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Disaster Relief
with a Finnish Touch
Bringing Joy to the Children of Tohoku
As a first action the the Charity project, an event was
organized on Wednesday, 3 August at Nobisuku Sendai with
two Moomins from Mominworld. The Moomins were in Japan
for a launch event at FilaNippon of Moomin stamps by Itella
(the Finnish postal service) and Japan Post.
The Moomins performed at two 1.5 hour sessions,
one at 10:30 in the morning and the other 13:30 in
the afternoon, the Moomins gave much appreciated
performances and posed for photo shooting with the
kids and their parents. After that, the 250 gift bags
were distributed to the children. Each bag contained
six Moomin themed gifts, a soft toy, a pocket book,
a mini-towel, paper craft, candies and cookies. An
additional 250 gift bags have been distributed to two
other facilities in the Sendai area.
The event was very successful and the children, as
well as their mothers and fathers, showed a great
appreciation for both the Moomins and the presents.
Jukka Pajarinen spoke on behalf of the Embassy
of Finland and FCCJ President Marko Saarelainen
introduced the Moomins and the project. Masahiro
Kimura of Finpro, who coordinated the event in
cooperation with the City of Sendai, acted as Master
of Ceremony.
The next step in the charity project are now being
considered, because there is still some funds left
from the charity events organized in June. The original
plans were to organize a similar event to the one held
in Sendai later in the year at some location in Tohoku
but this time featuring Santa Claus. But as Finnair
organized Santa Claus events in Tohoku end of July,
we will probably consider some other option, or
donate the remaining funds to a charity organization.
For more about the even, see page 4.
EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement
Bulletin from the Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Japan
Volume 13 Issue 4 - August 2011
The 20th EU-Japan Summit was held on 28 May
in Brussels. In his press statement, European
Commission Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht
said, “We have agreed to seek mandates for
negotiations and in parallel to conduct a scoping
exercise to define the parameters of an ambitious
comprehensive agreement that tackles all trade
barriers – from procurement and investment
barriers to tariffs and non-tariff measures. Such an
EU-Japan FTA would enhance opportunities for trade
and business on both sides, and release untapped
potential in our economic relationship.”
The European Business Council (EBC) has been asked by the EU Delegation
to work closely with Commission experts during this FTA scoping exercise
and formal negotiations to submit key issues and the relevant technical 協定に盛り込むことが見込まれる主要な問題と関連の技術的詳細を提出するよ
details for potential inclusion in the agreement.
EBC committees will start work immediately to identify, prioritise, and
technically flesh out the key issues and compile them in an English-language た上で、項目を委員会ごとに列挙した英語版デジタル提要をまとめる作業に直
digital compendium listing items, committee-by-committee. Each item will
consist of a statement of the problem (tariff, NTB, etc.) together with the
technical background (relevant laws, regulations, etc. requiring revision). 的背景(改正を必要とする関連法規・規制等)で構成されることになります。内容
The content will be made available to the European Commission negotiators は、欧州委員会交渉担当者に継続的に提供されます。
on a continuous basis. For more on the issue, see page 4.
from the boardroom
Thursday 16 June - Joint ACCJ/FCIJ Event
Road to Recovery
After Tohoku: Does Japan Still Have A Pulse?
I am delighted to report our members that our charity mission – Bringing
Joy to the Children of Tohoku with Finnish Touch, was successfully
completed on 2-3.August.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members, sponsors
and volunteers who participate our mission during the preparation period
of almost 5 months. Special thanks go to Finpro Tokyo which coordinated
our visit to Sendai. Also big thanks belong to Nobisuku Sendai, children’s
day care center run by City of Sendai. Nobisuku successfully hosted our
two Moomin events to meet local children who have been traumatized
by massive natural disaster in March.
FCCJ presented to children 500 gift
bags containing Moomin gifts and
indeed we saw lot of happy little faces
around Moomins. Now we will start
evaluating our experiences and results
and might come to the conclusion that
left over of our relief budget allows us
to send Tohoku something with stays
there permanently as symbol of our
sympathy toward people of Tohoku.
For more about the event, see page 1. and 4.
Normally after summer holidays our mail boxes and desks are full of
urgent business issues which keeps us busy until the late autumn. We,
at FCCJ, will start autumn season with traditional Yakatabune Cruise
(2nd time can be called tradition?) This time our sponsors Finnair and
Finntour, will welcome us onboard “Grande Yakatabune” with capacity
of 80 seats. This will make out cruise even more lively and exciting. Let’s
show everybody that we are on road to recovery and there is no reason for
self-restraint or in Japanese jisshuku (自粛) .
Also other coming FCCJ and joint events with other chambers will be more
or less social gatherings with European Chambers Summer Cocktail and
Mercedes-Benz Japan Cup golf tournament. Here we really can talk about
tradition since the tournament will be organized already for the 9th time.
