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Our Lady of Fatima Parish Community
6 Cottonwood Road - Manorhaven, New York 11050
Parish Mission Statement
Firmly rooted in our Roman Catholic tradition,
we, the Parish of Our Lady of Fatima are a
welcoming, caring and inclusive community of
believers. We seek to bear witness to Christ’s love
for all in our lives, in our community and in our
We strive to continue the mission of Jesus through
worship and in our educational, spiritual and
social justice programs and in our commitment to
We are a collaborative, diverse, multi-cultural
parish dedicated to reaching out to all God’s
people, especially those in need.
All are welcome in this parish.
Mass at Our Lady of Fatima Parish
Sat.: 5:00 PM, 7:00 PM (Spanish)
Mon. - Fri: 8:00 AM
Sun.: 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM (Family Liturgy),
11:30 A.M.
Eve: 7:30 PM - Day: 8:00 AM
Rectory Office: Mon. - Fri.: 9 AM - 12 Noon & 1 - 5 PM;
Sat.: 9AM - 5PM Sun.: 9 AM - 1PM
Rectory Phone: 767-0781
Rectory Fax: 767-2981
Religious Education: 944-8322
Convent: 883-1762
Parish Outreach: 883-3903
(See page 2 for further Parish information.)
Parish Staff
Parish Ministries
Reverend Steven J. Peterson, Pastor
Sister Gerri O’Neill, O.P. Director Faith Formation
Sister Kathy Somerville, O.P. Director Parish
Social Ministry
Arthur Candido, Deacon
Helen Mochwart, Music Director
Barbara Minerva, Business Manager
Altar Servers:
Deacon Arthur Candido (516)883-8032
Altar Server Schedule:
Jane Candido (516)883-8032
Baptism Preparation:
Rev. Steven Peterson (516)767-0781
Yvonne Calabrese (516)883-4817
Building & Grounds:
Christopher Bollerman (516)767-0781
Communication to the Sick:
Deacon Arthur Candido (516)883-8032
CaringHands Prayer Chain:
Marge Walsh (516)767-2936
Extraordinary Ministers of Communion:
Leonor Sanchez (516)708-1202
Faith Formation Board:
Dan Trunk (516)883-3329
Finance Council:
Frank Murphy
S. Kathy Somerville, O.P. (516)883-3903
Barbara Minerva (516)883-7652
Moderator: S. Kathy Somerville, O.P.
Schedule: Jane Candido (516)883-8032
Liturgy & Spirituality:
Rev. Steven Peterson (516)767-0781
Helen Mochwart (516)883-4415
Offering Counters:
Helen Raduazzo (516)883-8869
Pastoral Council:
Agatha Cotilleta (516)570-0925
Alicia Kellso (631)219-4552
Parish Trustee:
Mike Barry (516)883-5950
Maria Carpinelli (516)767-1822
Small Faith Communities:
Sister Gerri O’Neill, O.P. (516)944-8322
Michael Raduazzo (516)883-8869
Janina Krach (516)883-8444
Parish Website:
Office Personnel
Rectory Secretaries:
Jose Machuca
Leonor Sanchez
Faith Formation Secretary:
Patricia Devine
Reconciliation: Saturday 4:00 – 4:45pm or by
Baptism: Please contact the rectory four to six
weeks in advance for information and
Marriage: Those planning a wedding should
contact the rectory at least 6 months in advance
Anointing of the Sick: Every 4th Sunday of the
Month (11:30am Mass)
Our Lady of Fatima Novena: Mondays following
the 8:00am Mass.
Rosary: After Daily Mass
Apostolado Hispano
Misa en Español: Los Sábados a las 7:00pm.
Bautizos: El 4 Sábado del mes durante la misa
en español. Los padres deben llamar a la
rectoría, (516)767-0781, al menos dos meses
Confesiones: Llamar y hacer cita (516)767-0781
Matrimonio: Parejas deben llamar a la rectoría,
(516)767-0781, al menos 6 meses antes de la
fecha del la boda.
April 12, 2015
Page 1
Monday, April 13th
8:00 a.m. The People of the Parish
Tuesday, April 14th
8:00 a.m. James H. Shaw III
Wednesday, April 15th
8:00 a.m. Joan Smith
Thursday, April 16th
8:00 a.m. Joan Smith
Friday, April 17th
8:00 a.m.
