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Christ, the Good Shepherd Parish
Cristo, el Buen Pastor
394 Tenney Avenue • Campbell, Ohio 44405 • (330)755-4141 • (330)755-1367 (fax) • (330)755-3633
A Parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Youngstown
The Mission of Christ, the Good Shepherd Parish is to celebrate the Sacraments,
share our heritage and traditions, and support one another in living and sharing our faith in this community
March 15, 2015
4th Sunday of Lent
Last week, when Jesus referred to the destruction
of the temple, the account from today’s first reading is
what would have come to the minds of his listeners.
But, as Jesus was speaking on a deeper level, so does
today’s first reading. In the first paragraph we hear that
Israel had, in effect, “fallen” already through its
infidelity to the covenant. Lest we get too cozy, this
account reminds us that God, though just, loving, and
merciful, is capable of punishing sin when that sin is
unrepentant. But we are also reminded that God, rich in
mercy, anoints individuals to be vessels of salvation as
well (in Hebrew, King Cyrus of Persia is called
“messiah”). In the Gospel reading, we hear of another
Messiah being “lifted up” for our salvation in one of
the best known passages from the New Testament. As
Lent concludes and we enter Holy Week, we need to
keep our gaze steadfast upon the cross of Christ, the
Son of God who came into the world to raise us who
had fallen.
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St. John the Baptist Church
159 Reed Ave.
Hall: (330)755-0036
St. Joseph the Provider Church
633 Porter Ave. Hall/Pierogi Sales: (330)755-1316
St. Lucy Church/Sta. Rosa de Lima
394 Tenney Ave. Palermo Hall: (330)755-4545
or (330)755-2245
All parish offices are located at
394 Tenney Ave., Campbell, OH 44405
330-755-4141 or 330-755-3633
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 3:00pm
[email protected]
Good Shepherd Campbell
MASS SCHEDULE: (check inside for details)
at St. Joseph the Provider
Saturday (Vigil for Sunday): 4:00pm
[with Confessions at 3:00pm]
Sunday: 8:30am - 10:15am -12:00 Noon (Spanish)
Weekdays Monday at 8:30am: Communion Service
Tuesday - Friday at 8:30am: Mass
at St. St. Lucy/Sta. Rosa
Holy Days: (See inside)
How appropriate that, in Lent, we invoke the saints in a
special way. And, we invoke many of them this week!
After the morning Mass on Tuesday, March 17th, the St.
Anthony Novena begins.
And, of course, the 17th is also the feast of St. Patrick. (I
hope all of the green ushers in Spring weather.)
Then, on March 19th is the Feast of St. Joseph, one of
our patrons. The 8:30am morning Mass that day (only)
will be at St. Joseph church. The celebration, however,
will be on Saturday after the 4pm Mass.
All Holy Men and Women, Pray for us!
In addition to our Lenten prayer, we are also continuing
our Soup and Bread Mission on the 18th at 5:30pm.
Come, enjoy, and grow!
On a more practical note: there are some changes to the
2nd Collection. 1) We have decided to purchase an AED
(defibrillator). Even at the discount price, the cost is
around $1300. The 2nd Collections on March 14/15
(today) and April 4/5 will be for this purchase.
2) Since our debt incurred by the Diocesan Assessments
is quite large, we need to find ways of lowering it. So,
we will introduce a 2nd Collection on the last Sunday of
the month, each month, for this purpose.
Finally, I want to repeat some of Pope Francis’ Lenten
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Lent is a time of renewal for the whole Church, for each
communities and every believer. Usually, when we are
healthy and comfortable, we forget about others
(something God the Father never does): we are
unconcerned with their problems, their sufferings and
the injustices they endure… Our heart grows cold. As
long as I am relatively healthy and comfortable, I don’t
think about those less well off. Today, this selfish
attitude of indifference has taken on global proportions,
to the extent that we can speak of a globalization of
indifference. It is a problem which we, as Christians,
need to confront.
God’s people, then, need this interior renewal, lest we
become indifferent and withdraw into ourselves.
God bless you,
Fr. Conoboy
Que apropiado que, en Cuaresma, invocamos a los santos
de una manera especial. Y, muchos de ellos los
invocamos esta semana !
Después de la misa de la mañana, el 17 de marzo,
comienza la Novena de St. Anthony. Y, por supuesto, el
17 es también la fiesta de St. Patrick. (espero que todos
los ujieres (ushers) se vistan de verde en tiempo
Luego, el 19 de marzo es la fiesta de St. Joseph, uno de
nuestros santos patrones. La misa de las 8 :30am de ese
día (sólo) será en la iglesia de St. Joseph y la celebración
será el sábado después de la misa de las 4pm.
