Town Center Area CID Regular Meeting March 25, 2014 7

 Town Center Area CID Regular Meeting March 25, 2014 7:30 a.m. 245 TownPark Drive, Kennesaw, GA Attendance Board Members: County: Staff: Guests: Mason Zimmerman, Kelly Keappler, Ed Allen, Dan Styf, Dan Buyers and Darin Mitchell Commissioner Helen Goreham, Commissioner JoAnn Birrell, Deputy Director Jim Wilgus, Deputy Director Dana Johnson, Mike Wright and Cathy Brown Lanie Shipp, Mary Lou Stephens, Jennine Duelge and Lynn Rainey James Hudgins, ARCADIS; Greg Teague, Croy Engineering; Lindsey Burruss, CT&T; Woody Snell, Lynwood Development; Heidi Isom, Marietta Power; and, Bryan Ricks, AEI Chairman Mason Zimmerman called the meeting to order at 7:35 a.m. Minutes of the February 25, 2014 board meeting were unanimously approved (6-­‐0) as distributed. Financial Report – In the absence of Kerry O’Brien, Jennine Duelge reviewed the Financial Reports for March, with $131,583 in Approved Project Disbursements and $71,450 in G&A Expenses for the month with a total of $203,333 expenses for the month. Lynn Rainey explained the procedure for four Board position elections in May. On motion by Dan Styf, the Board voted unanimously, 6-­‐0, to call for a Caucus of Electors on May 27, 2014 for a vote on Posts 1, 2, 4, & 5, each for a three-­‐year term. Communication Report – Mary Lou Stephens Distributed and commented on the TCACID Annual Report as well as an envelope-­‐sized push card which contains a “Report Card” on all of the TCACID projects and the level of their completion; Reported on a successful meeting with Dana Johnson regarding the new Light Pole Banner Ordinance. Dana suggested that Lynn Rainey look into the legal issues regarding ownership vs. maintenance of the street light poles as the TCACID does not currently have a lighting district. Mary Lou will discuss with Lynn and report back to the QOL Committee; Reported on the EDGE Seed 7 activities and planning of a Community Identity Forum in June to showcase best practices for place making/community identity building panels and other areas of interest to Cobb (parking, mixed use development, green space, college populations, etc.); and, Reported that AT&T has inspected the landscape disruption at Greers Chapel and will take the responsibility to replace the Indian Hawthorne, soil, and pine straw, hoping to perhaps do so as early as this week. The cost estimate for the CID had been about $4,800, including watering. TCACID Minutes
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Mason reported on a Bike Ride that he and others will be taking April 12, covering the Noonday Creek Trail from Kennesaw Mountain to Chastain Meadows, with a visit of the KSU connection, later riding the trail in the Cumberland CID area, Chattahoochee/Cobb Parkway to Cochran Shoals (285 at the river.) Anyone wishing to join was asked to be in touch with Mason for the details. Quality of Life – Kelly Keappler reported on current events at McCollum Airport. Extension of Taxiways providing for ability of larger jets, such as an MD-­‐80, to taxi for take off and landings. Customs Facility should be under way in the 2nd quarter. Undergoing Value Engineering at this time. The new Air Traffic Control Town should be erected in 2015. The county is working constantly to market airport to other pilots. A recent airport video was created and is linked to the TCACID home site. The following motions, each made by Kelly Keappler, were adopted unanimously, 6-­‐0. Authorization for a contract to be entered into with Russell to place granite veneer on the existing walls at MacDonald’s Men’s Wearhouse, and the Shell service station, for a cost not to exceed $51,000. Authorization for a contract to be entered into with Russell to place granite veneer on the remainder of the concrete wall by Toys”R”Us at Roberts rd., for a cost not to exceed $12, 445. Approval for Josh Winter to oversee/manage the above two wall projects for a fee of $500. Authorization for a contract with Majestic Landscapes for the necessary replacement of the five Green Giant Arborvitae, with a warranty requiring watering, as needed, for an amount not to exceed $4,375, which includes a $2000 watering budget as needed. Authorization to engage DeNYSE to begin fabricating and permitting for the Monument Sign project (5 large monuments with CID logo on both sides, and non-­‐
exclusive of landscaping) for a cost not to exceed $210,150.15. Kelly explained that the QOL Committee’s recommendation is that the Bike/Ped System empty onto Noonday Creek Trail and cross over the already completed Pedestrian Bridge that crosses the creek at the rear of Town Center at Cobb Mall. No action required. Project Reports – TCACID Minutes
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James Hudgins reported: on several projects. He referred to the new Project Report card that indicates Noonday Creek Trail 2C will be completed this summer. Later this year, the city of Marietta should begin the final “gap” portions to Kennesaw Avenue trail north of the city and from Atlanta Rd south of the city. Work continues with the Marriott, adjacent to the proposed So. Barrett Reliever, with the consultants each tweaking how these projects will line up. In several meetings with the Mall manager regarding I-­‐575 S bound exit to Barrett it has been noted that vehicles can now enter the mall more easily but they are lined up trying to get out of it. Cobb is analyzing what can be done with signal timing changes and road marking changes. The Marking Changes are being analyzed now with both CCDOT and GDOT. Barrett is a state road and the striping had been a requirement by GDOT. To remove it would require their approval as well as a new contract to grind off the striping. This exit has been opened for about nine months and James believes it is adequate time to consider the After Studies. Mason requested that ARCADIS provide a proposal for such a study so the cost can be analyzed based on the need. Tommy Medlock reported that he has met several times with Russell and Winter Designs on site for I-­‐575 ramp and the walls, with footings already poured, and completion expected before the next board meeting. Several sections of walls are complete except for the addition of the caps that have not been delivered. Most of the pine trees have been installed on the entrance and exit ramps. Some of the trees look bad due to the weather but that is being monitored and they should be fine. Josh Winter is the one overseeing the construction of the walls, with the landscaping to follow. Tommy has asked Russell for a time-­‐line for landscape completion and end of May is projected, dependent on weather. Russell is three months into a Maintenance contract, and although they lost their performance payment one month, they seem to have made the right adjustments, including staff. There will be an effort to obtain two price estimates on all project enhancements. Most of the jasmine seems to have survived, though not thrived, as a result of the brutal weather. However, it is being closely monitored and is part of NatureScapes’ warranty. Indian Hawthorne has been hurt all over the southeast. Some of those in the CID may need to be cutback more than others but all is waiting until mid-­‐April, again, due to unusually extended cold, wet and windy weather. TCACID Minutes
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The trail is being monitored and kept neat and clean, although not extensively maintained. County Remarks Commissioner Helen Goreham reported that the special taxing districts for the Cumberland area as part of the Atlanta Braves project have been approved. At the Board of Commission meeting this evening, a vote will be taken for an RFP for the construction group for the stadium, and for the Project Manager. Also, progress is being made on moving the major Colonial Gas line at the project site. The meeting adjourned at 8:35 a.m. The next regular meeting of the TCACID will be held at the present location on April 22, 2014 at 7:30 a.m. APPROVED BY THE BOARD this ______day of _________________, 2014. ________________________________________ Lanie Shipp, Executive Director