Saturday, April 18th
8:00 a.m. Anna Spinelli
7:00 p.m. Hispanic Community
Sunday, April 19th
8:00 a.m. Keith Peterson
10:00 a.m. Walter Shackel
11:30 a.m. Michael Morriszey
Vicky Affrunti, Ryan Armstrong,
Ruth Anne Barret, Bree Bellavita,
Rose Bennett, Michele Bischoff, Baby: Darian James
Bogin, John Bradley, Virginia Cantino, Raleigh Capozzi,
Mary St. John Clark, Anne Keily-Cohen, Maryann
Dishuc, Michael DiLeo, Kyle Faticone, Charlie Fertitta,
Patrick Finnegan, Kathryn Giulitti, Kathleen Grace,
Florence Gramarossa, Marie Hayes, Michael Katz, Rita
Knizewski, Kathleen Lewis, Pat Lopilato, Rita
Marchese, Angela Mazzella, Norma Mazzeo, Thomas
McCarvill, Elaina McLoughin, Katherine Mitchelle, Don
Mochwart, Andy & Ronnie Mosby , Charles Murphy,
Seraphina O’Brien, Jesse Nesbit, Li O’Donnell, George
O’Krepkie, John Orr, Glenn Petersons, Gia Pometta,
Harold Poole, Vivian Puglisi, Nancy Scialpi, Diana
Schmeltzer, Justin Simeon, Jim Simonsen, Raymond
Shea, Amy Smith, Eileen Smith, Joan Smith, Linda Crum
Smith, Angela Starchich, Annie Tolentino, Carlos
Torres, Margaret Marie Trinko, Carla Vario, Marilyn
Zahn-Veritzan, Mary Whol, Andrew Wholykowski and
all who are homebound or have special needs.
The Christian community described
in Acts understood and practiced
total stewardship. St. Paul reports
that the believers did not claim
anything as their own, but held
everything in common and
distributed to each whatever was
April 5th Easter: $ Unavailable
Thank you for your generous sacrificial
giving! Your faithful sacrificial giving each
week helps Our Lady of Fatima to continue
our Pastoral Ministries and care for our
parish buildings.
Fr. Steve
Mass Schedule
April 18th
April 19th
5:00 PM ~ Fr. Steve
7:00 PM ~ Misa Hispana
8:00 AM ~ Fr. Steve
10:00 AM ~ Fr. Steve
11:30 AM ~ Fr. Steve
April 12, 2015
Readings for the Week
Monday, April 13th
 Acts 4:23-31
 John 3:1-8
Tuesday, April 14h
 Acts 4:32-37
 John 3:7b-15
Wednesday, April 15th
 Acts 5:17-26
 John 3:16-21
Thursday, April 16th
 Acts 5:27-33
 John 3:31-36
Friday, April 17th
 Acts 5:34-42
 John 6:1-15
Saturday, April 18th
 Acts 6:1-7
 John 6:16-21
Sunday, April 19th, 2015
First Reading: Acts 3:13-15, 17-19
In today’s first reading, Peter charges his
listeners to repent and reform their lives.
Second Reading: 1 John 2:1-5a
The letter of Saint John echoes this
messages, telling the disciples to keep
Christ’s commandments.
Gospel Reading: Luke 24:35-48
In the Gospel, Jesus appears to the disciples
and assures them that he is truly risen from
the dead, as Scripture had prophesied. He
then prepares them to carry on his ministry.
The reflection question for this week is:
Thomas wanted proof rather than relying on the
word of the other disciples.
Page 2
CENTERING PRAYER will be prayed today
(SUNDAY) at 3:00 PM the CHURCH.
is Divine Mercy Sunday. All are invited to St.
Peter’s to celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday. The
prayer will begin at 3:00 PM. It will be bilingual
celebration. It will include Exposition of the Blessed
Sacrament, praying of the chaplet of Divine Mercy,
and Benediction. All are most welcome!
COMMITTEE will meet on TUESDAY, APRIL 14th,
at 7:30 PM in the Sacristy.