Todos los Santos Hombres y Mujeres, ruegan por
nosotros !
Además de nuestra oración Cuaresmal, también
continuamos nuestra misión con sopa y pan el 18 de
marzo a las 5 :30pm. Ven, disfruta y crece !
En una nota más práctica : hay algunos cambios a la
segunda colecta. 1) Hemos decidido comprar un AED
(desfibrilador). Aún con el descuento, el costo es de
aproximadamente $1300. La segunda colecta de Marzo
14/15 (hoy) y Abril 4/5 serán para comprarlo. 2) Puesto
que nuestra deuda incurrida por las Evaluaciones
Diocesanas es bastante grande, tenemos que encontrar
maneras de como reducirla. Así que, vamos a introducir
una segunda colecta el último domingo de cada mes para
este propósito.
Por último, quiero repetir parte del Mensaje Cuaresmal
del Papa Francisco
Queridos hermanos y hermanas :
La Cuaresma es un tiempo de renovación para la Iglesia,
para las comunidades y para cada creyente. Pero ocurre
que cuando estamos bien y nos sentimos a gusto, nos
olvidamos de los demás (algo que Dios Padre no hace
jamás), no nos interesan sus problemas, ni sus
sufrimientos, ni las injusticias que padecen…Entonces
nuestro corazón cae en la indiferencia : yo estoy
relativamente bien y a gusto, y me olvido de quienes no
están bien. Esta actitud egoísta, de indiferencia, ha
alcanzado hoy una dimensión mundial, hasta tal punto
que podemos hablar de una globalización de la
indiferencia. Se trata de un malestar que tenemos que
afrontar como cristianos.
El pueblo de Dios, por tanto, tiene necesidad de
renovación, para no ser indiferente y para no cerrarse en
sí mismo.
Que Dios te bendiga,
Padre Conoboy
4TH SUNDAY OF LENT - MARCH 15, 2015 • 3
Mass Intentions
The Rosary is prayed 1/2 hour before Mass.
Weekend Masses at St. Joseph the Provider
Saturday, March 14: Vigil for Sunday
4:00pm Gerald Cozart (M/M Ken Petlz)
Victoria Sanchez (Anna Clas)
SUNDAY, March 15: 4th Sunday of Lent
8:30am Robert R. Nicalek Sr. (wife, Maggie,
daughter, Lynn & Family)
10:15am Joseph Simboli (Family)
Health & Blessings Nilda Cruz (A Friend)
Weekday Masses at St. Lucy/Sta. Rosa
Monday, March 16: Weekday
8:30am Communion Service
Tuesday, March 17: St. Patrick
8:15am St. Anthony Novena
8:30am William Wainio (Lolly Wityshyn)
Mary Braydich (Viola & Elmer Gayetsky)
Wednesday, March 18: St. Cyril of Jerusalem
8:30am Health & Blessings Fr. Joseph Zamary
(A Friend)
Mass at St. Joseph the Provider
Thursday, March 19: St. Joseph spouse of Mary
8:30am: Robert Petruska (Joseph Petro)
Friday, March 20: Weekday
8:30am Joseph Massaro (Romito Family)
Weekend Masses at St. Joseph
Saturday, March 21: Vigil for Sunday
4:00pm Christ, the Good Shepherd Memorial Mass
John Zuraw Sr. (M/M Mike Kocjancic)
Adio Rispinto (M/M Ray Benson)
SUNDAY, March 22: 5th Sunday of Lent
8:30am Gerald “Jerry” Cozart (St. Lucy Men’s
10:15am Mary Kondrat (sister, Helen & Ed Nester)
Louie A. Pagan (Robert & Nancy Pagan)
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and list Christ, the Good Shepherd as your charity.
We will receive .5% of eligible purchases.
Memorial Flames
at St. Joseph the Provider
Divine Mercy: Jennifer J. Suhich (Mom & Dad)
St. Anthony: George R. Velk, Jr. (John Orlo Family)
Holy Family: George Kindinis (John Orlo Family)
Christ, the Good Shepherd: Joseph Kavinsky
(wife, Betty & Family)
St. Theresa: John Zuraw Sr. (wife, Jean & Children)
St. Lucy/Sta. Rosa
Our Lady of Guadalupe: Special Intention
(Maria Meyer)
Blessed Mother: John Zuraw Sr. (wife, Jean & Children)
Maintenance Position Available
If you have previous maintenance experience,
submit a resume to Christ, the Good Shepherd Parish,
394 Tenney Avenue, Campbell, OH 44405
A detailed job description is available, upon request.
