November 7, 2014 - Phoenix Rotary 100

friday, november 7, 2014 | volume XC | no. 18 |
today’s program
PHX Rotary 100 Club Assembly
The Rotarian I Admire Most Is:
Dick Allen
Member since 1962
Dick Allen gets my vote. His
positive attitude and commitment to maintaining his
personal independence is an
inspiration to watch.
– Dave Howell
Dick Dunseath
Member since 1983
Dick Dunseath was the president of our club when I became
a member. He always made an
effort to seek out new members and make them feel welcome. Dick helped
me greatly with the speech contest in past years,
and is always the quiet, dedicated Rotarian who
always puts himself behind others, supporting
and helping them be successful and ensuring we
are true to the mission of Rotary and ensuring it
is beneficial to everyone.
– Monte Lange
Dick Dunseath has a wonderful way of working
with people, particularly in situations of controversy. Dick actually likes to explore controversial subjects, but he has such a gentle, calm and
diplomatic manner that such exploration rarely
provokes anger. It allows discussion in a practical and respectful way.
– Pamela Erickson
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Clay Janson
Member since 2008
My most admired Phoenix
Rotary 100 Rotarian is Clay
Janson. Over the last few years
Clay has cheerfully, competently and aggressively taken on the toughest of
assignments as a club board member, club treasurer, club secretary, Million Meals Coordinator,
Gala MC and many other behind-the-scenes
activities. He is a multiple Paul Harris Fellow,
Centurion and Benefactor. He is an exemplary
husband to Lindsey and dedicated dad to Molly
and Chance. Although he is decades younger
than I am, I look up to him for all that he does for
our club.
– PP Jerry A. Oliver, Sr.
Clay Jansen is a key member of our Rotary.
Always there with a smile he also seems to be
involved with much that goes on. His stewardship of last year’s million meals project not only
left me in awe but gave me and my wife many
opportunities to participate in a global project.
I look to him as an example of the type of people
Rotary exemplifies.
– Bear Patterson
Mike King
Member since 1991
I have to say that Mike King
is one of the Rotarians that
I admire most. He is always
working behind the scenes – welcoming all new
members to a lunch session where he tells them
what Rotary expects of them. This is a highlight
for the new members. He also sends personal
letters (not email) to members on certain occasions such as death of a family member. He has
brought a LOT of new members into the club
and his picks are members still with us. Last,
but definitely not least, he’s always so happy and
upbeat – I just love Mike!
– Mo Bronson
Bob Withers
Member since 1991
Bob has quietly, but relentlessly, been helping the poor
families in South Phoenix with
food for years. He doesn’t ask
for credit. He just seeks humbly to serve. Bob is one of those people in life
who are always looking to help others, without
recognition, and mostly out of his own pocketbook or time. I call those givers. Bob is one of
those. I could write a lot about Bob. But, I wanted
to respect your request for a few short sentences.
– Ted Taylor
October 24, 2014
Membership. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 201
Membership Absent. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 94
Membership Present . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 107
Guests . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Total Present. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 133
paul harris corner
program previews
Each week we feature an excerpt from “Paul Harris, Selections from My Road to Rotary.” Paul has
returned to Chicago from a family visit in Vermont.
November 8 – Rotary Foundation Day
Turn your passion into a project with your choice
of three sessions and inspiring presentations by
John T. Osterlund, general manager and chief
development officer for The Rotary Foundation, and Aaron Zeichner from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Sheraton Airport Hotel,
Tempe, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sign up at www. rotary
November 14, 2014
Bob Solis
Open Arms Africa
The First Rotary Club
Betterment in human affairs comes through
travail. Someone first has to visualize the need
and suffering clarifies the vision as nothing else
could. I saw the great need of human companionship. Perhaps it was part and parcel of the
cosmic scheme; surely it was made apparent to
me that men must have the companionship of
those of their kind.
The thought persisted that I was experiencing only what had happened to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of others in the great city, came
to me. I was sure that there must be many other
young men who had come from farms and small
villages to establish themselves in Chicago. In
fact I knew a few. Why not bring them together?
If the others were longing for fellowship as I was,
something would come of it.
One evening I went with a professional
friend to his suburban home. After dinner as
we strolled about the neighborhood my friend
greeted by name various tradesmen at their
stores. This reminded me of my New England
village. The thought caine to me why not in big
Chicago have a fellowship composed of just
one man from each of many different occupations, without restrictions as to their politics or
religion, with broad tolerance of each other’s
opinions? In such a fellowship could there not be
mutual helpfulness?
