April 19, 2015 - holy family catholic church

Archdiocese of Galveston Houston
Rev. Sunny Joseph, OSH, Pastor
R e v . J o y J a m e s , O S H , P a r o c h i a l Vi c a r
O b l a t es o f t h e S a c r e d H e a r t
Growing Together in Christ
Creciendo Unidos en Cristo
S u n d a y M a ss e s
Daily Masses
Saturday Vigil.……5:30 pm
M o n d a y … …… . . …. . 8 : 4 5 a m , 1 2 : 1 0 p m
Sunday…7:30 am, 9:00 am,
T u e s d a y … … … … … 8:45 am, 7:00 pm
1 0 : 4 5 a m , 1 2: 3 0 p m (Español),
Wednesday………..6:30 am, 8:45 am
5:30 pm.
T h u r s d a y … . . . … …. . 8 : 4 5 a m ,
7 : 0 0 p m (Español)
S a t u r d a y 4 : 0 0 p m - 5 : 0 0 p m . F r i d ay … … . . . . . . . . . . . . 6: 3 0 am , 8 : 4 5 a m
O r a ny t i m e b y a p p o i n t m e n t - S a t u r d a y … . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 : 4 5 am
Rosary after 8:45 am Daily Mass
C a l l t h e C CE O f f i c e w e e k days, 9:00 am-4:00 pm.
Anointing of the Sick
(281) 499-4612
Call (281) 499-9688
Contact the Parish Office at least
H e a l i n g M a ss 4 t h T u e s d a y of
six (6) months prior to the wedding
each month - 7:00 pm
date. (281-499-9688). Please attend the information session every
1st Sunday of the month at 4:00
F i r s t F r i d ay , 8 : 4 5 a m M a s s u n p m i n t h e P ar i s h O f f i c e .
til 8:00 pm Benediction, Chapel
Other Services
CDA Court #2060; Olga Longoria,
Regent, Connie Govea, Vice-Regent,
Frances Courville Secretary, Mary
Guajardo, Treasurer and members:
Terry Colley, Ernestine Frazier and
Elena Kempton
PPaarriisshh O
Gail H
u ttch
c hi ns,
d mimin
n i s tistrator
in s,AAd
iouuss Ed
Fr. Biondi Library &
a n d aa Pe
ñ a,a,DR
Religious Articles Sundays
Hiissppaanniicc M
After all Masses
G eorg
e o r g iin
n aa RRo
r oro
Muussiicc M
Quinceaños contact the CCE
D r .. A
n d r ee LLaCour
Office, (281) 499-4612
incceenntt ddee PPaauull
Non-Catholics who wish to join SSoocciieettyy ooff SStt.. V
David Perez
Mar ilyn O’Laugh lin
our faith community RCIA
Yoouutthh M
(Rite of Christian Initiation of
Je a n e t te V el asq u e z
Adults) is a process to welcome
you into our faith, contact the
CCE Office, (281) 499-4612
Religious Education contact the
CCE Office, (281) 499-4612
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
(281) 499-6246
Finance Council
FDianr raenl lc eG rCo voeusn, cCihl a i r m a n
T( 2er
8 1r y
) 7Mo
7 8 -l0ik,
5 0 2Ch a i r ma n
713-899P a s t o r a l 4024
PJ oahsnt oLroauli sC, oCuh anicr m
il an
( 2o8r1a) P
4 9e 9r a- 3l ta
1 5,6Ch a ir w o ma n
(281 ) 844-6087
Our Parish Vision Statement: O u r p a r ish vision is t o
b u i l d u p o n , t o n u r t u r e a n d t o e x h i b i t t h e v i r t u es o f f a i t h ,
hope and charity to all in the spirit of unity through one
fai th , o n e f a mily .
D e c l a r a c i ó n d e la M is i ó n P a r r o q u i a l : L a m i s i ó n d e n u e s t r a p a r r o q u i a e s c o n s t r u ir e n n u e s t r a t r a d i c i ó n , a l i m e n t a r y
m o st ra r las vi rtud e s d e f e , esp er a n za y car idad co n e l
espíritu de unidad basado en una fe, una familia.
