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2014-2015 School Year
New Smartphone App to be Aware of as Educators and Parents
Each year, we work together with parents, guardians, faculty and staff to
encourage our students to use social media in a healthy, safe way. As the
forums utilized by students are constantly changing, we continue to update parents on ways to monitor students’ presence on social media and
alert them to potentially dangerous apps.
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A new app called “Yik Yak” has gained attention for posing potential
harm to school communities. This app has become increasingly popular
and allows users to post anonymous comments that can be read by others within a specific geographical area. The perceived anonymity of Yik
Yak proves problematic with adolescents and has been misused as a
means to post hurtful content, harassing comments and threats. In nearby
school districts including Mount Sinai schools and Yorktown Heights, students have been arrested for making dangerous threats against their
schools using Yik Yak.
As a community, we would like to continue to be proactive in addressing
this issue by providing helpful tips for parents and guardians in preventing
the misuse of social media.
It is important that parents check and be aware of what apps are on their
child’s phone. Parents are also able to restrict access to apps based on
their child’s age under “settings.” If you have additional questions as to
how to place an age limit under “settings,” contact your service provider
for help. Remember, the cell phone is the property and responsibility of
the parent or guardian.
Additionally, always keep the lines of communication open between you
and your child in regard to appropriate use of social media apps and websites. Adolescents should be encouraged to think about consequences
prior to posting comments on social media.
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Thank you for your support on this issue. If you have any questions,
please reach out to your child’s school counselor.
Mrs. Sylvester