Current Bulletin - Church of the Ascension

Church of the Ascension
Little Mountain Manor
Licensed Care Facility
A Christian home with a beautiful perspective. We are here for you.
Specialists in dementia and complex care. Respite care on emergency
basis is available. Tax deductible. Rates start at $135/day.
Pastor: Fr. Melquiades Bayron
Call for your free consult today: 250-248-4591
Parish Coordinator: Rosemary Blank
Theresa Antolick
Independent Consultants & Fundraisers
866 Temple Street, Parksville
‘Home Cooking
& Tasting Parties’
Herbs/Spices/Cookware [email protected]
250-752-SOLD (7653)
TF 800-224-5906
[email protected]
679 Memorial Avenue
Qualicum Beach, BC V9K 1T4
Sunday: 8:30am & 10:30am
Tuesday: 9:00am (Nov.-Feb.)
7:00pm (Mar.-Oct.)
Wednesday to Friday: 9:00am
Saturday: 9:00am & 5:00pm
Are you new to our parish?
Please complete the New Member
E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]
Web Page:
Kim Lloyd Owner/Operator
[email protected]
• Senior Shuttle • Home Care
• Light Housekeeping
• Paid Companion • Respite
This space
available for
Lord, make me
know your ways.
You can make a difference–
a lasting difference!
Catholic Foundation
of Vancouver Island
or call 250-752-0498
Mobile Service Available
Franco & Camela Bavaro
PO Box 1840 #2-139 Hirst Ave., Parksville V9P 2H6
[email protected]
Ph 250-248-1010 Fax 250-951-0166
Here I am,
Lord; I come
to do your will.
Monday to Friday
9:30am to 2:30pm
(Closed 12:30 to 1:00pm)
Telephone: 250-248-3747
887 Wembley Road, Parksville B.C. V9P 2E6
KBK - Kare by Kim
Caring for the Community
Office Hours:
This space
available for
Holy Hour, Tuesdays to 7:00pm; Rosary: 8:30am (Nov.-Feb.)/6:30pm (Balance of Year)
BAPTISM INQUIRIES: Please contact the Baptism Team or the parish office
All submissions should be in writing no later than noon on Wednesday
Please contact the Pastor or Funeral Coordinator
By appointment with the pastor; Contact parish office six months before the intended marriage date
By appointment or Saturday, 4:15-4:45pm; Tuesday-Thursday, 9:30-10:00am; Friday, 10:00-10:30am
Schedule subject to change.
Please notify the parish office when hospitalized
Adoration... Judy Patience-Ethier, 250-752-2030
Adult Faith Education... Rose Marie Hague, 250-752-1415
Baptism Team… Penny Cowan, 250-594-7497
Basic Communities... Tess Cormack, 250-752-8576
Bible Study… Terry Nishimura, 250-468-9202
Bldg & Maintenance Com… 250-248-3747
C. W. L… Nancy Horsfield, 250-248-8869
Cenacle Rosary... Italo Raviglione, 250-248-5993
Children’s Liturgy… Jackie Shaddick, 250-248-1921
Children’s Rel Ed… Laura Gaetz, 250-248-3747
Extraordinary Minister... Julia Murrell, 250-738-0614
Flowers... Mary Sheil, 250-951-2154
Funerals... V. Cyr, 250-468-5529, C. Low, 250-594-5153
Greeters & Ushers... Ray Marsh, 250-752-9228
Knights of Columbus… Peter Horsfield, 250-248-8869
Lectors… Vida Cunniffe, 250-954-3816
Library Committee... Duane Quily, 250-752-6660
Liturgy Committee... Jackie Shaddick, 250-248-1921
Ministry for the Sick… Margo Pearson, 250-594-7469
New Comers… Dorothy Engelbrecht, 250-248-6448
Pastoral Council Chair… Ron Boag, 250-927-1584
Pro Life… Gerry Taylor, 250-752-8179
R.C.I.A... Terry Nishimura 250-468-9202
Social Justice… Malcolm Goff, 250-752-2437
Treasurer… David Walter, 250-954-0669
Youth Coordinator…Trisha Morrison, 250-248-3747
Mass Schedule
Third & Fourth S unday in Ordinary Time,
Jan. 25th & Feb. 1st, 2015
Mass Schedule
Dear Parishioners,
The gospel for the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Mark 1:14-20)
narrates how Jesus started his ministry by asking people to
repent and turn back to God. Then He invited followers to help
in catching people for the kingdom. The first four disciples were
ordinary fishermen who had no credentials to show with regards
to teaching and preaching. But he chose these individuals, not
for what they were, but for what they would be capable of becoming under his direction and power. What He asks of us is
our willingness and our complete surrender to His will. God will
fill up what is lacking in us.