[email protected]
April 19, 2015 3rd Sunday of Easter Sunday
One of the wonderful things about vacations is the time we spend two or three weeks afterward savoring the experience, sharing vacation photos and memories with our family and friends. This kind of reflection puts us back in touch
with the original experience and reminds us of the relaxation and wonder the vacation afforded us. Today, on the Third
Sunday of Easter, the Church blesses us with reminders of what we celebrated two Sundays ago. All three readings are
reflections on the meaning of the death and resurrection of Christ. One of the threads running through these reflections is
that the purpose of the Lord’s suffering, death, and resurrection was to save us, to forgive our sins. We are given fifty
days to ponder this reality—fifty days to savor the experience of Christ’s dying and rising for us.
Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
First Reading — The author of life you put to death, but God raised him from the dead (Acts 3:13-15, 17-19).
Psalm — Lord, let your face shine on us (Psalm 4).
Second Reading — We have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous one (1 John 2:1-5a).
Gospel — Thus it is written that the Christ would suffer and rise from the dead on the third day (Luke 24:35-48).
The English translation of the Psalm Responses from the Lectionary for Mass © 1969, 1981, 1997, International Commission on English in the Liturgy Corporation. All rights reserved.
Third Sunday of Easter
St. Anselm
Wednesday: Administrative Professionals Day;
Earth Day
Thursday: St. George; St. Adalbert
St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen;
National Arbor Day
Saturday: St. Mark
Domingo: Tercer Domingo de Pascua
Martes: San Anselmo
Miércoles: Día de la Tierra;
Día de los Administradores Profesionales
San Jorge; san Adalberto
Viernes: San Fidel de Sigmaringa;
Día del Árbol
Sábado: San Marcos
19 de Abril, 2015 Tercer Domingo de Pascua
Una de las cosas maravillosas sobre las vacaciones es que después de nuestro regreso nos pasamos dos o tres semanas saboreando la experiencia, compartiendo las fotos y recuerdos con nuestra familia y amistades. Esta clase de
reflexión nos vincula nuevamente a la experiencia original y nos hacer volver a vivir el descanso y las maravillas que la
vacación nos proporcionó. Hoy, el Tercer Domingo de Pascua, la Iglesia nos da la bendición de unos recordatorios de
lo que celebramos hace dos domingos. Las tres lecturas son reflexiones del significado de la muerte y resurrección de
Cristo. Uno de los hilos que unen a estas reflexiones es que el propósito del sufrimiento, la muerte y la resurrección del
Señor fue para salvarnos y perdonar nuestros pecados. Tenemos cincuenta días para contemplar esta realidad –
cincuenta días para saborear la experiencia de la muerte y resurrección de Cristo por nosotros.
Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
Primera lectura — Pedro da testimonio a la gente de que Jesús ha sido glorificado y deberán reformar sus vidas
(Hechos 3:13-15, 17-19).
Salmo — En ti, Señor, confío. Aleluya (Salmo 4).
Segunda lectura — Jesucristo intercede ante el Padre por nuestos pecados (1 Juan 2:1-5a).
Evangelio — Jesús se aparece a los discípulos y los envía a predicar la penitencia para el perdón de los pecados
(Lucas 24:35-48).
Knights of Columbus Educational Scholarship
Awards… The Knights of Columbus, Holy Family,
Council 7728 is again, this year, offering three $1,000
educational scholarships to high school graduates. The
following are two basic requirements but more details are
available on the application forms. The applications are
available at the parish business office or by contacting
any Knight of Columbus at Council 7728:
* Must be a Holy Family Parishioner.
* Must be graduating from one of our Fort Bend
County High Schools which includes SMSD.
* Write or type a 500 word or less essay on “Spirituality
of Communion” (more details in application form)
* Deadline to turn in complete application for official
evaluation and consideration is Friday, May 15th ,
7:00 pm
Please note that these scholarships are made available by
our Knights of Columbus Council 7728 members and our
worthy patrons that support and attend our annual Valentine’s Day Scholarships Dinner/Dance held each year on
or around St. Valentine’s Day. Your continued support is
very much appreciated as we strive to do our part in offering our children some financial assistance to further
their education at colleges or universities.
