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Church of St. Joachim – St. John the Evangelist
August 9, 2015
Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
4:30 p.m.
Valentino Arcuri
Johanne Milkovich
Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
7:30 a.m. Tony Pettorossi
Rose Pucino
9:00 a.m.
Jay Walsh
His Family
10:30 a.m. The Lopez Family
Rafaela Ducasse
12:00 p.m. People of the Parish
12:00 p.m. Zenon & Irene Dubiel
The Family
6:00 p.m. Giovanna Pistolesi
The Raymo Family
St. Lawrence,Deacon and Martyr
7:00 a.m.
Betty & Bob Murphy
The Family
8:00 a.m.
Edna & Lou Pettorossi
The Family
St. Claire, Virgin
7:00 a.m.
People of the Parish
8:00 a.m.
Mary Donohue
Marcia & Greg Tavano
St. Jane Frences de Chantal, Religious
7:00 a.m.
Cathrine Callahan
Lisa & Al Miller
8:00 a.m.
Dolores Harlin
Mary & Joe Ranalli
Sts. Pontian & Hippolytus
7:00 a.m.
People of the Parish
8:00 a.m.
Edward Kobajlo, Jr.
His Mother, Francis Kobajlo
St. Maximilian Kolbe
7:00 a.m.
People of the Parish
8:00 a.m.
Edward Kobajlo
His Wife, Francis Kobajlo
The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
8:00 a.m.
Filomena Thomaselli
Amy & Alexandria Supple
Mary Schultz
Roz, Pat & Family
9:00 a.m.
Vigil: Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
4:30 p.m.
Wanda Tortora
Daughter Jacqueline
Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
7:30 a.m.
Tal Haight
His Familly
9:00 a.m.
Gloria Rega
Barbara O’Leary
10:30 a.m. Lena Prestianni
Rose Pucino
12:00 p.m. People of the Parish
12:00 p.m. People of the Parish
6:00 p.m. Josephine Lupparelli
Esterana Melfi
Sanctuary Lamp: St. Joachim’s – Casimir & Karol Dokurno, Joseph Kochay
Sanctuary Lamp: St. John’s – Lee Ann & Simon Lee Antalek, Richard Pendleton Sr.
Bread & Wine: St. Joachim’s –
Bread & Wine: St. John’s –
Altar Candles: St. Joachim’s –
Altar Candles: St. John’s – Edward Kobajlo & Edward Kobajlo, Jr.
Rose for Life: St. Joachim’s – Barbara & Michael Scoba, Sr., Steve Wiercinski, Kevin Ninnie,
Rose for Life: St. John’s – Rose & Francis Donnelly, Joseph Romanelli
Our Paths are Guided by the Beacon of Christ’s Love
Revenue Sharing Program
Collection Report
Aug. 2, 2015
Aug. 3, 2014
Coming Events
Summer Office Hours
The Parish Office will close at noon on Fridays
during the summer.
The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
falls on Saturday, Aug. 15. Since this is not
considered a Holy Day of Obligation we will
follow our regular Saturday Mass schedule.
School Supplies
The St. Vincent de Paul society will be collecting
school supplies for needy students in the area-3
ring binders, notebook paper, glue sticks, index
cards, plastic folders, post-its, crayons, pencils, etc.
Donations may be left in the back of the churches.
Thank you!
There are several 7 a.m. & 8 a.m. Masses available
in the next few weeks. Please call the parish office
if you would like to have a Mass said for your loved
The Cardinal’s Annual Stewardship Appeal
If you are prepared, please make your donation
soon (preferably before school begins) so we can
wrap up our participation in his year’s appeal. You
may deposit it in the collection basket or mail it to
the Archdiocesan Office. So far, 209 parishioners
have pledged over $52,000 and paid over $45,000.
Great progress! The size of your gift is less
important than the fact that you make a gift. We
would like to increase our percent participation this
year. Please join us. Your generosity is very much
needed by the various programs within our
archdiocese, and is greatly appreciated.
Save the Dates
--The Parish Picnic will be Sept. 13. Watch for more
information in coming bulletins. Same great fun but
at a new location this year.
--Cornerstone Women's Retreat Sept. 25-26
Please see bulletin write up for more information.
To serve your needs better, our pastor would like to
Of any parishioner who is hospitalized
Of anyone in need of prayer
Of anyone who would like a pastoral visit
Our parish priests and the Special Ministers of Holy
Communion bring the Eucharist to our ill parishioners.
The Sacraments of the Sick and Reconciliation are
also available from our priests on their visits. If you or
someone you know is in need of the Sacraments,
please call the parish office.
