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Corvallis, Oregon Rotary Club
President Charlie Owen, Vice President Susan Poole . Secretary
Meredith Jung, Treasurer Sara Ingle, President Elect Selina Marshall
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Serving Corvallis since 1923
January 29, 2015
This Week
Club Day
Remember to bring
something or $$ next
week for the School
Homeless Kids
Take this home as a
Club member shots Last week
e sheriff
Where’s th d him?
when you
People spend money they don’t have, to buy things they don’t need,
to impress people they don’t like.
Sorry Sara
1-22-15 Program
Mike McCauley Exec. Director of The League of
Oregon Cities. He discussed just how “out of wack”
Oregon’s taxing
system is now after the
implementation of Measurers 5 and 50. Sort of
Wit & Wisdom
I intend to live forever or die trying.
A common mistake that people make
when trying to design something
completely fool proof is to underestimate
the ingenuity of complete fools.
The free thinking of one age is the
common sense of the next.
Some drink
at the
fountain of
Coming Programs & Events
Sara reminding us it is
time to pay your dues.
Dick announcing he and
Sandy’s 49th
Barb C won two tickets to the
women’s basketball game on
Valentines day. She then gave
them to our exchange student
Tim, thanks Barb
If you want to see the view you have to climb the
Most teenagers not only want their own space,
they want a set of wheels to park in it.
Red Badge Members:
Send me a short bio and I’ll publish it to help you
complete your Red Badge requirements.
Stop me at the meeting, or email me, I have a
simple form for you to fill out.
541-745-2020 [email protected]
2-5 Carol Fellows MD, Demystifying the
Rotary Peace Fellowship
2-12 David Huff, Oregon Arts Commission
2-19 Scott Jackson, “The pros and cons of
the jail levy”
2-26 Jose N Reyes Chief Technology Officer
NuScale “Update on $300 million
federal grant, Rolls Royce and Fleur”
3-5 Jane Lubchenco, PhD, OSU Distinguished Professor & Wayne & Gladys
Valley, Professor of Marine Biology, Former
Administrator of NOAA
3-12 Karen Emery, Director Corvallis Parks
and Recreation: “Fiends for Corvallis
Parks & Recreation”
Review these great upcoming
programs and invite a friend to one that
may interest them
Service Above Self
Is it the Truth
Is it Fair to all Concerned
Will it build Good Will and Better Friendships
Will it be Beneficial to all Concerned
We have several Club Board positions
that are not filled for the 2015-2016
year. Below is a list of the positions and
a short description of each. Please let
me know if you are willing to help. Let's
not let the time commitment keep you
from being involved. If you want to help
or have a passion for a particular area
let me know. I think we can "think
outside the box" and adjust positions to
fit our current membership.
Duties of the secretary include keeping records of membership, recording
meeting attendance, recording minutes of the board and performing other
duties as they pertain to the Secretary.
Membership Director
The Membership Director is in charge of overseeing the following committees
and representing them a the monthly board meetings. Membership
recruitment, new member orientation, new member mentoring and the red
badge committee.
Youth Service Director
The Youth Service Director is in charge of overseeing the following
committees and representing them at the monthly board meetings. Youth
Exchange, Interact Committee, Rotaract, Ryla and Scholarship Committees.
Club Service Director
The Club Service Director is in charge of overseeing the following
committees and representing them at the monthly board meetings.
Inspirational Moments, Music and Family of Rotary Committees.
Thank you,
Selina Marshall
Incoming President
Dialysis/Diabetes Education Program
As you read this Peter Nyholm is in Thailand. He is checking on the progress of the on-going
dialysis/diabetes education activities and will work with our Thai Rotary partners, hospitals and Volunteer
Village Health coordinators on the expansion of this initiative to four other hospitals and a wider
geographic area. Our member Peter Nyholm entered into an expanded discussion with Thai District 3440
leadership about critical needs in that poorer area of Thailand.
Surprisingly, diabetes and hypertension prevention and treatment emerged as critical needs. Thailand is
facing a rapidly growing diabetes problem and current facilities and education efforts are woefully
inadequate. Consequently, our club (Peter mostly) has worked with Khon Kaen Rotary club to upgrade
the dialysis center at one local hospital. Based on that successful partnership, and spurred by District
5110 Rotarian visits to the area in connection with the Rotary International Convention held in Bangkok, a
second matching grant for over $65,000 placed locally procured and serviced dialysis units into four other
hospital, plus initiated a diabetes and hypertension education campaign through an existing Village Health
Volunteer project.
Funding from seven District 5110 clubs and substantial amounts from four Thai clubs was matched in
respective Rotary Districts and by the Foundation. All equipment and services were up and operational
within two months. Dialysis technicians and facilities are fully funded by the hospitals. Patient treatment
levels have been greatly increased. Educational materials bearing the Rotary logo have been prepared
and training is underway for village level health educators.
Based on the success of this previous effort, Thai District 3440, and local health Authorities, have
collaborated closely with us in developing an expansion of the dialysis and health education program.
This will place dialysis equipment in four additional hospitals, including a teaching hospital. It also
expands the geographic coverage of the village level diabetes education activity to reach an additional
40,000 villagers.
Once again our club is partnering clubs within our District to reach the $10,000 of club monies needed for
the new Matching Grant. Through matching funds of our District, Rotary Foundation, and substantial
financial support from the Thai clubs and their District, we plan to meet the approximately $73,000 total.
NAME: ___________________________________
PLEDGE AMOUNT: $_________________
A generous club member has pledged to contribute $1,000 for this project if our members will match
that amount.
We are asking you to buy one or more $50 dollar shares. The first 20 shares will meet the $1,000
challenge but more shares will help us do a ton of good!
Make CHECKS PAYABLE TO: The Rotary Foundation, and we'll see that you get extra points toward
your next Paul Harris Fellow recognition.
Give your CHECK or PLEDGE FORM to Rob Thurston and it will be counted toward meeting the