Knights of Columbus Blood and Bone Marrow Drive /
KC #7728 Quarterly Breakfast...our KC Council
#7728 in partnership with the Gulf Coast Regional Blood
Center will facilitate a blood & bone marrow drive, TODAY, Sunday, Apr il 19th, 8:30 am until 3:30 pm in
our Parish Hall. A full course breakfast including juice &
coffee will be available at no charge to all participants. A
full breakfast will also be available for a donation of
$5.00 to those who do not donate. All parishioners are
welcome to enjoy a great breakfast and fellowship.
CINCO DE MAYO DANCE...The Guadalupe Society
will sponsor a dinner dance on Saturday May 2, 2015,
6:30 pm -12:00 pm. Tickets are $20.00 per person and
includes a fajita dinner plate, from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
and dance from 8:00 pm -12:00 pm. DJ Omnivity will
provide a variety of music for your enjoyment. Proceeds
will be for the Building Fund and Guadalupe Society. For
more information, call Priscilla Reyes at 281-499-2326
Guadalupe patrocinara un baile y cena el día Sábado 2
de Mayo, 2015 de 6:30 pm - 12:00 pm. Los boletos serán
de $20.00 por persona e incluye la cena con plato de fajitas de 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm y baile de 8:00 – 12:00 pm. El
DJ Omnivity tocara música para todos los gustos. Los
fondos recaudados serán para La Campaña de la Iglesia
y la Sociedad de Guadalupe. Para más información, comunicarse con Priscilla Reyes – 281-499-2326.
Mass Intentions
April 20 - 26, 2015
April 20th, Monday, Easter Weekday; Jn 6:22-29
8:45 am Aley Varkey (+) by Elsy Francis
Simon Karrisserickal (+) by Mary Kutty
12:10 pm Anselmo Ortiz (+) by John & Carmen Tristan
Abdon Montes (+) by John & Carmen Tristan
April 21st, Tuesday, Easter Weekday; St. Anselm, bishop &
doctor of the Church; Jn 6:30-35
8:45 am Lilian Poncik (+) by Family & Friends
Dave Filip (+) by Family & Friends
7:00 pm Constance Gois (+) by Family
Rebecca Soriano (+) by Soriano Family
April 22nd, Wednesday, Easter Weekday; Jn 6:35-40
6:30 am Chichi Anne (-) by Lilian Ekwealor
Laura Ahannonu (-) by Lilian Ekwealor
8:45am Deacon Lynn Carney (-) by Anne Carney
Terry Partida (-) by Elicia Arriaga
April 23rd, Thursday, Easter Weekday; St. George, martyr;
St. Adalbert, bishop & martyr; Jn 6:44-51
8:45 am Linton B. Carney (+) by Deacon Lynn & Anne Carney
Ikenna Njoku (-) by Angela Ibe
7:30 pm Artemio Sandoval (+) by Familia Sandoval
Maria Umenia Benitez (+)
by Gonzalez-Benitez Family
April 24th, Friday, Easter Weekday; St. Francis of
Sigmaringen, priest & martyr; Jn 6:52-59
6:30 am Linda Ekwealor (-) by Lilian Ekwealor
Marible Dameg (+) by Flor-Bernadette Pammit
8:45 am Eugene Gerla (+) by Tobi Gardner
Gregorio Sindac (+) by Leona Lee
April 25th, Saturday, St. Mark, Evangelist;
Vigil, 4th Sunday of Easter;
8:45 am Annamma Joseph (+) by Gracy Sebastian
Johnathon Ramirez Orteaga (+)
by Pete & Mary R. Guajardo
5:30 pm Esperance & Donnell Phillips (+) by Family
Juan & Adela Solis (+) by Arturo Canales
April 26th, 4th Sunday of Easter
7:30 am Benita Torres (+) by Chavarria & Torres Families
Chukwuemeka, Ume-Ezeoke (-) by Family
9:00 am Tony Leal (+) by Wife, Terry Leal, Tony & Michael
Sharon Akocha (+) by Augusta Anyama
10:45am Joey Longoria (+) by Parents, Joe & Olga Longoria
Dolores Blanco (+) by Marie Gomez
12:30 pm Miembros de Moviemento Familiar,
Vivos y Difuntos
Miembros de Sociedad de Guadalupe,
Vivos y Difuntos
5:30 pm For All Our Parishioners, Living & Deceased
Sanctuary Candle Intention
April 20 - 26, 2015
Thanksgiving for Organ Donors &
Comfort for Donor Families
By Glenda Pay
The Body,
though one,
has many parts
Adult Confirmation Classes…for adults who have been
baptized, received First Communion and need Confirmation only, are held Wednesday evenings, 7:00 pm in the
Assembly Room. Please call the CCE Office to register
or for more information, 281-499-4612.
