June 29, 2014 - Saints Peter and Paul

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
222 East Harris Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401 - Located at Abercorn and East Harris Streets
Most Reverend Gregory J. Hartmayer OFM Conv.— Bishop of Savannah
Most Reverend J. Kevin Boland — Bishop Emeritus
Photo by Mary Clark Rechtiene
Mass Schedule
Saturday: 12 Noon & 5:30 p.m.
Sunday: 8:00 am, 10:00 am, & 11:30 a.m.
Latin Mass 1:00 p.m.
Weekdays: Mon thru Fri: 7:30 am & 12 Noon
Holy Days: 7:30 am, 12 Noon, 6:00 pm
Nursery: 10:00am Masses on Sundays.
Arrangements should be made in advance.
Saturday:11:00 am to 11:45 am & 4:15 pm to 5:00 pm
Also by request at other times.
Arrangements should be made at least four months in
advance. Participation in a marriage preparation
program is required. Please call parish office for more
Anointing of the Sick
Faith Formation
Children’s Religious Ed Sunday 8:45 am to 9:50 am
R. C. I. A. Tuesday 7:00 pm to 8:00pm
Parish Staff
Rector - Very Rev. J. Gerard Schreck, JCD
In Residence - Msgr. William O’Neill, Rector Emeritus
In Residence - Very Rev. Daniel F. Firmin, JCL, VG
In Residence - Rev. Pablo Migone
Permanent Deacon - Rev. Dr.. Dewain E. Smith, Ph.D.
Pastoral Assistant - Br. Robert Sokolowski, S.M.
Director of Religious Education - Mrs. Janee Przybyl
Bookkeeper/Admin. Assistant - Ms. Jan Cunningham
Office Assistant - Mrs. Brenda Price
Music Director - Mr. McDowell Fogle www.sjbmusic.org
Asst. Organist- Ms. Heidi Ordaz
Cantors - Kelly Auer and Jillian Pashke
Maintenance - Mr. Jimmy Joseph Sheehan III
Housekeeper/Food Services- Ms. Alma Young
Docents - Mrs. Peggy Baker, Mr. John Woods
Hours: Monday - Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm ۰Phone: (912)233-4709 Fax: (912)233-8229 ۰E-mail: [email protected]
Cathedral Website: www.savannahcathedral.org ۰Diocesan Website: www.diosav.org ۰ USCCB: www.usccb.org
June 29, 2014
Saints Peter and Paul
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June 29, 2014
Saints Peter and Paul
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Rector’s Corner
One Debt Retired!!!
I think we should all celebrate the fact that we have completed payment on a
$1,600,000 debt for the renovations of the Cathedral which were done in 1999-2000! The
total cost of those renovations was $11,700,000. The majority of the money was raised from
all the parishes and missions in the Diocese of Savannah. We are most grateful to the Bishop, and to all of those generous Catholics, who helped make this possible. When the campaign was finished, in 2001, the remaining cost of $1,800,000 was left to be paid by you, the
parishioners of the Cathedral. The Diocese of Savannah made two additional payments of
$100,000 to help us with the debt. A capital campaign was begun within the Cathedral Parish
and you contributed $1,265, 667. This left an indebtedness of approximately $175.000.
It is my great pleasure to announce that as of this week, we have retired that debt! I
want to thank each of you for your generous giving to the Cathedral which has made it possible for us to retire that debt. Monsignor O’Neill deserves our thanks and great praise for
being such a good steward of the Cathedral’s resources. The members of our Parish Council
and Finance Council also deserve our thanks for seeing this through to completion. I particularly want to thank the Chairman of our Parish Finance Council, Mr. Jack Stevens, for his
guidance and determination to pay down our debts. It should be noted that while we were
making payments on this debt we also paid for a new roof and new windows for the Cathedral Rectory which cost $250,000.
We all know that we have the privilege of coming to Mass every Sunday and worshiping God in a magnificent Cathedral. It is big, and it is old, and the costs for its maintenance
are great. We are now engaged in paying for the repairs to the Steeples which were completed last October. The total cost of that necessary work was a little more than $1,700,000. I
want to encourage you, and thank you, for your continued generous giving to the Cathedral.
Please remember the Cathedral in your
wills, and in any bequests that you might be
able to make. Our Great Grandmothers and
Great Grandfathers had the courage and the
dedication to build and rebuild this great
Cathedral. I urge you to follow their example, so that we can hand on this magnificent
place of worship for future generations of
Catholics in Savannah.