This autumn and winter also brings us historical chance to make
our business condition here in Japan smoother and enhance our
competitiveness. European Commission has asked European Business
Council in Japan (EBC) to work closely with Commission experts during
Free Trade Agreement (FTA) scoping exercise. EBC will immediately
start work to indentify and prioritize the key issues what comes to trade
barriers. Free Trade agreement between South Korea and EU already
took effect on July 1st 2011 and requires the partners to mutually abolish
tariffs on 99 % of trade goods. Japan definitely should follow South Korea
by signing FTA with EU.
Without FTA and TPP agreements, Japan will loose its competitiveness
and won’t be able to attract foreign investments in the future.
On July 28 FCCJ held an info session for the biggest Finnish companies
in Japan and will closely monitor the progress of FTA scoping exercise with
EBC, FINPRO and the Embassy of Finland. Additional FCCJ info sessions
on this matter might follow as soon as we get more detailed information
and guidelines from EBC.
Japan is on road to recovery after two lost decades and massive natural
disaster which hit Eastern Coast of Japan on March 11. The speed of
recovery is a question of speedy decision making and leadership. Without
those qualifications we will see more countries such as South Korea and
other Asian nations to pass Japan from both sides before Japan can even
check the back mirrors. Japan shares the podium with USA and China
by holding no.3. position in World Economy. Nothing is granted unless
Nagatacho starts working more business like. If Japan were company it
could have been bankcrupted times ago. People and companies of Japan
deserve better management from the goverment – during everyday life
and during the emergency.
See you onboard the Yakatabune,
event reports
Marko Saarelainen, FCCJ President
President, Honka Japan, Inc.
Approximately 120 ACCJ and FCIJ members and guests attended the
luncheon event on Thursday, 16 June at which a summary of the Foreign
Chambers Business Confidence Survey as well as the results of the ACCJ’s
Pulse Surveys were presented. The presenters, Clas Bystedt of the Foreign
Chambers in Japan (FCIJ) and Debbie Howard, ACCJ President Emeritus,
generated strong interest in the subject matter as evidenced by the many
questions asked by audience members during the Q&A session following
their presentations. The event was open to the press, and fifteen members
from various outlets attended the presentation.
The Pulse Surveys were carried out as a part of the ACCJ’s Tohoku
Earthquake Information Facilitation Project. The surveys ultimately
demonstrated that the personal and business lives of respondents are
rapidly returning to normal, that both the Japanese and foreign business
communities maintain a strong level of confidence in the future, and that
ultimately the perceptions and opinions of the two business communities
share more similarities than differences.
We were extremely fortunate to have Mr. Nobuhiko Sasaki, DirectorGeneral, Trade Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry,
address the audience with a brief speech at the opening of the event.
Nobuhiko Sasaki
Debbie Howard
Clas Bystedt
Friday 8 July - Optimism for Tohoku and Japan:
Good Ideas from ACCJ - Keynote speech by Hiroshi Mikitani
The ACCJ Tohoku Earthquake
was created to facilitate discussion
regarding a diverse set of people with
experiences and ideas for rebuilding
Tohoku following the devastating
March 11 earthquake and tsunami.
A core group of dedicated and
influential people have gathered
together and focused on ideas in five
key areas.
At the luncheon on Friday 8 July,
ACCJ leaders presented the results
of their efforts after a keynote speech
by Hiroshi Mikitani, Chairman and
CEO of Rakuten, Inc.
After the five presentations, Mr.
Mikitani and Noriyuki Shikata,
Deputy Cabinet Secretary for Public
Relations of the Prime Minister’s Office, commented on the findings, followed
by a lively Q&A session.
The event was attended by 150 members from 8 chambers of commrece,
including 3 from the FCCJ.
new member
Wärtsilä Japan Ltd.
バルチラジャパン 株式会社
Address: NTC Bldg. 5F
1-11-2, Kyobashi
Chuo-ku, TOKYO 104-0031
Phone: 03-5159-8700
Fax: 03-5159-8710
President: Mr. Ryu Onishi
Wärtsilä is a global leader in complete lifecycle power
solutions for the marine and energy markets. In 2010, Wärtsilä’s
net sales totalled EUR 4.6 billion with 17,500 employees.
The company has operations in 160 locations in 70 countries
around the world.
member news
住所: 〒104-0031 東京都中央区京橋1-11-2
NTCビル 5F
ファックス: 03-5159-8710
代表取締役社長: 大西 立氏
メンバー ニュース
Ebisu Kagaku Co., Ltd.
Tetsuro Urabe has resigned the position as President of
Ebisu Kagaku and taken up the position as Chairman of the
The new President is Atsushi Odaira (pictured right).