Through the Outreach Program – Parish Volunteers
provide supportive and practical services for seniors
and other persons who are in need. These include
friendly visiting, telephone reassurance, shopping, and
local medical transportation/escort. Drivers are
needed for the Outreach Program for doctor’s
appointments. If you are able to help, please call the
parish office.
Pray for the Sick and Homebound:
Catherine Adams, Cathleen Adams, Minoo Aibara, Rasika
Aniff, Gary Arquilla, Ruben Arroyo, Dominic Bettina,
Deborah Bonnell, Joseph Bradford, Coleen Cherry, Bill
Coatney, Christine Connelly, Ramona Concessao, Noah
Corey, Christina DeDonato, Eileen Deighan, Maria del
Rosario, Hilda D’Silva, Jeffrey Dolan,
Lucia Eustace,
Christine Ferguson, Valarian Fernandes, Joyce Flynn,
Russell Fullen, Brian M. Furey, Marie Ann Gama, David
Gonzalez, Lillian Gonzalez,
Timmy Johnson, Donna
Juliano, Zofia Kochay, Jim Killeen, Edward and Anne
Killmer, Michael Leonard, Virginia Letterio, Olga Lucas,
Sarah Lugo,
Evan Maher, Venita Martis, Eileen Malik,
Bridget McGrath, Eve Marhafer Maggie Medina, Anna
O’Dell, Jim O’Donnell, Lorraine O’Keefe, Loretta Oppitz,
Sara Pellerin,
Cayla Pignatello, Vivian Pisanelli, Peter
Podloski, Jane Pomarico, Rose Pucino, Hector Ramirez,
Ivette Ramos, Mary Rivera,
Maria Robillard, Pauline
Russotto, Marcia Santovenia, Marie Sequinot,
Snyder, Lawrence Solomon, Teresa
Solomon, Cody
Lillian Strolis, Robert Sugg, Nina Tagan, Jean
Torrie, Betty Trochan, Thomas Trochan, Sr, Julio D.
Vazquez, Laryssa Verna, Norman Waldron, and Taylor
Please pray for the men and women serving in the
military and for their families.
And also our friends in McClelland’s, Elant at
Fishkill, Wingate at Beacon, Forrestal Heights,
Hamilton Fish, Hedgewood, Horizons, and
Meadow Ridge II.
Recently Deceased: We pray for the people who
have recently died and ask God to grant their families
and loved ones the strength to carry on until we all join
God in the Resurrection:Frances Carbonaro, Victor
By Sr. Kathy
On our return from the Holy Land, people often ask
what was most impressive. I can only think in
terms of moments: a moment in the Church of the
Pater Noster where glazed tiles bear the prayer text
in sixty languages and our group sang the prayer in
seven; a moment in the Church at Magdala where
we celebrated the liturgy looking out on the Sea of
Galilee; a moment at Mount Tabor where we stood
transfixed by the beauty of the mosaics depicting
the transfiguration. Then there was the moment
outside the Cenacle where our priests renewed
their vows; the moment at dawn watching the sun
rise over the Sea of Galilee; and the moment at the
Church of the Holy Sepulcher where we entered
into a small chapel to touch the rock of Golgatha.
But the most touching moment for me occurred in
the Church of the Dormition. We had seen the
beautiful upper church recalling the death of Mary,
or her falling into eternal sleep, according to
tradition. We then descended to a luminous crypt,
where a beautiful cheery wood statue of the
sleeping Mary lies under the dome.
instinctively sat in silence on the benches
surrounding the statue. After singing the Salve
Regina, which echoed beautifully through the
chapel, our guide suggested that we each
remember our own mothers by saying her name
aloud. Softly, reverently, and peacefully, we spoke
the names of our mothers.
I’m not sure why that experience struck me so
forcefully, except that it was such a personal
connection between the sacred stories of Christ’s
life and our own sacred stories. Mary’s life and
death were human experiences that we can know
and feel through the lives of our mothers. At that
moment in the crypt, we spoke the names of the
holy women who introduced us to the sacredness
of life and the mystery of God. We brought them all
together in the presence of the Blessed Mother who
surely had guided and inspired them.
Some of
our mothers are alive and continue their journey;
others rest with Mary in heaven. We were all
gathered in oneness in that chapel.
Religious Formation
Dear Parent/Guardian
We hope that everyone is having an enjoyable and
relaxing summer. And though it seems that things
have shut down with our Religious Formation
program, I can assure you that we are hard at work
preparing for the 2015-16 school year.
Registration for the 2015-16 school year continues
to take place. If you have not as of yet registered
your child, please do so as soon as possible.
Having your children registered helps us to provide
you and your family with better resources, while at
the same time, it enables us to prepare efficiently
for the up-coming school year.
