Marauder Mask Volume 2 Issue 11

Mira Mesa
Marauder Mask
A publication of news and upcoming events.
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11/10/2014 Band at Westview
11/10-14/2014 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM Cheer Practice: Cheer/Dance Room
11/10-14/2014 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM AFJROTC Team Practice: Quad Area
No school
11/10/2014 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM Symphony Orchestra Rehearsals: Rooms
November 11
11/12/2014 11:40 AM - 12:20 PM College Application Workshop: Library ITL
Veterans Day
11/13/2014 11:40 AM - 12:20 PM College Application Workshop: Library ITL
11/13/2014 3:30 PM Cross Country: Eastern League Championships at Morley
11/13/2014 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM Band Night Rehearsals: Band Room & Stadium
11/14/2014 11:40 AM - 12:20 PM College Application Workshop: Library ITL
11/14/2014 7:00 PM Football Playoffs
11/15/2014 Band at Arcadia
11/15/2014 12:00 AM - 2:00 AM Boys/Girls Soccer Midnight Madness: Stadium
11/15/2014 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM Tutorial Saturday School: Media Center
11/15/2014 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Saturday Cheer Practice: Cheer/Dance Room
5:30 PM Foundation Meeting
100 Bldg. Lounge
6:30 PM PTSA Meeting
100 Bldg. Lounge
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Sports Update
Monte Vista ‘Monarchs’ 2014 Varsity
Invitational Champion!
MMHS Varsity Volleyball Girls do their
pre-game huddle at the Monte Vista
On Monday, October 20th, our Varsity Girls Tennis Team
played Coronado High School. They lost with a final score of
3-15. Even with the loss, Erika Lagura still managed to win all
three of her sets! With many victories, our girls qualified for
the division 2 CIF playoffs! On Tuesday, October 28th, our
Marauders hosted their first CIF match at home against Valley Center. The girls dominated Valley Center and ended
with a final score of 15 to 3. The following match our girls
faced Carlsbad High School. The match was difficult for the
Marauders and they came up short with a final score of 8 to
On Tuesday October 28th, the Lady Marauders took Mission
Bay High School to 4 games. Our ladies came out on top
with a 3-1 victory. Tori Dahlberg contributed with 12 kills and
Destiny Williamson with 10 kills as an outside hitter.
This past weekend, the Lady Marauders traveled to Monte
Vista for the Monte Vista Invitational and took first place overall. The first day of the tournament they beat Mt. Empire and
then lost a close match to Fullerton. On day two of the tournament the girls went undefeated beating Monte Vista,
Morse, Serra and in the championship game, Hoover. Key
players included Destiny Williamson, Arden Christensen,
Haley Maheu, and Chauni Green.
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On Friday the 24th, our Marauder Football Team played
Morse High School. With a great overall team effort, our
boys were able to beat the Tigers! The final score was 21 to
13, an outstanding Marauder win.
On Halloween night the Marauders took on Cathedral High,
losing 35 – 3.
On October 22nd, our Boys Water Polo Team took on LJCD
High School with a final score of 7 to 16. Up in goals was Tommy
Bridges with 6 saves; the players who scored were William
Halpin, Jeff Burr, and Leo Del Carmen. Six days later on
Tuesday October 28th, the boys faced Clairemont High School.
With the tough competition, the Marauders ended the game with
a final score of 5-18. Jeff Burr scored 4 points and William Halpin
scored 1.
At the Mount SAC tournament, our Cross Country Team had
many outstanding runners. The top boy runners were Phillip Dorado and Corbin Froreich. Phillip is only a junior and he finished
in 16th place with a time of 16:22 for a difficult 3-mile course.
Corbin finished in 13th place in the sophomore boy’s race with an
outstanding time of 17:53 on the difficult 3-mile course. Corbin
won the only medal for the team during that race. The top girl
runner was Alexandra Respes, as she finished in 29th place with
a time of 20:05 for the 3-mile course. Overall, our Boys Varsity
Team placed 9th out of 25 teams in Division 1, and our Girls Varsity team placed 12th out of 25 teams in Division 1.