Contact information to the company:
2-5-1, Torigoe
Taito-ku, TOKYO 111-0054
Phone: 03-3862-5591
Fax: 03-3851-7072
Foresight Marketing K.K.
電話番号: 03-3862-5591
ファックス: 03-3851-7072
株式会社 フォーサイト・マーケティング
Foresight Marketing has moved. New contact information:
Foresight Marketing K.K.
From East Tokyo 5F
3-9-11, Higashi-Nihonbashi
Chuo-ku, TOKYO 103-0004
Phone: 03-6661-2045
Fax: 03-6661-2056
Scandex Co., Ltd.
〒103-0004 東京都中央区東日本橋3-9-11
電話番号: 03-6661-2045
ファックス: 03-6661-2056
株式会社 スキャンデックス
Scandex has moved. New contact information:
Scandex Co., Ltd.
OS Tsukiji Bldg.
4-4-12 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, TOKYO 104-0045
Phone: 03-3543-3453
Fax. 03-3543-3451
Scandinavian Airlines System
Leif Nilsson has taken up the position as Regional General
Manager, Asia & Pacific from 1 July, replacing Ole Johansson
who retired at the end of June.
Mr. Nilsson was Director of SAS Cargo Area Japan and Korea,
based in Tokyo for four years from 2003. From 2007 until his
appointment to Tokyo he served as the Director of Cargo Area
China based in Beijing.
Contact information to the company:
Urban Shibakoen Bldg. 2F
3-1-13, Shibakoen, Minato-ku, TOKYO 105-0001
Phone: 03-5400-2331
Fax: 03-5400-2330
〒104-0045 東京都中央区築地四丁目4-12
電話番号: 03-3543-3453
ファックス: 03-3543-3451
〒105-0001 東京都港区芝公園3-1-13
電話番号: 03-5400-2331
ファックス: 03-5400-2330
For latest information on our members, please check the members list on our web site.
...more about the EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement
Thursday 28 July - Information Meeting
To explain the plans for the free trade agreement
and to inform companies how they could influence the
agenda for the agreement negotiations through the
scoping process initiated by the European Business
Council (EBC), an information and discussion meeting
was held at the Embassy of Finland on Thursday,
28 July. Representatives from 12 FCCJ member
companies participated in the event.
...more images from the Moomin Charity Event in Sendai
Moomin and Little My preform.
On Saturday, 30 July 11 persons participated in packing of the bags
with presents at a warehouse near Narita Airport where they had
been collected from eight suppliers in Finland and Japan.
A total of 500 bags were prepared,
For more images check our web site
Marko Saarelainen,
“Uncle Marko”
hads out a gift bag.
Jukka Pajarinen
speaks in the
second session
This young Moomin
fan (or perhaps her
mothers..) has made a
fan with text in Finnish
saying ‘Moomin, I love
your from my heart’.
To get some perspective to our charity project we went after the event to the Arahama area by the ocean about 10 km from the
center of Sendai. Even though most of the rubble has been removed and much of the destruction is now covered with grass, there
are still much evidence of the devastating disaster caused by the tsunami. Most of the roads were open, all the way to the ocean,
and only a few crews were still working in the area so most of the clearing has been done, but all of the rebuilding remains...
the chamber
A damaged school building left standing but almost as far as the eye can see, only foundations remain of the houses were the pupils used to live.
event calendar
Wednesday, 24 August
FCCJ Yakatabune Event
Finnair AY4159 - FinnTour FT4120 Code Share Cruise
Time: 18.30 - 21.00
Embarkation:Amisei, 2-1-26, Komagata, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Route: Asakusa - Odaiba - Asakusa
Cost: Members and members’ guests: 8,000 yen
Wednesday, 28 September
時間: 18:30~21:00
乗船 &下船:台東区駒形2-1-26、船宿あみ清
Joint European Summer Cocktail
Organized by the French Chamber (CCIFJ)
Time: 18.30 - 21.00
Venue: ANA Intercontinental.
Cost: Members 8,000 yen, others 9,000
参加費:メンバー 8,000円、メンバー以外 9,000円
Friday, 30 September
Mercedes -Benz Japan Cup
The North-America - Europe Golf Challenge in Japan
Venue: Atsugi Kokusai C.C., Kanagawa Pref.
Cost: 24,000 yen
More info:
メルセデス・ベンツ ジャパン カップ
Wednesday 5 - Saturday, 8 October
Business Promotion and Contact Trip to Vladivostok
Please contact FCCJ office for details
ウラジオストーク ツアー
Thursday, 27 October
FCCJ Luncheon Meeting
Time: 12:00 - 14:00
Venue: Hotel Okura
Cost: Members 6,000 yen, others 8,000
コース: 厚木国際カントリー倶楽部、神奈川県
参加費: 24,000円
詳細 :
参加費:メンバー 6,000円、メンバー以外 8,000円
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