Rev. J. Gerard Schreck
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Saints Peter and Paul
Today is a special day in the
Church year. On this date,
the Church celebrates the Solemnity of Saints Peter and
Paul. The Church holds
these two figures in such
high esteem that when their
day falls on a Sunday it replaces the usual Sunday
readings and prayers. As we
continue with our celebration today, let us pray for
the intercession of Saint Peter, the rock , and Saint
Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles and all the nations.
June 29, 2014
Mass Intentions for the week
of June 29, 2014
Joseph C. Schreck (MM)’
Joseph H. Schulte
Maria Carlinda Maya Santos
Fred & Josephine Doyle
Elizabeth Lopez
Floride Osteen
Hal Beddow
William Kehoe
WEDNESDAY John Kavanagh (Anni)
Paul Murphy
Intentions of Sarah Bruyere
Olivia Butler
Michael Jordan Durran (Anni)
Henry Galeska
Marie DeGroat
Dr. Edward J. Whelan Jr. (MM)
Please Pray for:
Sheila and Jaime Baldwin, Gary Bowers,
Erica Brown, Michael Cavanagh, Amanda
Mizelle Fanning, Linda Grotke, Pat Gullikson, Frank Hester, Patricia Jenalat, Kristal Justice, Gayle McGhee, Monica
McGoldrick, Kathy Moore, Maureen
O’Connor, Carolina Parson, Tiffany Pfhal,
Michael Rechtiene, Kenny Rudd, Reid
Thomas Sauers, Stephen Saunders. Michael Schulz, Jack Stevens, Jose Suyom,
and Bob Weitermann
June 29, 2014
Saints Peter and Paul
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Peter’s Pence This Weekend
Job Opening at Pastoral Center
In his address of March 20, 2013, Pope Francis spoke
of our responsibility before the world and creation.
"There is much that we
can do to benefit the poor,
the needy and those who
suffer, and to favor justice, promote reconciliation and build peace," he
said. The Peter's Pence Collection is this weekend.
Peter’s Pence unites us in
solidarity to the Holy See
and its works of charity to
those in need. Your generosity will allow the Pope to
respond to our suffering
brothers and sisters.
The Diocese of Savannah is seeking an Administrative Assistant for the Department of Stewardship
and Development. This position handles a number
of secretarial/administrative duties including web
design, print production and assists in data entry
and donor record updates. Candidates must be
Catholic in good standing with the Church, have
experience with Raiser’s Edge software, marketing
and fundraising. This is a full-time position that
offers a complete benefit package and competitive
salary. Resumes should be emailed to:
[email protected] and will be taken until the
position is filled.
June “Item of the Month”
The Christian Service Committee sponsors the
“Personal Hygiene Packets” for the Social Apostolate
Center. These packets are delivered monthly. We need
white wash cloths, small .85 oz. travel size toothpaste
and toothbrushes for the hygiene packets. Year to date,
over 550 showers have been provided. Packets were
also delivered to the Homeless Authority. Please contact Deborah Wade @ 507-6470 regarding any donations. Baskets will be placed in the vestibule during the
month of June.
Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
The Carmelite Nuns invite everyone to attend the Evenings of Prayer for the Feast of Our Lady of Mount
Carmel at the Carmelite Monastery. The Liturgy of
the Word and Eucharist will be celebrated each evening July 14 - 16 at 7:00 PM. The following will be
both celebrant and homilist.
July 14th
July 15th
July 16th
Rev. Rodolfo P. Roxas
Rev. Paul Cabrita, SM
Rev. Gerard Schreck
Those who cannot be present are encouraged to send
their petitions to the Carmelite Monastery, 11W. Back
St., Savannah, GA 31419. These petitions will be remembered during the services in the life of prayer of
the Nuns.
Job Opening at Catholic School
Blessed Sacrament School is currently seeking high
-energy, self-motivated, responsible, and creative
individuals to fulfill positions in the after school
program for the 2014-2015 school year. Position
entails: preparing afternoon snack, assisting with
homework, leading indoor/outdoor recreation, as
well as designing art projects, science experiments,
and crafts. Hours are M-F 2:00 to 6:00 PM (off
school holidays) If interested, contact Rebecca
Faucette at [email protected]
St. Vincent's Teaching Opportunity
St. Vincent's Academy is seeking a Science Teacher
and a Math Teacher for our all girls school that instructs young women in grades 9 - 12. Please send
resumes to St. Vincent's Academy Principal, Mr.