November 8 – St. Luke’s at the Mountain
Please help distribute food on the second
(6 a.m.) and fourth (noon) Saturdays of every
month at 848 E. Dobbins Rd., Phoenix. Contact
Bob Withers with any questions, 480.607.3348.
November 15 – Movie Matinee at the Kakar’s
Tony has a slew of movies, but bring your own
favorites as well. This will be a pot luck, so attendees should should bring a dish to share.
For details and to RSVP, contact Mo Bronson,
[email protected] or 602 944-4482.
November 20 – Project C.U.R.E.
Your help is needed packing medical supplies
on the third Thursday of every month from
5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at 2100 W. 14th St. T3, Tempe.
Contact Jim Soudriette if you have any questions,
December 11, 15, 17 and 19 – Rubber Band
Volunteer to perform, or have the Rubber Band
come to your office to perform as they raise
money for The Salvation Army. Or pay them not
to perform! Call Barry Shemer, 602.826.1910.
November 21, 2014
Mike Nealy
Road to the Fiesta Bowl
November 28, 2014
Dark for Thanksgiving
December 5, 2014
Bill Adler
My Heritage Trail: Importance
of Preserving Family and
Cultural History
December 12, 2014
Don Henninger, former
Publisher, Phoenix Business
Journal, A Look Back at
40 Years of Business Stories
December 19, 2014
Scottsdale (All Women’s)
Chorus – Holiday Program:
A Barbershop-style Christmas
December 26, 2014
Dark: Christmas
January 2, 2014
Dark: New Year’s
January 9, 2015
Dr. Paul Valbuena, Medical
Director, Start Fresh Southwest
Pellets: New Frontier in the
Treatment against Alcoholism
January 16, 2015
Chris Herstram,
Ch-12 Political Analyst
Previewing the New Legislative
Session – What to Expect in
Arizona under a new Governor
January 23, 2015
Diane McCarthy, Citizen Insider
Glendale’s Got the Super Bowl,
So Why Does She Need Fixing?
A Look at Glendale’s Issues
January 30, 2015
The King’n Trio
(like “The Kingston Trio”)
Entertainment: a 5-member
singing/instrumental group
February 6, 2015
Jos Anshell, PR Professional
“Armchair Quarterbacking the
2015 Super Bowl Commercials,”
A Debrief on Which Ads Worked
and Which Bombed
February 8, 2013
2-5 p.m.
Irish Cultural Center
1106 N. Central Avenue
$50 in Advance
$60 at the Door
Thank you to
Ken Young and
Phoenix Flower Shops
for the beautiful flowers
at our meetings
each week.
Phoenix Flower Shops:
(602) 393-5053
it happened at phoenix rotary 100
Phoenix Rotary President
Clef Petersen opened the
16th meeting of the 101st year
introducing Gil Fornaciari,
who gave the invocation and
led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Barry Shemer followed with
the patriotic song, accompanied by Past President Dr.
Charles Emerson, in the singing of “America.”
Ted Taylor introduced
visitors, after which Secretary
Allister Adel gave the microphone to interim Phoenix VA
Director Glenn Costie who
bid farewell to the Club as
he returns to home in Ohio.
April Miller was peppered
with five questions, which she successfully answered. Secretary Adel then turned the meeting
over to Table Ambassadors
for announcements and
table discussions, including
solicitation of new members
for the 51st anniversary of
the Rubber Band, which has
already raised $1.345M for
the Salvation Army.
President Clef asked everyone to keep Ken
Husband in their thoughts and prayers as he is
PDG Craig Wilson spoke
about Rotary Foundation Day
on November 8th from 10
a.m.-2 p.m. at the Sheraton
Airport Hotel in Tempe. He
encouraged members to
attend and turn their passion into a project. Sign up at
PP Dick Dunseath introduced the day’s program by
explaining that all gubernatorial candidates were invited
to present together prior to
the primary elections and
both Doug Ducey and Fred
DuVal accepted. Ducey later
declined, so Duval spoke in a Town Hall style.