The gospel of the 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Mark 1:21-28)
tells us about Jesus’ authority. The substance of Jesus’ teaching is a product of his profound, intimate relationship with His
Father in heaven. His constant communication with the Father
enables Him to deliver God’s true message to the people. The
authority of Jesus is established further by the actions that support His teachings. Words and deeds go together in the ministerial life of Jesus. He preaches forgiveness, humility, poverty in
spirit, compassion, etc., and He personally puts them into practice. Like Jesus, let us develop a personal and intimate relationship with God and put flesh on the Word of God by practicing
what we preach.
May God bless you always!
Saturday, Jan. 24th, St. Francis De Sales, Bishop:
9:00 am Mass — Souls of Robert Garies & Shari Garies †
Requested by the Garies Family
10:00 am CWL Diocesan Reflection Day ~ Parish Hall
4:00 pm Choir Practice ♫~ Parish Hall, Cathy Clark / Organist
4:15 pm — 4:45pm Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession)
5:00 pm Mass — Souls of John Baptists & Piety Miranda †
Requested by Joanita Fernandes
Sunday, Jan. 25th, Third Sunday in Ordinary Time:
8:30 am Mass — Intentions of the Parishioners
10:30 am Mass — Intentions of Len & Judy Ethier’s Anniversary
Requested by Ollie & Vincent Willden
Monday, Jan. 26th, St. Timothy & St. Titus, Bishops
6:30 pm Children’s Religious Education
6:30 pm Youth Ministry — Gym Night
Tuesday, Jan. 27th, Weekday:
9:00 am Mass — Intentions of Bridie & Joe Fairhurst
Requested by Brendan & Helen O’Keeffe
9:30 am to 7:00pm — Adoration
6:30 pm Rosary
Wednesday, Jan. 28th, St. Thomas Aquinas, Priest:
9:00 am Mass — Soul of Eva Gerein †
Requested by Lloyd Kupser
9:45 am Bible Study — Acts of the Apostles ~ St. Matthew’s Room
10:00 am Bible Study — Letter of St. James ~ Parish Hall
7:00 pm Choir Practice ♫ — Knights of Columbus
Thursday, Jan. 29th, Weekday:
9:00 am Mass — Intentions of Connie & Donald Levesque
Requested by the Brilling Family
10:00 am Liturgical Committee Meeting ~ St. Matthew’s Room
1:30 pm Baptism Preparation Session ~ St. Matthew’s Room
Friday, Jan. 30th, Weekday:
9:00 am Mass — Soul of Stan Palipowski †
Requested by Ziutka Hundley
9:30 am Benediction, Exposition & Divine Mercy Devotion
10:00 am Sunday Scripture Study ~ St. Matthew’s Room
...Camp Homewood Retreat Weekend / Quadra Island
Saturday, Jan. 31st, St. John Bosco, Priest:
9:00 am Mass — Intentions of Claudette Adamek
Requested by Kathleen Haverty
10:00 am Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist & Lectors Meeting ~ Hall
4:00 pm Choir Practice ♫~ Parish Hall, Cathy Clark / Organist
4:15 pm — 4:45pm Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession)
5:00 pm Mass — Souls of John & Julia Connelly †
Requested by Mary Connelly
...Camp Homewood Retreat Weekend / Quadra Island
Sunday, Feb. 1st, Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time:
8:30 am Mass — Soul of Jose Valverde †