If you have a child/children entering the first grade
please go to the office or call our DRE, Albert,
@845-447-1302 to register them. Also, if you have
a child/children who are entering the eighth grade
and have been a part of our curriculum, there is a
special registration form for our confirmation
program, this too is available at our parish office,
located at 2 Oak Street, Beacon, NY.
Religious Formation Helpers Needed
As we set into motion our Religious Formation
ministry for the 2015-16 school year, I invite you to
join me in preparing for the future of our children.
To be a catechist you need to have the love of God
and the love of children. If you have ever
considered becoming a catechist or if you have
heard God calling you to do something
extraordinary within our parish, the time is now.
We need your help with this special ministry,
whether as a catechist or as a hall monitor. If you
are of high school age, a senior citizen, or
anywhere in-between and you have the love of
children and God you fit the requirements. Please
consider answering the call and become a vital gift
to our Parish and children.
Please contact our DRE, Albert, @ 845.447.1302.
Chistmas Fair
Virginia Norman is already busy working on the
jewelry donated to the Christmas Fair. If you have
any jewelry you would like to donate, please give
Virginia a call @ 831-3348.
Corner Stone Women’s Retreat
Come join us for a Cornerstone Women's Retreat
Cornerstone is a parish gathering. It is a spiritual
process which calls us together to grow personally
in the knowledge and love of God. It is the building
of community, person by person, family by family,
parish by parish with Jesus Christ as the
"Cornerstone weekend-you have to be there to
Spirit of Beacon Day
The Spirit of Beacon Day will be held on Sunday,
September 27, 2015. Please join us as a Faith
Community of the Catholic Church of Beacon
representing our Parish of St. Joachim-St. John the
Evangelist, as we participate in the Spirit of Beacon
Day parade. We would like to have a large number
of parishioners walking or riding as a group
showing their support with our Parish in the parade.
More information will follow as we get closer to the
parade date. Thank You. Deacon Marty.
Thank You! From Parishioner Isabel Quiñones
On behalf of all the youth participants of the 2015
Summer Capuchin Outreach Program (COP) and
the C.Y.F.M. Team, I would like to extend my
appreciation for all the love and generosity this
parish have shown us.
Our week of service program this past June was a
huge success, and we could not have done it
without your prayers and support. I was able to
work with the Vacation Bible School ministry and it
was an amazing and fulfilling experience for me.
The Gospel tells us to love and support one
another especially the most vulnerable among us.
The ability to have local programs such as C.Y.F.M.
that bring our Catholic youth together in a way
where we can build our relationship with Christ, and
put our faith into action is such a gift. Thank you
again for your support and for being our
companions in service. Additionally, C.Y.F.M. in
Garrison, has a great programs to help the youth of
our parish on their faith journey. I highly
recommend any of the retreats and fun activities
that are available throughout the year for our youth
starting in middle school through high school and
beyond. It's a great way to meet new friends and
learn about your Catholic faith! Please continue to
pray for us, and we pray that God continue to bless
you and your families.
Music Ministry News
Choir is taking a break from rehearsals for the
summer. If you are interested in participating in
September, please contact Cathy Crocco
([email protected]) to get your name on the
email list for choir news and updates.
We are looking to begin a cantor training program
and build a core of cantors to lead song at the
weekend Masses. Please contact Cathy Crocco if
you are available to sing even if just once a month.
High school students - please consider this worthy
Fr. Richard will be leading a discussion of some
essays and short stories by the late Catholic writer
Andre Dubus. One of his main themes is the way
we encounter God in the ordinary events of life and
especially in our family and close friendships.
Packets of the readings are available for free at the
parish office. We will meet on Tuesday August 18th
at 7:30 at the lower church hall at St. Joachim’s.
(Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)
If you have been coming to Mass for a while and
are not Catholic or would like to receive the
remainder of your Sacraments, we invite you to join
us and others on their journey of the Catholic Faith.
Come and join us as it would be a privilege to get to
know you. Our Parish will soon begin a new cycle
of adult formation to share the truths of the Catholic
Faith and the fellowship of our Church family. We
invite you to learn what Catholics believe in an
open and welcoming environment. These sessions
are also opportunities for you to ask those difficult
questions that you may have about the Catholic
Faith. We will begin in the middle of September.
We encourage you to call the Parish office (8380915) for more information and if possible to
Thank you and may God Bless you,
Deacon Marty…..
Revenue Sharing
The new program began the week of July
5. Envelopes have been mailed to those who
normally pay in full at the beginning of the program.
Packets of envelopes are available in the rear of
the churches for those who prefer to pay weekly or
If you are a new member paying in full, please use
the special PAY IN FULL ENVELOPE. Fill in the
required information and place the envelope in the
collection basket.