DuVal spent the first few minutes identifying
his core beliefs, including the concept that the
economy grows as we adapt to new economic
conditions and better use the talents of our citizens. He also said that he wanted to create habits
of collaboration and incubation and a greater
commitment to education, which will help Arizona to sustain a robust economy. DuVal said that
he would veto any law like SB1062 hoping to stop
such laws even before the Legislature takes up
the bills. He said that he would support legislation that supported abortions in the case of
incest or rape but also wanted parents involved.
friday, october 24, 2014
In response to several
questions, DuVal said:
1. Education has
been cut in Arizona
and now more than
one-third of the
teachers leave the
profession after three
years and 50 percent
after five. He said he’s
committed to no more
cuts in education.
2. He said that the state would need to cut the
state budget by $800M and he would examine
all of the expenditures to determine where these
cuts would be made; except education. He felt
that more than $100M could be saved by consolidating state procurement activities.
3. DuVal believes that the federal government
has overreached, especially in the area of natural
resources and in particular water,noting that the
federal government does not understand how to
handle water issues in the desert.
4. He decried negative political campaigning
and said that polarized campaigns result in a
polarized environment after the elections.
5. He acknowledged that Governor Brewer is
“no shrinking violet,” but that she realizes that
protection of the border is a federal responsibility, otherwise she would have sent the National
Guard. He concurred that there is a need to protect the border, but it is the federal government’s
6. Although he is an advocate for education,
DuVal indicated he would not propose a tax increase to fund it.
7. With brevity he said that he did not feel that
there is election fraud in Arizona.
8. Asked again about taxes, Duval said he would
not increase taxes. He challenged the concept
that the state can eliminate the state income tax
without threatening state programs and instead
encouraged public dialogue about the values that
our state holds most dear.
9. DuVal said that one of the first things he
would do is to permit the issuance of driver
licenses to “Dreamers.”
10. On the topic of legalizing marijuana, he felt
that this is a subject that needed much more
11. DuVal was pleased that state funding for
higher education is now based on graduation
rates rather than purely enrollment.
Jim Soudriette delivered a eulogy for Sue Quigg,
wife of Club member Bill Quigg who recently
passed away. He gave everyone a copy of Sue’s
humorous living will that she prepared as she
learned about her diagnosis.
President Clef presented DuVal with a certificate
acknowledging our donation to the Rotary Kenya
Water Project in his name as our thank you for
his participation in today’s meeting. Finally,
there was a raffle for 500 Paul Harris points or
a free ticket to the Gala and Dick Allen won and
chose the 500 points. President Clef adjourned
the 5,046th Phoenix Rotary 100 meeting.
it happened at the diamonds are forever gala
Weekly Programs Disclaimer:
RI Manual of Procedures states:
The 4-way test of the things
we think, say or do
Is it the truth?
Is it fair to all concerned?
Will it build goodwill
and better friendships?
Will it be beneficial
to all concerned?
Beth Baldacchino
The Rotarizonian
Published weekly by:
Phoenix Rotary 100
501 East Osborn Road
Phoenix, AZ 85012
E-mail: [email protected]
Rotary International does not
endorse political candidates and
prohibits clubs from endorsing
political candidates. However,
this should not prohibit candidates from speaking at club
meetings. It is the responsibility of Rotarians to be informed
about the issues affecting their
local community, state and nation.
Rotary clubs throughout the
world include members who
have many different religious
beliefs and values and yet are
united by their service to humanity. Each Rotary club uses
its own judgment in conducting
its meetings in a manner that
Phoenix Rotary 100 Officers 2014-2015
President: Carl F. Petersen
Vice President: Rajesh “Tony” Kakar
Secretary: Allister Adel
Treasurer: Nicole Pudney
Sergeant-at-Arms: Greg Pafford
Immediate Past President: Jerry A. Oliver, Sr.
Executive Director: Beth Baldacchino
Lori Cameron, Terry Gilberg, Clay Janson,
Randy Long, Ken Mangum, Jay Murphy,
Garry Walters, Joe Wolfe
reflects Rotary’s principle of
For Phoenix Rotary 100 Article
XII, Community, National and
International Affairs, please see
page 55 of the roster pertaining
to: Section 1 – Proper Subjects;
Section 2 – No Endorsements;
Section 3 – Non-Political; Section 4 – Recognizing Rotary’s
Phoenix Rotary 100 is not
responsible for any speaker’s
final presentation. Members
are requested to contact the
speaker(s) directly at the
information provided in the
2014-2015 Governor District 5490
Chuck Fitzgerald
Home: 623.229.7674
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2014-2015 President Rotary International
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