Requested by Doris Valverde
10:30 am Mass — Intentions of the Parishioners
...Camp Homewood Retreat Weekend / Quadra Island
Monday, Feb. 2nd, The Presentation of the Lord:
6:30 pm Children’s Religious Education
6:30 pm Youth Ministry — Power House & Chosen
Tuesday, Feb. 3rd, Weekday:
9:00 am Mass — Intentions of the Boag Family
Requested by Kay & Ron Boag
9:30 am to 7:00pm — Adoration
10:15 am Mass @ The Gardens, 1st Floor — Intentions of Erin Calver
Requested by the Blank Family
1:30 pm Mass @ Stanford Place — Soul of Maureen Campbell †
Requested by Lily Moreland
6:30 pm Rosary
Wednesday, Feb. 4th, Weekday:
9:00 am Mass — Soul of Dr. Patrick Keane †
9:45 am Bible Study — Acts of the Apostles ~ St. Matthew’s Room
10:00 am Bible Study — Letter of St. James ~ Parish Hall
11:15 am Mass @ Arrowsmith — Soul of Breda Prestage †
Requested by Eileen Dobson
1:30 pm Mass @ The Gardens, 3rd Floor — Intentions of Dale & Judy Stelter
7:00 pm Choir Practice ♫ — Knights of Columbus
Thursday, Feb. 5th, St. Agatha, Virgin:
9:00 am Mass — Intentions of Bob & Gloria Miller
Requested by the C.W.L.
7:10 pm Rosary
7:30 pm Knights of Columbus General Meeting ~ Parish Hall
Friday, Feb. 6th, St. Paul Miki & Companions, Martyrs:
9:00 am Mass — Intentions of Terri Johnston
Requested by the C.W.L.
9:30 am Benediction, Exposition & Divine Mercy Devotion
10:00 am Sunday Scripture Study ~ St. Matthew’s Room
Saturday, Feb. 7th, Weekday:
9:00 am Mass — Soul of Breda Prestage
Requested by Felicity & Jim O’Carroll
10:00 am Ordination of Deacon Harrison Ayre @ St. Andrew’s Cathedral
4:00 pm Choir Practice ♫~ Parish Hall, Cathy Clark / Organist
4:15 pm — 4:45pm Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession)
5:00 pm Mass — Pro Life
Sunday, Feb. 8th, Fifth Sunday In Ordinary Time:
8:30 am Mass — Intentions of the Parishioners
10:30 am Family Mass — Intentions of the Youth Ministry Planning Team
Requested by Youth Ministry
Knights of Columbus
New Island Living Discount Books now available.
Please contact Ray Misanchuk (250-752-8950) or
Tony Antoniuk (250-752-9152) or Wayne Latremouille (250-5864495).
Next Executive Meeting: Thursday, February 19th, 7:30pm, in St.
Luke’s Room
Next General Meeting: Feb. 5th, 7:30pm, Parish Hall
Valentine’s Dinner & Dance: February 14th.
Price: $15.00 per person. Doors open 6:30pm;
Entertainment—Denny Eddy (same person as
2014) Ticket sales after all weekend Masses starting January 24th
The Knight’s Choir is scheduled to
sing on the first Saturday, 5:00PM Mass and first Sunday, 8:30AM Mass of each month.
For those interested in joining the Knights of Columbus,
please contact Wayne Sapieha (250-586-7480) or Al Walsh (250738-0319).
“God seeks us where we are, not so that we stay there, but so
that we my come to be where He is, so that we may get beyond ourselves.” (Pope Benedict XVI)
...Jack Chambers, Knight in the First Order
…Island Catholic Schools: Invites applications for a Special
Education Assistant, Level 1 — at St. Patrick’s School in Victoria.