Because we are behind in our Diocesan Assessments,
we will start taking a Second Collection for this. The
dates are the last Sunday of each month beginning
March 29th.
The Second Collections on March 15th and April 5th
will be to pay for an AED for the parish. Our goal is
St. John’s Cemetery, Villa Marie Road will have
Spring Clean Up on March 16. Clean-up will
include all Christmas and other Decorations that
don’s comply with our rules and regulations.
Decorations should be removed before that date,
otherwise they will be discarded.
Missions at St. Joseph the Provider
Wednesday, 18 and 25
5:30pm Bread & Soup
6:00pm Mission
Please pray for the repose of the soul of
William Wainio (brother-in-law of Betty Sferra)
May he be greeted in heaven with joy & celebration.
Our sympathy & prayers are with his family.
Sunday, March 15:
11:30am St. John’s Cultural Society meeting
Monday, March 16:
CCD class K-8 grades
Choir Rehearsal
St. Lucy Men’s Society meeting
Tuesday, March 17:
St. Anthony Novena begins (1)
Pastoral Council meeting
Wednesday, March 18:
St. John’s Food Sharing
10:00am Crochet Club
11:30am Rosary 12:00Noon Mass Diocesan Infant
Guild at St. Domenic
Soup/Bread 6:00pm Mission
St. Joseph Cultural Society
Thursday, March 19: Feast of St. Joseph
8:30am Mass at St. Joseph the Provider
5:30pm Prayer Group
Friday, March 20:
Pierogi sales begin $6.00doz 330.755.1316
5:30pm English
Stations of the Cross
6:30pm Spanish
Saturday, March 21:
10:00am Legion of Mary
4:00pm Celebration for St. Joseph Feast Day
After Mass
Christ, the Good Shepherd
Easter Egg Hunt Luncheon and
visit with the Easter Bunny.
All parishioners invited
Sunday, March 29 2:00pm
at St. Joseph the Provider Hall.
Admission $1.00 per person children 10 & under free
You must have a ticket to attend. Tickets will be sold
after all Masses. Deadline Sunday, March 21.
St. Lucy Men’s Society Monthly $100.00 Raffle
One winner each month
Tickets will be available after all Masses in
March. Tickets are available at the parish office.
The Men’s Society meeting for March 16 has
been cancelled and will be held April, 20.
Sunday, 15 de Marzo:
Reunión Sociedad Cultural St. John
Lunes, 16 de Marzo:
6:00am CCD K-8
6:30pm Práctica de Coro
7:00pm Reunión Sociedad Hombres de St. Lucy
Martes, 17 de Marzo:
8:15am Novena de St. Anthony comienza
6:30pm Reunión Consejo Pastoral
Miércoles, 18 de Marzo:
Banco de Comida en St. John
10:00am Club de Crochet
5:30pm Sopa/Pan Misión 6pm
Reunion Sociedad Cultural St. Joseph
Jueves, 19 de Marzo: Dia de Fiesta de St. Joseph
8:30am Misa en St. Joseph the Provider
5:30pm Grupo de Oración
Viernes, 20 de Marzo:
Venta de Pierogi $6.00 dozena 330.755.1316
5:30pm Inglés
Estaciones de la
6:30pm Español
Sabado, 21 de Marzo:
10:00am Legión de María
4:00pm Celebración del Día de Fiesta de
St. Joseph después de la misa
Kolachi Sale Pre-Sale only
sponsored by St. Joseph Provider Cultural Society
Kolachi will be baked Tuesday, March 24 and Pick-up
Friday, March 27 from 10am - 2pm
Deadline for orders is Tuesday, March 17
Cost is $10.00 each
Please mark you order and drop in the collection basket.
Nut_____ $_______
Apricot____ $______
Poppy Seed _____ $_______
Total order $____________
Name______________________ Phone #___________
More info or to order call Edward Kotsol 330.540.8928
or Dorothy Stellmar 330.755.4234
Frozen Potato, Kraut or Prune
Pierogi available for Special occasions.
$6.00 a dozen Call Brenda 330.942.8561
4TH SUNDAY OF LENT - MARCH 15, 2015 • 5
The play on light and darkness in the Gospel today
invites a deeper reflection of good and evil. When we do
or say something uncharitable, we always seek to keep it
somewhat quite, nervous someone may find out. When
we do good, there is never the feeling of nervousness or
fear. May we bring our words and deeds into the light of
day, so as to shine with his radiant light.