AYC (Archdiocesan Youth Conference)- This confer ence is open to all youth in grades 9th-12th, this includes
incoming 9th graders and outgoing seniors. This year's
theme is “Become One”, 1 Peter 3:8-9. The conference
will be from Friday, July 31st - Sunday, August 2nd,
2015 at the Hilton Americas Hotel in Downtown Houston. The total cost for the weekend is $195 which includes registration, meals, conference and t-shirts. We
will have fundraiser opportunities but you need to sign up
in the CCE office with a deposit of $75 to be a part of
them. See future bulletins for registration information or
call the CCE Office, 281-499-4612.
held on Saturday, May 9 from 2:00 - 4:30 pm; sign-in:
1:30 pm at St. Bernadette Catholic Church (Parish Life
Center), 15500 El Camino Real, Houston. The program is
for girls ages 9-12 and their mothers or significant mother-figure. The program fosters an atmosphere of love and
understanding in discussing God’s plan for the gift of
human sexuality and the challenges of living chastely.
There is a program fee of $35/family which includes refreshments and take-home resources. Registration is limited to 50 families for each program.
This program is sponsored by the Archdiocesan Office of Adolescent-Catechesis and Evangelization.
To register, go to http://www.archgh.org/oace/ for Sexuality Catechesis or for more information contact Mark
Ciesielski at 713-741-8792 or [email protected]
Let's pray for persecuted Christians...Let us pr ay for
our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ that are being
persecuted throughout the world, that they may have the
strength and courage to love and stand firm in their faith
in this violent time.
KSHJ 1430 AM – English Catholic radio in Houston, TX. Tune in for intelligent talk, catechesis, apologetics, a Catholic perspective on news and current events, great fun, and lots of advice on living the faith in our relationships and sharing the faith with our friends and family. Tune in every Monday at 12 noon to “Evangelium Live,” Houston’s local live
program hosted by Joe McClane. Listen on air at AM 1430, online at GRNonline.com, or on your mobile device – both
IOS and Android.
If you wish to make an announcement, such as birthdays, anniversaries,
sick, etc., submit a written note no later than Monday pm to the office.
Please, no advertisements.
Please pray for the sick of our Parish especially: U.S. Tr oops and civilian per sonnel over seas; Fr . Phi; Deacon
Alfred Abrams; Johnnie Baiamonte; Sheila McCabe; Bertha Silva; Liana Mikulenka; Michael Oparaji, Sr.; Robert Miller; Ron Carter; Mary Lou Reumont; Betty Bath; Eddie Borrego; Lindy Halloran; Ruben Velasquez; Veronica Lyon;
Pete Guajardo; John Delome; Frances Castillo; Alice Boroski; Carl Anthony Cangelosi; Pat Trail; Edwin Fos; Israel R.
