kanji words related to adjectives ‐ Talk about what you want to buy ‐ Say what you want to a store attendant ‐ Read and write kanji words related to shopping ‐ Say what you did on a weekend ‐ Read and write kanji words related to activities on weekend ‐ Make a brief description about your trip ‐ Say what you want to do in the next trip ‐ Read and write kanji words related to a trip ‐ Present a short speech about your trip ‐ Interact on such topics as shopping, weekend and short trip