 The ANNIVERSARY MASS for those
celebrating an important wedding anniversary will
be held next SUNDAY, APRIL 19th, at the 11:30 AM
Mass. If you plan on renewing your vows at this
celebration please contact Jane Candido at 8838032. All are welcome. The celebration will
continue after Mass with refreshments and
fellowship in the Parish Center.
on THURSDAY, APRIL 23rd. Please come to either
the 10:00 AM or 7:30 PM meeting. The meeting will
be held in the sacristy.
OF THE SICK will be celebrated on SUNDAY,
APRIL 26th, at the 11:30 AM Mass. All are welcome
to celebrate this sacrament of healing and
celebrated on Saturday from 4:00 PM until 4:45
meet on MONDAY, MAY 4th, at 7:15 PM in the
“Because we have been gifted with God’s
peace in the Risen Christ, we are called to
our own peace and to making peace in our
world. As disciples and children of God it is
our task to seek for ways in which to make
the forgiveness, justice and mercy and love
April 12, 2015
of God visible in a world where there is
violence and enmity are too often the norm.”
“The table fellowship of Christians implies
obligations. It is our daily bread that we eat,
not our my. We share our bread. Thus we
are firmly bound to one another not only in
the Spirit but in our whole physical being.
The one bread that is given to our fellowship
links us together in a firm covenant. Now
none dares to go hungry as long as another
has bread, and anyone who breaks this
fellowship of the physical life also breaks
the fellowship of the Spirit.” (Dietrich
“Now the green blade rises from the buried
Wheat that is dark earth many days has
Love lives again, that with the dead has
Love is come again like wheat arising in
When our hearts are wintry, grieving, or in
Your touch can call us back to life again,
Fields of our hearts that dead and bare
have been;
Love is come again like wheat arising
green.” (John M. C. Crum)
 FAITH DIRECT: Please consider helping
Our Lady of Fatima Parish to save some money by
switching to FAITH DIRECT. It makes sure that
your weekly sacrificial support of the parish is here
no matter what the weather is like or if you have to
be away for the weekend. It helps simplify your
giving and also cuts down our use of paper
envelopes. You can sign up online by going to Our parish code is NY303. You
can also sign up by mailing an enrollment form
which is available in the parish office.
As of March 25th Our Lady of Fatima Parish has
raised $23,300 toward our goal of $39,600 for 2015
Page 3
Catholic Ministries Appeal. Eighty one parishioners
from Our Lady of Fatima Parish have thus far
contributed to the Catholic Ministries Appeal for
2015. Please help us reach our goal for 2015.
100% of the money raised supports the Appeal and
its essential programs and services across Long
Island, touching each of our 133 parishes and more
than 600,000 people. Together, parishioners on
Long Island reach many more people than one
parish could ever do on its own.
 The PASTORAL COUNCIL will meet on
Wednesday APRIL 15th, at 7:30 PM in the
 PARISH TRUSTEES will meet on
SATURDAY, APRIL 18th, at 10:00 AM in the
meet on THURSDAY, MAY 7th, at 7:00 PM in the
meet on TUESDAY, MAY 12th, at 7:30 PM in the
will meet on WEDNESDAY, MAY 20th, at 7:30 PM
for the winner of our ANNUAL PARISH RAFFLE
will take place at our annual brunch at the Port
Washington Yacht Club on Sunday, May 17th. The
prize is $10,000 (provided we sell all 300 chances).
Each chance is $100 and only 300 chances will be
sold. Information about the raffle has been mailed
to our parishioners. If, by mistake, you haven’t
received the information in the mail, please call the
Parish Office. Please support this annual parish
fund raiser.
 Please support PARISH FUND RAISING
APPEAL: During Easter week you should have
received a letter in the mail asking to support our
Parish Fund Raising Appeal. With the help of all our
parishioner we will be able to bring our hopes to
fulfillment and complete the restoration of our
church, expand our Parish Social Ministry programs
and enhance our Faith Formation programs. Please
April 12, 2015
consider making a gift or a pledge to our Fund
Raising Appeal.
Community Life
Dear Friends,
Today we celebrate the Second Sunday of Easter. The
very solemn liturgies of Holy Week are completed and
we return to our more ordinary way of celebrating.
Many years ago, I remember that this was called Low
Sunday, indicating that the elaborate liturgies of Holy
Week were completed and we came back to a simpler
liturgy. Saint John Paul II also declared this Divine
Mercy Sunday. You can see that it has had several
different titles: the Second Sunday of Easter, Low
Sunday, and Divine Mercy Sunday.