Carranza; Charles Ferro; Deacon Jim Wright; Dr. Octavia Kennedy; Vernita Guillory; Stacy Lynch; Vince Mulle; Reynaldo Taupo; Melvin Carron; Deacon Gerald DuPont; Idalia Tenoria; Joseph Patriarca; John Guidry; Helen Cervenka;
Ricky Martinez; Charles Clark; Sally Vu; Bonifacio Figueroa; Fr. Ken Decker, CSB; Isabel Guajardo; Eva Guevara;
Arthur Hauptman; Georgia Sladecek; Bernice Buri; Velma Packard; Martha & Alvin Kocich; Milton Bath; Alfonso
Austria; Greg Alquiza; Mary Nieto; Mary Rios; Joseph LaCour; Sam Campbell; Magan Rychlik; Beto Mendoza; Mary
Margaret Trevino; Laura Hernandez; Bill Bates; Julius Dumapit; Linda Delgado; Rosie Capalad; Tommy Hill; Ed
James; Elizabeth Battle; Alejandra Mandujano; Jyoti Americas; Kenneth Frazier, Sr; Mary Soza; Jose Pedraza; Jose
Angel Garcia; Frank Golemi; Naty Piguerra; Larry Gancarz; Kenneth Pumphrey; Gabriel Barrera; Angel Andrade;
Alejandro Salazar; Silma Salazar; Isabel G. Cruz, Jr; Gilda Salazar Herrera; Bob Wise; Connie Ramirez; Mary H.
Ortiz; Lee Rychlik; Henry Miranda; Julio Gonzalez; Terry Mirelles Bornhill; Brian Andrew Hickey; Joe Morales;
Larry Morales; Fred Nemec; Joey Salinas; Jean Harris; Christine Spray; Agnes Sampson; Patricia O’Niell; Steve Barta.
Helen Russell; Alice Meuth
May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace.
Catholic Daughters of the Americas Bi-Annual Texas
State Convention took place last weekend in Austin,
Texas and Holy Family Court #2060 had several officers
and members attending. The convention was very spiritual, educational and rewarding and with an excellent keynote speaker, Fr. Jim Sichko, from Kansas City. We were
honored with the presence of Bishop Joe Vasquez &
Bishop Daniel Garcia along with sever al pr iests and
deacons for our masses.
We were also blessed, honored and delighted to have
been presented with two great awards: First Place Award
and a check for $175.00 for Recruiting the most Members
in Category II; Second Place Award for our beautiful
CDA Monthly Newsletter in Division II Category I.
Congratulations to CDA Holy Family Court #2060 on
these great accomplishments. Thanks to all members for
your hard work and dedication. God bless each one of us.
Important Notice: Help us keep our pews clean! If
you must eat or drink during Mass, please eat in the Narthex or feed infants & children in the Cry Room. Food &
Drink are NOT permitted in the church or the chapel.
Please deposit all gum in the trash cans located outside
the church and chapel.
Mother’s Day Flowers...Remember our mother or
grandmother on Mother’s Day, May 10, 2015 with a carnation on the Altar in her honor. The Altar Society is
selling carnations for $2.00 each; white for the deceased
and pink for the living. Envelopes are available at each
entrance to the church. You may drop your envelope in
the collection basket or bring to the Parish Office by
Monday, May 5th,. Please make your check payable to
Holy Family Altar Society.
Gift Shop news -- Mother's Day is coming soon. Holy
Family's gift shop has a large selection of jewelry at great
prices. We also have beautiful wall rosaries as well as
unique hand made rosaries.
Welcome to the Newly Baptized: Eliora Hong An
Codd: Parents, Daniel Richard Eric Codd and Trinh
Bang Vu; Godparent, Traang Vu.
Who will be the next Mister and Miss Holy Family
King and Queen? Calling all gir ls and boys belonging
to Holy Family Parish, ages 4 – 17, grades Pre-K -12th.
Fill out your application and turn it in to the CCE office
or the Rectory. Deadline for the application is Saturday,
May 9, 2015. The 1st parent and contestant meeting will
be held during the week of May11 – 15, 2015.
Los cristianos somos ¡testigos de Cristo resucitado!
Testimoniamos todo lo relacionado con Jesús de Nazaret
quien murió en una cruz, fue sepultado y resucitó al tercer día. Debemos ser personas que cantan y gritan
¡Resucitó, Aleluya! Tan importante es la resurrección de
Cristo que, mientras tenemos cuarenta días de Cuaresma
hay cincuenta días de Pascua en el calendario cristiano.