The Varsity Girls Golf Team performed very well this year, as
they sent all five girls over to the City Conference Tournament.
Senior captain Jasmine Daguia, Savannah McCarthy, Jianne
Mique, Celeste Esparza, and Alisha Aquino all qualified.
Surprisingly, Junior Savannah McCarthy was the only one who
made the second day. On day 2, Savannah had tough
competition but that didn’t stop her. After all was said and done,
Savannah qualified for day 3 of the tournament.
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News from the Nurse
Jill Rudolph RN, FNP, MSN | School Nurse, Family Nurse Practitioner & Abby Barbarita,
Health Technician | Mira Mesa High School
Infection Protection: Say “No” to Sharing
It’s time again to review the importance of practicing “Infection Protection”. Have you ever been
at lunch, or working out with your team and someone asks if they can have a sip of your drink or
a bite of your food? Or have you had a friend ask you if they can borrow your make-up, Chap
Stick, or lip gloss? The problem is that you don’t know what virus or bacteria they might be infected with, even if they are not having any symptoms. A person can be infected for 3 to 4
weeks before showing symptoms of being sick, and during that time they are contagious and
infecting others.
Common infections that occur from sharing include:
Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex Virus): These painful sores occur on the lips, mouth, or tongue,
and are very contagious. The Herpes virus can be easily spread through sharing lip gloss or
Chap Stick.
Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye): This is a very contagious infection of the eye, and is easily spread
through sharing make-up (especially mascara and eye liner) or eye drops.
Meningitis, Mononucleosis, Strep Throat, and Hepatitis are a few of the more serious
diseases that are transmitted through saliva. Some of these diseases are life threatening and
can result in long term health problems.
If you are feeling uncomfortable with refusing to share with your friends, just tell them you are
practicing “Infection Protection”. Let them know that you want to keep them healthy as well as
yourself. Remember that people often pass on germs before they even feel sick, and if you
want to stay healthy don’t share your food or personal items.
Please keep the office at your child’s school informed of your current contact numbers. It is very important to be able to
reach you when your child is sick at school and needs to go home or when your child needs medical attention.
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Administrative Team
Scott Giusti, Principal
Ext. 2201
Virginia Sturgeon, Vice Principal
Alphabet A-Fi Ext. 2203
Franny Del Carmen-Aguilar,
Vice Principal Alphabet Fj-N
Ext. 2116
Jeff Sabins, Vice Principal
Alphabet O-Z Ext. 2204
Matt Lawson, Dean of Students
Ext. 2171
Counseling Team
Kim George, Head Counselor
Alphabet A-B
Ext. 2223
Debbie Blanchard
Alphabet C-Fi
Ext. 2221
Felicia Jones
Alphabet Fj-La
Ext. 2218
Shauna VanBemmel
Alphabet Lb-N
Ext. 2212
Sandi Rice
Alphabet O-Sd
Ext. 2117
Belen Bahena
Alphabet Se-Z
Ext. 2220
Counseling Secretary
Barbara Lauriano Ext. 2211
Delia Lopez Ex. 2216
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Our gym is getting Closer to being finished!
A Deeper Look at Common Core– Mathematics I and Mathematics II
Parent Involvement
Parent Booster Organizations (PBO)
Contact: Stacey Seiders | [email protected]
PTSA President
Bob Turner | [email protected]
Mira Mesa Foundation President
Sabrina Bazzo | [email protected]
Mira Mesa Cluster President
Bob Turner | [email protected]
Mira Mesa Cluster Meeting Information
Contact: Jennifer Kvalvik | [email protected]
School Site Council Contact
Virginia Sturgeon | [email protected]
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Senior Cap and Gown Information
Seniors and Parents of Seniors:
You should have received a packet with important information regarding ordering your Cap and Gown.
You may either:
‘BORROW’ your Cap, Gown, and Tassel—but you must return it after graduation.
‘BUY’ your Cap, Gown, and Tassel and keep it forever!
The choice is yours, but… you must order by the March 1, 2015 deadline. The Order Form and other
information is coming home next week, so watch for the packet.
Email Rosi Susalla @ [email protected]
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