Children: $16.00
Utilities/Main: $237.00
Second Collection: $355.00 Parish Food Pantry
Thank you for your faithful offerings to your parish
Readings for the week of
March 15:
First Reading — The wrath and the mercy of the Lord
are revealed in the exile and liberation of the chosen
people (2 Chronicles 36:14-16, 19-23) or 1 Samuel 16:
1b, 6-7, 10-13a.
Psalm — Let my tongue be silenced, if I ever forget you!
(Psalm 137) or Psalm 23.
Second Reading — By grace you have been saved
(Ephesians 2:4-10) or Ephesians 5:8-14.
Gospel — The Son was sent by God so that the world
might be saved through him (John 3:14-21) or John 9:141 [1, 6-9, 13-17, 34-38].
Monday: Isaiah 65:17-21; Psalm 30; John 4:43-54
Tuesday: Ezekiel 47:1-9, 12; Psalm 46; John 5:1-16
Wednesday: Isaiah 49:8-15; Psalm 145; John 5:17-30
Thursday: 2 Samuel 7:4-5a, 12-14a, 16; Psalm 89;
Romans 4:13:16-18, 22; Matthew 1:16,
18-21, 24a or Luke 2:41-51a
Wisdom 2:1a, 12-22; Psalm 34;
John 7:1-2, 10, 25-30
Saturday: Jeremiah 11:18-20; Psalm 7; John 7:40-53
Jeremiah 31:31-34; Psalm 51;
Hebrews 5:7-9; John 12:20-33
Your prayers are requested for the health and
well-being of the following parishioners:
Scott Anderson
Tommy Bayus
Bob Beck
Nadine Bednarik
Julia Beltz
Mike Berardino
Jim Bigley
Lori Bodnar
Gizela Bogatek
Pat Bozichovich
Ted Braccolino
Dorothy Buccieri
Mary Bukofchan
Danny Bullen
Lefty Butchko
Hannah Carnahan
Melissa Carnahan
Anna Casasanto
Joseph & Ellen
Patti Centofanti
Ed Cook
Nilda Cruz
Gabriall Daves
Edith Dellick
Frances DelRae
Ana Diaz
Mary Dirienzo
Mary Lou Dubaj
John Duda
Michael Esposito
Bernie Flowers
William Galluppi
Bob Gatti
John Gerlick
James Gotch
Frances Gregor
Iraklis Grillis
Rosa Gonzalez
Crispin Gonzalez
Lucy Hames
John Hames
John Hamley
Janine Hooks
Anne Hornak
Ann Hudak
Helen Janecko
Elizabeth Jean
Dick Kajut
Mary Kominak
Angelina Koval
Kevina Koval
Donny Kusky
Joan Larriccia
Dr. James Lazor
Vern Libby
John Lissi
Rita Makatura
Joe Makosky
Hannah Marsh
Kay Marshall
Rina Mazzarino
Mary Mazzocca
Joe Mazzocca, Sr.
Jackie & Bruce
Leo Miranda
Josephine Misko
Joe Montella
Barbara Montella
Darren Patterson
Marge Mraz
Ann Novacich
John Orlo
Tom Orlo
Florence Patterson
Dave Parsons
Brian Pascarella
Antionette Pennel
Walter Perez
Linda Perry
Faith Perry
Fr. Steve
Andy Rauzan
Deacon Rentas
Thomas Repasky
Dolly Rich
John Richards
Ann Rivalsky
Carmen Rivera
Tootsie Rivera
Paul Romeo
Sylvia Rossodivita
John Rozum
Franklin Rudolphi
Chester Rufh
Andrea Ruscitti
Gina Sacco
Jerry Sacco
Luz Salcedo
Deacon Enrique
Linda Schulte
Betty Schlosser
Barbara Schlosser
Wesley Scott Sr.
Freddie Seitz
Helen Seman
Marina Serrano
Teresa Serrano
David Shaffer
Denise Sharshan
Jon Shabella
Ruth Sierzega
Mike Simboli
Diane Stamos
Steve Stamos
Betty Ann Glass
Dorothy Stellmar
Shirley Szilagy
Dave Tabor
Jim Tabor
Chip Taylor
Fr. Paul Tobin
Mary Ann
Natalia Trimboli
Priscilla Turscak
Mary Uhrain
Ed Uhrain
Blanche Vanca
Diane Varady
Crissi Vallus
Eddie Vallus
Suzanne Morales
Helen Wacht
Edward Wacht
Billy Walter
Dorothy Walter
Eddie Walter
Paul White, Sr.