Please see for more
information and application forms and procedures.
...Mary Carmichael, Ex. Assist. To the Superintendent of Schools
…You Are Invited! The Diocese of Victoria celebrates the Ordina-
tion of Deacon Harrison Ayre to the Priesthood on Saturday, February 7th,
at 10:00am, at the Cathedral & all are invited. A noon reception will follow
at St. Andrew’s Elementary School Gym.
…Youth Ministry: CAMP HOMEWOOD 2015 — Diocesan Youth
Retreat for youth in grades 7—12, January 30th to February 1st. This
year’s theme ~ You Are a Chosen Generation, 1 Peter 2:9. Ken Yasinski and the Face 2 Face Team will be the Retreat Leaders. Registration
forms are available every Monday night, 6:30 –7:45pm in the Youth Ministry Room or during regular office hours in the parish office. For more information, please contact Trisha Morrison, Coordinator for Parish Youth
Faith Formation or Rosemary Blank in the parish office. Thank you.
...Youth Ministry Team
Catholic Women’s League
PRAYER REFLECTION: God and man exist for
each other, and neither is satisfied without the
other. (Colossians 1:5)
The truth will set you free, but first it may make you
miserable! (John 8:31-32)
...Carol Low, C.W.L. Spiritual Chair
Mark you calendar for upcoming meetings and dates:
General Meeting: Feb. 12th; following 9:00am Mass
Annual Baby Shower: Feb. 19th, 11:00 — 2:00pm. Please
bring a donation of a baby item or cash.
Executive Meeting: Feb. 26th; following 9:00am Mass
Our new Newsletter is available on our webpage, as well as
our monthly General Meeting minutes.
CWL Membership dues must be paid by Jan. 15th, 2015
...Sandi Digras, Communication Chair
…Liturgical Ministries: Have you felt called to become a
Lector, or an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist? You are most
welcome to join our present ministers at our day of reflection on
Jan. 31st., 10:00am. For more information, please call Vida Cunniffe, 250-954-3816 or Julia Murrell, 250-738-0614.
…Manna Is In Need: Of a single bed ensemble; donation if
possible — Please contact Pinky, at 250-954-0052. Thank you.
…Easter Lilies: Parishioners who wish, may
make a donation towards the Easter Lilies and
flowers which will adorn our altar on Easter Sunday
and throughout the year. Please place your donation in the “Yellow Donation Envelope”, along
with your completed purple Easter Memorial Intention form. On the yellow envelope, please indicate, “Offering for: FLOWERS”. The forms and envelopes are available at the back of the church. Remember to indicate your name,
amount and regular envelope number to ensure that your tax receipt will include your donation. The names of your loved ones will
be included with the Prayers of the Faithful following Easter. Thank
...Volunteer Sacristan Needed: Sundays, 10:30am Mass
— Effective January 31st, Martin Shaddick will be stepping aside
from his duties as our Sacristan on Sunday mornings. His time and
commitment have been truly appreciated. We will miss him. If you
are available to assist in this very worthy ministry, please see Fr.
Melquiades Bayron. Thank you.
rayer List :
...Please pray for Claudette Adamek,
Lou Biggeman, John & Lisa Boag, Kay
Boag, Pat Brown, Beverley Carpenter,
Mate Colak, Teresa D’Cruz, Jean Digras, Maria Gregoire, Bert
Grindley, Mike Hanlon, Tony Jenkins, Alice Kehoe, Sean
Leahy, Norma Lee, Raymonde Lortie, Kelly Low, Myrhonda,
Erikka Nishimura, Terry Nishimura, Yvette Receveur, Scott
Tanner, Shelia Tourond, Bill Van Horne, Fred Weidlick, Willie
Young, and a Special Prayer Intention for the Reverence
for Life. May we defend it and promote it from conception to its natural end.