Reduced Dues: Husband and Wife Lifetime Membership!

Reduced Dues: Husband and Wife Lifetime Membership!
March 6, 2014
Committee (NMC)
Please forward to your Board and Community Members!
Dear Chapter Presidents, Chapter Board and Community,
Committee Chairman
Mr. Walid Shaban
Committee Members
Dr. Nidal Baz Radwan
In order to help the smaller ADS chapters maintain their needed
membership (minimum: 20 members required) which, in turn, will ensure
sustainability, the National Board approved reducing the dues on the
Husband & Wife Lifetime Membership to $1,000 from $1,500. This
membership covers children until they reach the age of 18.
Mrs. Selwa Ahmadieh
Mr. Rabih Elawar
Ms. Layal Nawfal
Mr. Charif Masri
Mrs. Hanan Rafeh
Mr. Farid Mokarem
This offer will remain valid until April 30, 2014.
Offer Conditions:
Payment must be made in full in one lump sum either through the
Chapters or Online: Click Here.
Because of the deep discount already given, families who have
paid the $90 dues for 2014 cannot apply that fee toward the
The payment transaction must be completed and reported to the
National Office by the end of business day (Pacific Time) on April
30, 2014.
Should you have any questions, feel free to email [email protected]
National President
Dr. Nidal Baz Radwan
National Vice Pres.
Dr. Rima Muakkassa
To ensure your message is answered promptly by the appropriate party,
in the subject line please reference: Membership Committee – H&W
Lifetime Dues.
National Treasurer
Mr. Samer Abdul-Baki
National Secretary
Mrs. Najat Hassan
Walid Shaban
Chair, National Membership Committee
Cell: 704-905-2197