Linda Wright
Fr. Joe Zamary
Patty Zbell
Fr. Howard
Rudy Zura
Also, please pray for our parishioners in nursing homes.
Prepare for Easter by seeing
“Mary of Nazareth” Movie
Free showings of the movie will take place on
—Sunday, March 22 at 6:00pm (the movie will
be shown in its entirety)
Showing in St. Michael Parish Hall, Canfield.
Mary of Nazareth is an epic new motion picture
on the life of Mary, mother of Christ, from her
childhood through the Resurrection of Jesus.
This full-length feature film, shot in English in
High Definition, was filmen in Europe in very
authentic locales with outstanding
cinematography, a strong cast, and a majestic
music score. It is considered appropriate for
children age 11 and older. Donations will be
accepted. For more info call 330.744.8451 ext.
St. Jude Church
Soup & Bread Series
Every Wednesday, now—April 1, from 6—8 pm in
St. Jude Activity Center.
Fr. Christopher Cicero will be teaching a mini-course on
the Mass using a book entitled “What Happens at Mass”
By Fr. Jeremy Driscoll.
A simple meal of soup and bread is served at 6:00pm
and the teaching begins promptly at 6:30pm.
All are welcome, especially those who do not
completely understand what happens at a Catholic Mass.
Ursuline High School
Boys’ Baseball Team will hold a “Quarter Auction”
fundraiser Friday, March 27 beginning at 6:00pm in the
school cafeteria. Admission is $5.00 per person and
tickets must be purchased in advance call 330.744.4563.
Pizza and beverages will be available to purchase.
Guests may bring their own snacks. Bring your own
St. Luke Knights of Columbus
Fish Fry - Fridays during Lent
In the Pole Barn 5 –7:00pm
Call in orders welcome 330.423.3143
Dinners $9.00
St. Nicholas School Moms’ & Dads’ Club
Fish Fry
Every Friday through Lent excluding Good Friday
4 - 7 pm at St. Nicholas Great Hall, Struthers
Adult dinner $10.00
Children 6-12 $6.00
Take-out available.
St. Patrick School, Hubbard, a Lumen Christi School
is now accepting registration for the 2015-16 school year
for K-8 grade. Financial Aid form are now available and
the Ed. Choice Scholarship for grades K-8 and the Ed.
Choice Expansion Scholarship for all incoming K-2
graders based on family income are also accepted.
Bussing is available from Brookfield, Liberty, Hubbard,
and Youngstown. Please call 330.534.2509 to set up an
appointment with Mrs. Jackie Venzeio, the school
principal who will assist you with your paperwork and
the financial options available for your family.
Cardinal Mooney High School placement test for
prospective 2015-16 freshmen will be administered on
Saturday, March 21 at 9:00am in the school cafeteria.
Students should use the main entrance, which is located
on Erie Street, and should plan to arrive at 8:55am. The
test will conclude at approximately 11:45am. Students
should bring several #2 sharpened pencils. The results
of the test will be used, along with a student’s academic
records, to help determine placement in courses for the
freshman year. There is no charge for the test and
parents will receive a copy of the test results. For
reservations, please call the school office at
330.788.5007 from 8:00am—3:30pm daily.
Building a Vibrant Parish Seminar:
Join us for a complimentary seminar that will equip you
to engage more parishioners to transform your church
into a vibrant, faith-filled community.
St. Charles Borromeo Parish
St. Matthew Room
Tuesday, March 24
7345 Westview Drive
Seminar (includes
lunch) 10:00am 2:00pm
More info: Debbie Farina at (800)477.4574
2015 Bishop’s Appeal for
For Catholic Charities and Church
Changing Lives . . . One Family at a Time
A heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who made a
commitment to the 2015 Bishop’s Appeal. We
need the support of all members of Christ, the
Good Shepherd if we are to be successful in
reaching our parish goal. If you have not made
your commitment you may mail it in directly to
the Bishop Appeal office.
