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January 4, 2015
1010 West State St.
Trenton, Ohio
(513) 894-8708
Lottie Moon Christmas Offering Today!
Sunday Schedule
8:30 am — Worship & Sunday School
9:40 am — Sunday School
11:00 am — Worship & Sunday School
6:00 pm — Family Integrated Worship
Wednesday Schedule
7:00 pm — Worship & Classes for
Adults, Youth & Children
Mayburn Hatton (513) 423-4168
[email protected]
Office Hours
Monday - Friday 9 am-3 pm
Submit prayer requests to :
The church office: 513-894-8708
between 9am —3 pm
[email protected]
or Roland Wood: [email protected]
After hours to Pastor Keith @
SUNDAY-January 4
8:30 & 11:00 am Worship &
Sunday School
6:00 pm Worship
7:00 pm Worship/DT/Kids/Youth
8:00 pm Praise Team practice
SATURDAY-January 10
3:00 pm Senior Adults Potluck
Senior Pastor
Rev. Keith Risner (513) 375-2428
3681 Trenton Oxford Rd. Hamilton OH
[email protected]
Intern Associate Pastor: Sarge Arnold
(937) 241-4116 [email protected]
Worship Leader:
Chris Acheson 513-479-2881
[email protected]
Directors of Student Ministry:
Children: Amy Tweedle (513) 267-2265
[email protected]
Jr High Youth: Scott Tweedle
(937) 313-1291 [email protected]
Sr. High Youth: Bill Simmerman
(513) 404-7094
[email protected]
Ministry Assistant
Lisa Townsend (513) 464-7250
[email protected]
Micah Lenos (513) 227-2341
[email protected]
Van Ministry
Need a ride? Call the
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Gaither Homecoming playing on the
big screen at Trenton Mennonite
Church starting Thursday, January
8, 7:00 to 8:30 pm, 2 East Main
Street, (behind City building).
Starting small, we hope to grow and
continue every 2nd Thursday of
every month. All Gaither fans from
all area churches are encouraged to
attend. Come as you are for a free
entertaining evening of good music
we all know and love. Enter front
entrance opposite parking lot, on
Main St.
Serving the Lord in Extended Teaching Care
(During Sunday & Wednesday Service)
Extended teaching care is for preschoolers, birth to 4
ETC Director: Debby Risner
1/4/14 8:30 am
Joyce Couch
1/4/14 11:00 am
Babies- 2: Tiffani Anderson/Natalie Alcorn
3 & 4’s Joe & Isako Owen
PM: Barb Lawson
Sunday Worship 12/28/14:
8:30 am: 32 11 am: 119
6:00 pm: 65
Sunday School: 153
8:30 am: 12 9:40 am: 142
11:00 am: 16
Wednesday: 33
Children: 3 Youth: 6 Adults: 24
Profession of Faith:
(11) Michelle McDowell
Tellers for Monday 1/5/14:
Tonya & Ann
Singers for Sunday 1/11/15
8:30 am: Ron Chambers
11:00 am: Sara Redkey
Scripture Readers for 1/11/15
8:30 am: Bill Simmerman
11:00 am: Micah Lenos
1/11/14 8:30 am
Debby Risner
1/11/14 11:00 am
Babies– 2: Debby Risner/Myleigh Townsend
3’s & 4’s: Judi Chambers/Damon Lyon
PM: Barb Lawson
Weekly Offering Required:
Undesignated Offering Received:
Designated Offering Received:
Building Fund: $3,000.00
Technology: $4,080.00
Preschool Playground: $6,000.00
Begins in January
Heaven led by Johney Allen
starts January 28th
Develop a deeper understanding
of our eternal destination and
find the courage to strive for
heaven while we're living on
The Frazzled Female led by
Donna Lenos starts January 28th
Women will be able to deal with
essential issues like managing
their time, getting along with
difficult people, taking time for
themselves, and even organizing
their lives.
Masterlife 1 starts Jan. 7th and
Masterlife 3 starts January 16th
led by Pastor Keith
A study that helps you experience
life in Christ through practicing
six identified biblical disciplines:
spending time with the Master,
living in the Word, praying in
faith, fellowshipping with
believers, witnessing to the
world, and ministering to others.
Griefshare led by Donna Lenos
starts January 28th
Groups meet weekly to help you
face challenges and move toward
rebuilding your life
Six Steps To Truth starts Jan. 7th
Led by Ron Chambers
Kids New Christian Classes will
be on January 10th from
9 am-noon for elementary age
kids that made a Profession of
Faith or just have more
Youth New Christian
Classes will start TODAY,
January 4th at 11:00 am. Meet
in Amy’s office. This will be a 4
week session with Scott
January 10th
is the Senior
Potluck Dinner. Sarge Arnold
will be the guest speaker.
Be in prayer
for Sarge
Arnold as he
preaches at Elk
Creek Baptist
this morning at 11:00 am