Whatever this Sunday is called it is very powerful and
very beautiful. The first reading comes from the Acts
of the Apostles. It describes the life of the early
followers of Jesus who after Pentecost begin to form a
community of believers in the light of the gospel
proclaimed by Jesus. It is quite a picture! The
community of believers “was of one heart and mind,
and no one claimed that any of his possessions was his
own, but they had everything in common. With great
power the apostles bore witness to the resurrection of
Jesus and great favor was accorded them all.” This
community of believers is trying to discern what it
means to be “church.” It would not always be such a
peaceful picture as time passed and new situations
presented themselves to this community of believers.
Indeed they will come to understand that this
becoming church will be a long and ongoing (perhaps
never ending) process. The questions they faced two
thousand years ago are still with us today. What does
it mean to be a community of believers? What does it
mean to be church? How do we truly become one in
heart and mind when we are so different? How do we
minister to those in great need and who live in our
The second reading comes from the First Letter of
John. In this section of the letter, John calls his readers
to exercise their faith in Jesus as Christ and God by
keeping his commandments to love one another. He
had already written that if one claimed to love God,
Page 4
but is filled with hate for his neighbor, that one would
be a liar! John also insists that there is also an
intellectual aspect about belief. One must know and
understand Jesus correctly in order to have a salvific
relationship with him. The true believer will know
Christ and has been begotten by God; therefore
certain Christian behaviors must follow. All those who
are begotten by God shall overcome all adversity
because of their faith in Jesus Christ, who is truly the
Son of the living God, who came through water and
blood and who as true man suffered and died for our
In the gospel for this weekend, all the promises Jesus
made to his disciples about his abiding presence, the
gift of the Spirit, forgiveness, peace and eternal life
find their fulfillment! This gospel represents Jesus as
rising, bestowing the Spirit, and commissioning his
disciples on the same day! Jesus comes to his disciples
and greets them with the words: “Peace be with you!”
Peace and joy are signs of the Messianic kingdom.
Jesus is the one who inaugurates this kingdom! He has
fulfilled the messianic prophecies. Jesus empowers
and inspires his own disciples, who now share in the
fruits of his victory and peace. They in turn are called
to share these gifts with all humanity through the
preaching of the gospel! John’s primary purpose in
writing this gospel is so simple: that we may believe in
Jesus, Son of God, and have life in his name!
May the peace of this Easter season fill you with
abundant peace and grace!
Fr. Steve
Hospitality Sunday will be APRIL 19th. Please come
to our PARISH CENTER after Mass for fellowship
and some great refreshments. Many thanks to the
Pastoral Council members who will host this
coming Hospitality Sunday.
 NEW PARISHIONERS: Welcome, all new
parishioners! Please come to either the 10:00 AM
or 11:30 AM Mass on the weekend of April 19th and
join other parishioners in the Parish Center after
April 12, 2015
Page 5
the date. Our Annual Parish Brunch will be held on
SUNDAY, MAY 17th, at the Port Washington Yacht
Club. It will be a wonderful afternoon with great
food and wonderful company. The cost remains the
same: $55 a person.
 SAVE THE DATE: Attention all High School
Graduates for 2015: There will be a Mass of
Thanksgiving for all Our Lady of Fatima Parish High
School graduates on SUNDAY, JUNE 14th, at the
11:30 AM Mass. The Mass will be followed by a
brunch in the backyard of the Rectory for the
graduates and their families.
We are planning to have a
wedding anniversary Mass on
Sunday, April 19th, at the 11:30 AM Mass.
This Mass is for all those couples who are
celebrating a significant anniversary this year. You
decide if it is a special one for you. If you would like to
be part of this celebration and/or would like to help with
the planning, please call or email Jane Candido at 8838032 or jmcandi[email protected] as soon as possible.
Faith Formation
The READING GROUP will meet on
Sunday, April 26th. The book for April will be
Charles M. Murphy. All are most welcome.
Please remember to pray for those who will
celebrate their First Communion and Confirmation
in May. Please also pray for the four adults who are
preparing to celebrate their First Eucharist and
Confirmation on Pentecost.
Parish Social Ministry
FOOD PANTRY – Thank you to all those who
have donated to Our Lady of Fatima Food Pantry.
Please remember to check the expiration
dates on all your donated items.