Durante esta época, domingo tras domingo mediante la
proclamación del Evangelio se nos transmiten escenas de
Cristo, quien cada ocho días se aparecía a sus discípulos
confirmando cada Domingo que en verdad había resucitado, instruyéndolos para que pudieran ser verdaderos
testigos de su resurrección.
Y ¿tú? ¿Cuán buen testigo eres? Un buen testigo da
testimonio de lo que ha visto, escuchado y experimentado. Para ser testigo de Cristo hay que verlo, escucharlo y
experimentarlo. La Iglesia nos da la oportunidad de verlo, escucharlo y experimentarlo diariamente, en especial
durante el domingo. Esto es posible sólo si durante la
semana vives con el corazón abierto. Abierto para ver,
escuchar y experimentar a Jesús en tu hogar, en tu trabajo, entre tus parientes y amistades.
—Fray Gilberto Cavazos-Glz, OFM, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
Créeme porque lo he probado, encontrarás mucho
más en los bosques que en los libros. Los árboles y las
rocas te enseñarán lo que no pueden decirte los maestros.
—San Bernardo de Claraval
Believe one who has tried, you shall find a fuller satisfaction in the woods than in books. The trees and the
rocks will teach you that which you cannot hear from the
—St. Bernard of Clairvaux
Delicious Breakfast Tacos… will be served next weekend, April 26th, after the 7:30. 9:00 & 10:45 am Masses
in the Parish Hall. All Archdiocesan Youth Conference.
Teach me Wisdom,
Knowledge and
281 499-4612
CCE Activities…
Sunday, April 19th
Blood Drive Today - Parish Hall
9:00 am
English RCIA - Mass & Class - Room #2
10:00 am Spanish RICA - Room #3
10:00 am High School Confirmation I & II - Assembly
& Centennial Rooms
10:45 am Children’s Liturgy of the Word (during Mass)
Assembly Room
12:30 pm Spanish Children’s Liturgy of the Word
(during Mass) Assembly Room
1:30 pm
Spanish Baptism Preparation Meeting Room A/B
1:30 pm
Spanish Sacramental Preparation - Assembly
2:00 pm
Spanish Group Baptisms - Church
Tuesday, April 21st
6:00 pm
Middle School & High School CCE Assembly & Meeting Rooms, Rooms 2 & 3
6:00 pm
Spanish Sacramental Preparation Class Room #7
Wednesday, April 22nd
6:00 pm
Pre-K, Kinder & Elementary CCE Classes Rooms 4-12
7:00 pm
Adult Confirmation Class - Assembly Room
Thursday, April 23rd
7:00 pm
Spanish Prayer & Life Workshop –Assembly
Saturday, April 25th
5:30 am
Mass with First Communion for English
Group II students (Meet in Meeting Room
A/B by 5:00 pm, before Mass)
Sunday, April 26th
9:00 am
English RCIA - Mass & Class - Room #2
10:00 am Spanish RICA - Room #3
10:00 am English Sunday Family CCE & Groups I & II
Centennial, Assembly, Meeting Room A/B &
Rooms #2 - 12
1:30 pm
Spanish Sunday Family CCE & Groups I & II
Centennial, Assembly, Meeting Room A/B,
Parish Hall & Rooms #2 - 12
2:30 pm
English Group Baptisms - Church
With the Easter season well under way, we now resume our survey of the sacrament of the sick. The pastoral
care of the sick will be misunderstood if we start from the
vantage point of the sickroom. Begin with the Sunday
assembly, from which the sick person has been separated
by the crisis of illness, and whose absence is given expression in prayer and service. The goal is to extend the
consolation of the Lord’s presence at the table to those
who are apart from it, and for the assembly to enfold them
in prayer.
