Br. Tim Unser, OFM Conv.

Brother Tim Unser, OFM Conv.
Following the Poor Man Francis of Assisi and Living the Gospel of Jesus
Conventual Franciscan
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working in the yard and
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Tell us something about your community (apostolate). “We, Friars of Our Lady of Consolation Province, believe that we are called by God and led by the Holy Spirit, to follow the Poor
Man, Francis of Assisi, in living the Gospel of Jesus Christ within the Roman Catholic Church
as Friars Minor Conventual. Our ministries arise from the needs of God’s people in an
ever-changing world.” (Taken from our Mission Statement)
What is the current work you are doing for your Religious Community?
I am working within two ministries. First, Province Vocation Minister here in the Southwest.
Second, working at the Oblate School of Theology Library.
When did you make your profession of vows…first and final (if you are at that stage)?
I made my simple vows on January 19, 1964 and my solemn vows on January 19, 1967.
What first awakened in you the realization that God might be calling you to the religious
life? During my grade school and high school, I was discerning a vocation as a priest, religious
priest/and or brother. I had the support and encouragement from the Sisters at school as well as
my family.
What were your initial excitements and hopes as you began to think more deeply about
your vocation? My excitement and hopes were never on a given ministry. It was more in the
area of community and building my relationship with the Lord. This continued after I entered
the community. My ministry seemed to flow from this.
What are the experiences of moments in your religious life that most deeply nurture and
sustain your relationship with God? Living in community and seeing and living with other
friars who were building their relationships with the Lord. Coming together and praying
together! This is what keeps my relationship with God alive and healthy.
What would you say to a young man or woman who was thinking about a vocation to religious life? Keep your prayer life and relationship with Jesus alive. Be true to that relationship
everyday. Everyday spend time with your Lord. When discerning your vocation in life takes
that to the Lord within your relationship. It is there that you will discover what the Lord is calling you to be.
What is one of your favorite scripture passages and why?
This is a difficult question for I enjoy all Scripture and I enjoy Praying with Scripture. Like
today, in the Gospel Matthew 9:9-13, you will find Jesus saying to Matthew… “Follow me.”
My prayer was how well have I been following Him? Everyday there is a message.
Who is one of your spiritual heroes and why? My greatest spiritual hero would be Francis of
Assisi. More current would be Padre Pio. Both were simple men who learned through their life
time to live the Gospel and serve others.
How did you come to know Jesus Christ?
I learned to know Jesus from my parents and family. They were the ones who introduced me to
Him and I saw in them the living Christ. The family is a gift from God!
What is one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?
I enjoy college football and basketball, community evenings with the friars, TV, playing cards
and popcorn. After a day of ministry, I always have something to look forward too.