Toiletries are always welcome! 
CaringHands Corner
Divine Mercy Sunday
“For the sake of His Sorrowful Passion
have Mercy on us and on the
whole world”
We walk by faith, and not by sight.
What would you have done if you were
Thomas? Would you have asked to see
Jesus’ pierced hands and feet? Thomas was
just as frightened after Jesus’ crucifixion and
resurrection as the other Apostles but he
also had doubts. It was a dark time without Jesus. Perhaps he felt
alone and did not know what to believe. It is a bit easy for us to
believe in the crucifixion and resurrection now that we have been told
and have learned about it in scripture. We travel with Jesus each
year during Lent and follow by faith the rest of the time. Through His
teachings, we know what He has asked us to do in His name. Come
Follow Me He asked us. I call each and every one of you by name.
Do we hear that call that call from Jesus? It comes through each and
every one of us who serve Him. It is His call when S. Gerri asks for a
Formation Teacher or a Confirmation Partner. It is His Call when S.
Kathy asks for food for the pantry or a need for the Parish Social
Justice Ministry. How about when Helen Mochwart’s call for more
singers in the Choir? When the call goes out for Ushers, Eucharistic
Ministers, or Lectors, again that is a call from Our Lord. The Lord
calls us through Fr. Steve when he asks for our help with the Catholic
Ministries Appeal and help from the Finance Council and Pastoral
This is Our Lady of Fatima, This is our church and we are here to
serve one another. We are not here to doubt but here to confirm our
faith as we help each other along our Spiritual Journey. Jesus
expects us to be his eyes and ears here on earth. We are here to
wash each other’s feet by answering His call we can just do that.
Keep in mind, you may be called by one of the committees in the
above text I mentioned and if you are, please pray about it and know
if you are asked, it is because you must be special and God needs
your help for our parish.
Once again I am asking for you to consider becoming a part of the
CaringHands Prayer Chain. If you have been following CaringHands
Corner you know that we need your help. Please, we invite you to
join us as we pray for our sisters and brothers who are Sick,
April 12, 2015
Homebound and those in Hospitals, Hospice or Rehabs. They need
to know we are close to them in prayer. Through our CaringHands
monthly inspirational cards we sign in your name they know and feel
our love.
Please contact me at: [email protected] or call 516-7672936
Thomas answered and said to Him, “My Lord and my
God” (John20:28)
Queridos amigos,
Hoy celebramos el Segundo Domingo de Pascua.
Las liturgias solemnes de la Semana Santa se han
cumplido y volvemos a nuestro modo más ordinario
de la celebración. Hace muchos años, recuerdo que
esto se llamaba Domingo Bajo para indicar que se
ha terminado las liturgias elaboradas de la Semana
Santa y volvimos a una liturgia más sencilla. San
Juan Pablo II declaró este el Domingo de la
Misericordia Divina. Pueden ver que este domingo
ha tenido varios títulos diferentes: el segundo
domingo de Pascua, Domingo Bajo, y Domingo de
la Misericordia Divina.
Cualquier que sea llamado este domingo, es muy
poderoso y muy hermoso. La primera lectura está
tomada de los Hechos de los Apóstoles. Se describe
la vida de los primeros seguidores de Jesús que,
después de Pentecostés, comienzan a formar una
comunidad de creyentes a luz del evangelio
proclamado por Jesús. ¡Es totalmente una imagen
viva! La comunidad de creyentes era “de un solo
corazón y una sola alma; todo lo poseían en común
y nadie consideraba suyo nada de lo que tenía. Con
grandes muestras de poder, los apóstoles daban
testimonio de la resurrección del Señor Jesús y
todos gozaban de gran estimación entre el pueblo.”
Esta comunidad de creyentes está tratando de
discernir lo que significa ser "iglesia”. No sería
siempre una imagen tan pacífica con el transcurso
del tiempo y mientras nuevas situaciones se
presentaron a esta comunidad de creyentes. De
hecho ellos vendrán a entender que haciéndose
iglesia será un proceso largo y continuo (quizás sin
fin). Las preguntas que se enfrentaron hace dos mil
años están todavía con nosotros hoy. ¿Qué significa
Page 6
ser una comunidad de creyentes? ¿Qué significa ser
iglesia? ¿Cómo podemos convertirnos
verdaderamente en uno de corazón y mente cuando
somos tan diferentes? ¿Cómo podemos servir a los
más necesitados que viven en medio de nosotros?