Secondarily, the goal is to teach people what the
Church desires for all those who are sick. Seeing ministers dispatched to the sick from Mass every Sunday might
help a caregiver realize that their dear one can also receive Communion. Witnessing the anointing of a woman
facing surgery might help another person to overcome
hesitation and ask for the sacrament’s healing and
strength. Society’s impulse may be to marginalize the
sick, but the tradition of our community is to see them at
the center of our life. When Roman persecutors ordered
St. Lawrence the Deacon to hand over the jewels of the
church, he assembled a motley crew of the sick and the
infirm and announced with all humility, “Behold, my
lord, the treasures of the church of Christ.”
—Rev. James Field, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
English Group II Students will be making their Fir st
Communion at the 5:30 pm Mass next Saturday, April
25th. Parents are asked to please bring the students to the
Meeting Room A/B no later than 5:00 pm, before the
Mass. A cake & punch reception will be held in the
Meeting Room A/B following the Mass.
First Communion for the English Wednesday & Sunday Family CCE 2nd Graders will be Satur day, May
2, 2015 at 11:00 am.
First Communion for Spanish Sunday Family CCE
2nd/3rd Graders will be Satur day, May 9, 2015 at
11:00 am.
High School Confirmation will be Monday, J une 1,
2015 at 7:00 pm. Rehearsal will be on Sunday evening,
May 31st, at 6:30 pm.
Please mark your calendars for these important events!
CCE Parents...please r emember to pay your CCE fees
for 2014/15. For balance information call, 281-499-4612
Children’s Collection Envelopes for 2015...ar e available in the /CCE offices. Please pick yours up when you
come for CCE classes.
... and Treasure
Extraordinary Ministers Of Holy Communion
5:30 pm Sat
7:30 am Sun
9:00 am
10:45 am
12:30 pm
5:30 pm Sun
5:30 pm Sat
7:30 am Sun
9:00 am Sun
10:45 am Sun
12:30 pm Sun
5:30 pm Sun
Altar Servers
5:30 pm Sat
7:30 am Sun
9:00 am Sun
10:45 am Sun
12:30 pm Sun
5:30 pm Sun
Sat 5:30 pm
Sat 7:30 pm
Sun 7:30 am
Sun 9:00 am
Sun 10:45 am
Sun 12:30 pm
Sun 5:30 pm
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Mandy Blanco
Alberto Gobencion
Josefa Maghuyop
Jessie Gibson
Angie Perez
Anthony Thaliachary
Rafaela Laran
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Sandy Laran
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Mary Paul
Wilton Broussard
Gloria Colunga
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Adelaida Reyes
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Teresa Velasquez
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Emma Maldonado
Mary Jo Barta
Mary Carmen dela Cruz
Mike Mikulenka
Financial Support For
Church Operations
Total For March 2015
Need Monthly/Operations
Faith Direct (EFT)
Donations, All other
Monthly Total
Albert Gomez
Anjolina Jimenez
Ronnie Brent
Kimberly Montano
Joshua Estrada
Isla McCann
Carl Mouton
Bob Mejia
Joe Macias
George Thomas
Fabian Yanez (Asst)
Jimmy Williams
Cumulative Year to Date
2nd Collections for:
Building Fund
St Vincent DePaul
Catholic Relief Service
March Building Fund Payments/
Donations $37,824
Current Parish Mortgage Balance
2015 DSF Goal
Mike Halloran
Don dela Torre
Joel Battle
Mona Washington
Moises Casrellon
Gloria Batiste-Roberts
2015 Parish Lenten Project Total as of
April 12, 2015: $32,299
Have you signed up with Faith Direct
yet? With Faith Direct, you can make
your offertory contributions, as well as your
Building Fund contributions, to Holy Family Parish using your credit/debit card or
bank account. Please enroll in this program
by picking up an enrollment form from the
church office, or by visiting
www.faithdirect.net to enr oll secur ely on
line. Our parish code is TX364.
Growing Together in Christ Capital
Campaign/Increased Sunday Offertory
… it’s not too late to make a pledge.
Pledge cards are in the pew racks and at the
entrance to the church.
Check out our new &
improved web site,
Bulletin Advertisements: Patr onize the sponsor s who adver tise in our bulletin, thank them for their suppor t . To advertise on the back of
the bulletin please contact J. S. Paluch Co. Inc. 1-800-833-5941.
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