Who to Call? - TriMega Purchasing Association

Who Do I Call?
Do you find yourself not quite sure who to call at TriMega when
you’ve got a question? Well, we will ALL do our best to answer
your question, but below is a listing of the best TriMega team
Diane Pakonen
Audrey Daniel
Maureen Modelski
Linda Kusiolek
Customer Service Team
•Diane Pakonen, Customer Service Manager, ext. 22
•Audrey Daniel, CSR, ext. 23
•Maureen Modelski, CSR, ext. 27
•Linda Kusiolek, CSR, ext. 24
•Fayroz Marbina, Cash Applications, ext. 29
Diane and her Customer Service team can be called for:
•New member paperwork and website set up of users
•Tax Certificates
•Updating profiles and logos to the TriMega website
•Invoice questions
•Payment questions
•Credit and debit questions
•General vendor questions
•Billing discrepancies
Rachel Dorman, Ext. 11
•Rebate questions, both vendor and member
•Rebate deposit confirmations
•Vendor program questions
Rachel Dorman
Tom Hoffmann
Greg Fish
Grady Taylor
Carolyn Yost
Gene Rigitano, VP of Finance, Ext 20
•1099’s issued at year end
•Escalate issues originating in customer service, credit,
and accounts payable
Erik Jensen
Erik Jensen, I.T. Administrator, Ext 32
•Edi implementation, vendors and members,
•Errors and Edi connection issues
•Website issues, www.trimega.org, and accounting center
•[email protected], first point of contact
Marie Schmidt
Cindy Serrano
Bob Samborski, Systems Administrator, Ext 33
•DSC report question
•Torque POS reporting questions
Bob Samborski
Greg Fish, EVP Purchasing, Ext 12
•To clarify supplier programs
•To suggest a source for hard to find products
Michael Morris, VP Marketing, Ext 18
• Next Committee
• HON marketing programs
• TriMega events
•NSIGHTS Program
Michael Morris
Barb Kraus, Credit Manager, Ext 26
•Discuss credit status and payment terms
•Review credit lines
•Vendor calls regarding member credit status
•Billing issues
•Outstanding balances/large orders that could affect
member credit line
Carolyn Yost, Accounts Payable Coordinator, Ext 25
•Vendor calls
•TriMega event Room reimbursements
Gene Rigitano
Tom Hoffmann, Director of Purchasing, Ext 64
• Catalog content
•Vertical markets
• Jan San flyer
•Jan/San break room
• TriSupply & TMD carton program
•Pack and Ship
•Medical and Safety
Kelly Schoen, Product Analyst, Ext 21
•Catalog pricing
•Direct buy file
•Pricing on house files ie; DDMS, Red Cheetah and ECI
Kelly Schoen
In addition,
•Diane can be contacted directly for:
- Escalated customer service issues
- Dated Goods questions
•Maureen can be contacted directly for:
- Catalog and flyer billing questions
- Vendor requests for member lists
- UPS program questions
Fayroz Marbina
Barb Kraus
members to reach out to for anything that pops up! Think of it as
a TriMega telephone cheat sheet! We’re just a phone call away!
Grady Taylor, EVP Member Development, Ext 19
•Overall questions about their business
•What should I be stocking . . . or destocking?
•Financial questions about their business
•Operational questions about their business
•TriMega service supplier questions
•Complaint or concern about TriMega
•Questions about competition
•Questions about other related channel partners
[e.g. computer systems]
•Questions about the wholesalers
Marie Schmidt, Administrative Assistant , Ext 10 or Ext 0
•Because you don’t know who else to call!
•Directs Traffic, in person and via phone system
•Reception Room hostess and operator
•General information
•Credit reference requests
•Escalated team member search
Cindy Serrano, Executive Administrator, Ext 30
•Call if you can’t get in touch with Marie!
•Tracking down Sr. Staff
•TriMega Board of Directors contact
Mike Maggio, President, Ext 16
•Unresolved issues from any of the above
Mike Maggio
Who Do I Call?
Grady Taylor, Managing Director, PNW, Ext 19
•Prospective national or regional account inquiry
•Complaint or concern about PNW
•Suggestion or feedback about PNW
Grady Taylor
Nita Turpin
Andy Sullenberger
Davida Townzen
Pam Quackenbush
PNW Customer Service, 888-764-6844
•[email protected]
•Order and returns status
•Product availability
•Place and order
Nita Turpin, Implementation Manager, Ext 97
•All account set up and maintenance
- [email protected]
•New customer implementation
•Dealer On-Boarding and training
•Joining TCPN or FSSI programs
•Access to dealer sites and CSP portal at
•Bids and Proposals
Andy Sullenberger, Manager,
Customer Support & Quality, Ext 94
•[email protected]
•Pricing and contract maintenance
•Escalate customer service issues
Davida Townzen, Implementation Support, Ext 79
•Account set up and maintenance
[email protected]
•PNW receivable and collections
•Dealer payments and notices
Pam Quackenbush, PNW Accounting, Ext 98
•Sales tax/invoice questions
•Dealer payments
•System errors and corrections
•Account set up and maintenance
- [email protected]
Brian Stevenson
Brian Stevenson, Director of MPS, Ext 43
•Managed services, including print and technology
•INTEC questions
•New technology members
•HP Support