Personal Risk Management for Volunteers

You are encouraged to exercise both caution and common sense as a volunteer, while
participating in group and evening activities. You will be provided with as much freedom and
self-responsibility as is feasible. However, the importance of a safe, secure and welcoming trip
for all is great; therefore you are being asked to abide by the following:
Teams MUST stay together and travel together – INDIVIDUALS DO NOT TRAVEL
You are discouraged from carrying items of great value with you. Bringing items of value
with you is at your own risk. There will not necessarily be the opportunity to lock up your
possessions during the trip.
Know your physical risk limitations. While risk-taking may be inherent in many of
activities, do not do anything that makes you feel more uncomfortable than you are
willing to feel. IT IS OK TO SAY “NO.”
Ask questions. Education must precede action. Be sure you know how to use a tool or
technique before you attempt it, or know an area before you enter it.
Report anything that does not seem right. Talk with a leader, fellow participant, or an
individual that you trust.
In the case of an emergency, immediately contact the appropriate authorities.