If paying weekly, it is necessary to complete all
envelopes as you return them. Please do not forget
to write your name on the envelope.
When you enter the Revenue sharing program, in
addition to the two grand prizes which are drawn
at the end of the 20 weeks, you are also
eligible to win a weekly prize of $25.
Participants must be paid in full to be eligible
for the grand prizes of $500 & $1000.
PROGRAM. Thank you for your continued
participation in this important parish fundraiser.
St. Joaquin-St. Juan, Beacon, NY
19º domingo de tiempo ordinario.
1 Lectura: 1Re 19,4-8: Con la fuerza de
aquel alimento, caminó hasta el monte
de Dios.
2 Lectura: Ef 4,30–5,2: Sigan el camino
del amor, a ejemplo de Cristo.
Evangelio: Jn 6,41-51: Yo soy el pan de
la vida, bajado del cielo.
«Nadie puede venir a mí, si el Padre que me ha
enviado no lo atrae»
Hoy, el Evangelio presenta el desconcierto en el
que los connacionales de Jesús vivían en su
presencia: «¿No es éste Jesús, hijo de José, cuyo
padre y madre conocemos? ¿Cómo puede decir
ahora: He bajado del cielo?». La vida de Jesús
entre los suyos había sido tan normal que, el
comenzar la proclamación del Reino, quienes le
conocían se escandalizaban de lo que entonces les
decía. ¿De qué Padre les hablaba Jesús, que nadie
había visto? ¿Quién era este pan bajado del cielo
que quienes lo comen vivirán para siempre? Él
negaba que fuera el maná del desierto porque,
quienes lo comieran, morirían. «El pan que yo
voy a dar, es mi carne por la vida del mundo».
¿Su carne podía ser una alimento para nosotros?
El desconcierto que sembraba Jesús entre los
judíos podía extenderse entre nosotros si no
respondemos a una pregunta central para nuestra
vida cristiana: ¿Quién es Jesús? Muchos hombres
y mujeres antes que nosotros se han hecho esta
pregunta, la han respondido personalmente, han
ido a Jesús, lo han seguido y ahora gozan de una
vida sin fin y llena de amor. Y a los que vayan a
Jesús, Él los resucitará el último día. Juan Casiano
exhortaba a sus monjes diciéndoles: «‘Acercaos a
Dios, y Dios se acercará a vosotros’, porque
‘nadie puede ir a Jesús si el Padre que lo ha
enviado no lo atrae’. En el Evangelio escuchamos
al Señor que nos invita para que vayamos hacia
Agosto 09 - 2015
Él: ‘Venid a mi todos los que estáis cansados y
agobiados, y yo os haré reposar’». Acojamos la
Palabra del Evangelio que nos acerca a Jesús cada
día; acojamos la invitación del mismo Evangelio a
entrar en comunión con Él comiendo su carne,
porque «éste es el verdadero alimento, la carne de
Cristo, el cual, siendo la Palabra, se ha hecho
carne para nosotros».
Se informa que la misa de los sábados a las 5:30,
estará suspendida durante el tiempo de verano.
Nosotros retornaremos el sábado 12 de Septiembre.
Nosotros estamos muy contentos de continuar
publicando en nuestro boletín los nombres de todas
las personas que se encuentran enfermas,
especialmente cuando están necesitadas de la
oración. Nos gustaría remover a aquellos que han
recobrado la salud o quienes hayan fallecido. Por
favor déjenos saber en la oficina de la parroquia
cuando es apropiado para remover a sus familiares o
amigos de esta lista. Gracias
El picnic de la iglesia será el próximo 13 de
septiembre. Espere más información en los próximos
boletines. Tendremos la misma diversión pero
diferente lugar este ano.
El día del espíritu de Beacon será el Domingo 27 de
Septiembre del 2015. Por favor acompañe a toda la
comunidad Católica de Beacon representando
nuestras parroquias de San Joaquín y San Juan
Evangelista participando en el desfile del espíritu de
Beacon. Nos encantaría tener un gran número de
miembros de la parroquia caminando con nosotros
demostrando su soporte a la parroquia.
La cofradia del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus invita a un
Viaje a Atlantic City el proximo sabado 19 de
Septiembre del 2015. Valor por persona $40
Dolares. La salidad sera a las 8:30 de la manana en
el parqueadero de la Parroquia de San Juan
Evangelista. Tenga presente que no se admiten
menores de 21 anos en el Bus. Mayor informacion
comunicarse con la Senora Crucita Arroyo el 8454406311 o con Orfa Alzate 845-8312761.