Mary Anne Hogan, at 207 East Liberty Street, Savannah,
[email protected]
Ladies AOH
The Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians (LAOH) is
looking for new members. The qualifications are:
any woman 16 years or older who is a practicing
Catholic. Must be Irish or of
Irish descent through a parent, or
the mother or wife of a member
of the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH). Contact 920-0774
for more information.
Saints Peter and Paul
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All Cathedral Ornaments
Now Available!
We now have all Christmas ornaments available.
We have years 2007 through 2014 (2014 is pictured here). All ornaments are $20.00 each and are
available at the desk
at the back of the
church and at the
Rectory office. You
may also purchase
online by visiting our
website. These are
very popular items
and we usually sell
out fast, so purchase
early if you are interested.
June 22, 2014
Pro Life Corner
for the dignity of the human person demands
a commitment to human rights across a broad spectrum...Yet abortion and euthanasia have become
preeminent threats to human dignity because they directly attack life itself, the most fundamental human
good and the condition for all others. They are committed against those who are weakest and most defenseless, those who are genuinely 'the poorest of the
poor'" (US Bishops, Living the Gospel of Life, 1998,
During the relaxing time of summer, please consider
attending a weekly prayer vigil; come for 20 minutes
or stay 2 hours, once a month or visit once during the
season. Prayer volunteers will be on the sidewalk of
Savannah Medical Clinic, 120 E. 34th Street between
Abercorn and Drayton Streets on Thursdays from
9:30am-Noon. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to volunteer: Geraldine Pufahl, 912-7132671 email [email protected]
The Rectory office will be closed on July 4th
for Independence Day.
Photo by Mary Clark Rechtiene
June 29, 2014
Saints Peter and Paul
Offertory June 22, 2014: $15,130.00
Offertory June 23, 2013: $12,500.00
Week Prior to June 22, 2014: $2,043.00
Week Prior to June 23, 2013: $1,440.50
Parish Target
$ 86,411
Parish Pledges
$ 131,186
$ 111,477
2013 Steeple Repair Project
Page 7
Please turn off cell phones/pagers during Mass.
Notify the rectory of hospitalized parishioners &
their Room Number at 233-4709.
 Abuse Hotline Number 1-888-357-5330.
Copies of the policy on sexual abuse of minors are
available on the tables at the rear of the Cathedral.
 Please consider use of the Sunday nursery for
children under four years old.
 Please send Mass Intention requests to the rectory office in writing with donation enclosed.
Please do not call them in over the phone.
Jan Cunningham in the Cathedral rectory is a Notary. Please call in advance to make arrangements if
you are in need of a Notary for documents. (No fee.)
our Facebook Page “Cathedral of St.
John the Baptist” to be updated on the
different events going on at the parish!
We receive many requests for parishioners to qualify for weddings here, or to be godparents or sponsors for the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation, and to rightfully enjoy the number of services
offered at the Cathedral. Part of that request is to
call 912-233-4709 be able to verify that a person is
an “active member” of the Cathedral Parish. Because of the nature of our congregation, having so
many visitors, it is difficult to know everyone.
An “active member’ of this Parish is one who:
 Is properly registered and on the parish rolls.
 Faithfully attends Mass on Sundays and Holy
 Participates in parish activities when possible
 Uses the parish envelope system
While assessments of an inquirer’s status will be
made individually, the above are the main factors
that will be considered in making that determination.
Cathedral parishioners who have children in Catholic Schools and who wish to receive the parish participating tuition rate must be endorsed by Fr.
Schreck. A participating parishioner is a parishioner who attends Mass on weekends and Holy Days of
Obligation, participates in the activities of the parish, contributes to the offertory collection in a recognizable way by using envelopes or checks as a
means of verification of attendance.
Those wishing to become a parishioner of the
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, should complete
the following and drop it in the offertory
collection basket. A census form will be mailed to
you. Thank you.
New Parishioner
Change of Address
Name _________________________________________
Address _______________________________
Telephone Number ______________________________
Email Address __________________________________
Mail to: 222 E. Harris St., Savannah, GA 31401.
You may place form in collection basket.