4TH SUNDAY LENT - MARCH 15, 2015 • 7
Msgr. Cyril Adamko
Agnesi & Kovach Families
Joseph & Helen Chuey
Ben J & Robert J Ciccolelli
Gerald Cozart
Lou DelRae
Dzurnak & Democko Families
Mike Falasca and
Remo Carano Families
Garchar & Simkovic Families
Zoltan Gocala
Henry & Helen Grondolsky
Chuck Hanlon
Robert Hames
Michael Jenoff
Jurcisin & Bartos Families
Janecko-Vanjura Families
Joseph G. Kral
Peter & Fay Kocanyar
Krompegel & Wroblewski
John & Sarah Knapick
Kotsol & Magdziarz Families
Rose Makosky
Angelo/Mary Monaco &
Gerry Carsone
Marciano & Falasca Families
Masi & Shipka Families
Oles, Sinistro, & Pilla Families
Orlowski & Swartz Families
Maro Family
John & Helen Mingo
Dr. Richard Osman
Dennis “Cheeks” Osman
Attn. Daniel Osman
George Ostrowski
Tom Patterson & Family
Polkabla & Kollar Families
Julia & Louis R. Palusak
Mary Ellen Paris & Sulik
Juan, Eulalia & Jimmy Perez
Pidock & Dorris Families
John Schultz & Bartos
Joseph & Elizabeth Sebest, Sr.
Joseph M. Sebest, Jr.
Carolyne & George Semer
Ann Sikora
Jim Stellmar
Alex Stellmar Family &
Rudy Simchick &
Greg Dimoff
Carl F. & Rose Snitzer
Slanina Family
Ann Maro Slanina &
Dr. Stefan Slanina
Dorothy Snyder and
Dorie Pamamarczuk
Svagerko & Scrocco
Thaddeus & Donald
John Tesner
John P. Vanca Sr.
Anthony Valerio
Lisa Valerio and
Linda Price Appelwick
Volovar & Pope Families
Michael & Alice Yatsco &
John Walihnac
Margaret Wayda
Jean, Mary Ann and
Henry Wielbruda
Wydick & Fata Families
David Zalac
John Zuraw Sr.
Konopka & Zuraw Fam.
Antoinette & Ralph Zura
Zuzik & Gerlick Families
Home-Like Surrounding
Phillip Panno, LNHA
Terri Guidici, DON
400 Sexton St.
Struthers, OH
Ph. (330) 755-1466 FAX (330) 755-1463
Funeral Home, Inc.
“Families First”
216 Coitsville Rd., Campbell, Ohio
Se Habla Español
Casa: 330-755-9516
[email protected]
“The greatest difference between
funeral homes are the people that
work there.”
“Families First”
“La mayor diferencia entre las
funerarias son las personas que
trabajan alli.”
“Familias Primero”
875 Mahoning Ave., Exit 5 on 680
Flea Market Bargains Without the Fleas
Brian or Sally, coordinators
an Official
Travel Agency
Windsor House at Omni
Skilled Nursing Care — Rehabilitation — Assisted Living
Conveniently located off I-680 & Meridian Rd.
Kirila Funeral Home, Inc.
Dedicated to Caring Since 1952
Wills, Estates, Trusts, Family Law, Bankruptcy
26 Market Street, Suite 610 • Youngstown, Ohio 44053
Gary Gulu - Owner, Parishioner
ID No. 12329
1295 Crescent Street, Youngstown, OH 44502
Ph. 330 743 6510
Fax 330 743 6478
24-Hour Service (After Hours Call) 330 506 6043
(330) 921-5014 Cell
(330) 750-1721 Res.
(330) 750-1724 Fax
Michael J. Kirila, Jr.
Anthony J. Quahliero, Jr.
Owner / Funeral Director
Manager / Funeral Director
258 Poland Avenue • Struthers, Ohio 44471
(330) 750-1321 •
Quality Since 1917
Kirk & Raccoon Rds.,
(330) 799.3477
South Ave. & Maple
(330) 726.0777
Diane S. Vettori, Attorney at Law
Marketing Specialist
Home Visits Available and Encouraged
Hablo Español
5111 Market Street, Suite 5, Boardman, Ohio 44512
330-757-8855 - Office
87 W. McKinley Way-Rt.224
Poland, Ohio 44514
phone 330-782-8035
State I.D. #11658
fax 330-782-8098
1144 E. Midlothian Blvd.
Youngstown, Ohio 44502-2839
135 Twelfth Street
Campbell, OH 44405
Phone: (330) 755-5221
Funeral Home
Funeral Service
At Church
“Our Price Guarantee”
If you find a lower price on funeral services
in the tri-county area, we will meet or beat
that advertised price.
For More Information Call (234) 228-9160
75 East Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown Ohio
510115 Christ the Good Shepherd Parish
For Ads: J.S. Paluch Co., Inc. 1-800-945-6629