Dutch "Ministerie VWS"

On the 14th floor of an office tower at
linked to the user’s profile. This leads to
the heart of the Hague’s political dis-
a dramatic increase in efficiency, giving
trict, Ronald Loeff and Els Alebregtse are
users quick access to whatever they’re
on the hunt for fresh insights.
looking for.
As information experts at the special
library for the Dutch Ministry of Health,
Welfare and Sports, their task is to provide input to ministry civil servants so
they can live up to the ministry motto:
“The Netherlands Healthy and Well.”
Civil servants, the House of Repre-
sentatives, the state secretary and the
of Health
and Sport
minister herself, Edith Schippers, also
submit queries on specific issues to the
special library, via her subordinates.
Els and Ronald are currently sta-
tioned at the Ministry of Education while
“We read a lot. We have to find the
right input: new findings, reports, books, sta-
their building across the street is undergoing
tistics and academic papers,” Els Alebregtse
renovations. However, their meticulous efforts to
generate input for civil servants, in many cases
for important political decisions, are continuing
The Ministry’s mission is to keep everyone
healthy as long as possible. It’s an important
“We not only need to find the icing on the
cake, we have to find the right
Once everything was
ready for the switch to
Adlib, progress was
swift. It was up and
running at full speed in
two months.”
Ronald Loeff
cake,” says Els Alebregtse,
who is pleased that everyone
now has a completely
different overview,
accessibility, and faster
VWS Library, The Hague
job – encompassing serious issues such as alcohol and drugs, drug approval policies, food
safety, quality in healthcare delivery, the rights
of children and young people to a healthy
development – all of it, and more, aimed at
proactively promoting a healthy lifestyle.
at the same rate online.
Ministry civil servants can subscribe to more
than 400 special subjects from the digital special library. Els, Ronald, and their six colleagues
search for, update, and add new material daily.
Papers added to the catalog are displayed as
headings directly on a portal, with the subject
The old IT system was
a dinosaur. When Adlib
arrived, the new system
paid off in a year – despite
numerous customized
solutions. Everyone now
has a completely different overview, accessibility
and considerably shorter
Els Alebregtse
VWS Library, The Hague