La segunda lectura está tomada de la primera carta
de San Juan. En esta sección de la carta, Juan llama
a sus lectores para que ejerzan su fe en Jesús como
Cristo y Dios por guardar su mandamiento a
amarnos unos a otros. Ya había escrito que si uno
sostuviera que amó a Dios, pero está lleno de odio
para su prójimo, él sería mentiroso. También Juan
insiste en que hay un aspecto intelectual acerca de
creer. Uno debe conocer y comprender a Jesús
correctamente para poder tener una relación
salvadora con él. El verdadero creyente conocerá a
Cristo y ha sido engendrado por Dios; por lo tanto,
ciertos comportamientos cristianos deben seguir.
Todos aquellos engendrados por Dios vencerán
todas las adversidades a causa de su fe en
Jesucristo, que es verdaderamente el Hijo de Dios
vivo, que vino por el agua y la sangre, y que como
verdadero hombre sufrió y murió por nuestros
En el evangelio de este fin de semana, todas las
promesas que Jesús hizo a sus discípulos acerca de
su presencia permanente, el don del Espíritu, el
perdón, la paz y la vida eterna se cumplen. Este
evangelio presenta a Jesús como resucitado,
otorgando el Espíritu, y mandando a sus discípulos
en el mismo día. Jesús llega a donde están sus
discípulos y los saluda con las palabras: "Paz a
ustedes”. Paz y alegría son signos del Reino
mesiánico. Jesús es quien inaugura este reino. Él ha
cumplido las profecías mesiánicas. Jesús faculta e
inspira a sus propios discípulos, que ahora
comparten los frutos de su victoria y su paz. A su
vez, ellos están llamados a compartir estos dones
con toda la humanidad a través de la predicación del
evangelio. El propósito principal de Juan al escribir
este evangelio es tan sencillo: que creamos en Jesús,
Hijo de Dios, y tengamos vida en su nombre.
¡Que la paz de este tiempo de Pascua les colme de
abundantes paz y gracia!
Padre Steve
April 12, 2015
Page 8
Tabor Retreat Center
60 Anchor Avenue
Oceanside, New York 11572
April 26, 2015
Sunday 2pm - 4:30pm
April Showers bring . . . new life, new hopes as w
hope quietly in every small whisper of god's love giv
St. Peter’s Thrift Shop
Spring/ Summer Clothing on
Many Bargains!
Come in and see us
Open: Monday – Thursday 10:00 – 1:30 PM
Saturday/Sunday 10:00 – 1:00 PM
Closed Fridays
Presenter: Sr. Ave Clark, OP is
a Dominican Sister of
Amityville. She is the author of
several books and articles on
spirituality and healing.
Sr. Ave is a pastoral counselor
and the co-coordinator of
Heart-to-Heart Ministry. Sister
Ave comes to her ministry with
a gentle heart that loves to pray.
Donation: $20
2015 Catholic Ministries Appeal
Serving God by Serving Others
“Christ teaches us always to
look upon others with mercy
and tenderness, especially
those who suffer or are in
need of our help.”
-Pope Francis
A Place to Call Home
Charles spent 17 years deployed at military bases throughout the world.
Returning home after an incident involving nerve gas, he began struggling with
debilitating bouts of anxiety and depression.
His circumstances worsened and he couldn’t maintain a steady job. Charles
moved in with his mother, but within a year she died and his childhood home
went into foreclosure.
Catholic Charities’ Project Veterans’ Independence, which guides homeless
veterans into permanent housing so they can live independently and have access
to support networks that get them back on their feet, reached out and helped
“I was out of the service, out of a family, out of a job and out of
a home. Catholic Charities found me and helped me to not only
find a place to live - but they helped me to turn my life around.”
- Charles, honorably discharged US Veteran
Please consider donating to the Appeal and making a difference in someone’s life. Thank you!
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Make checks payable to:
Catholic Ministries Appeal
Parish __________________________________
Name ___________________________________
Down payment:
City, State, Zip: _________________________________________________________
Phone: ________________________ Signature: _____________________________Date:________
April 12, 2015
Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de
Declaración de Misión Parroquial
Arraigados firmemente en nuestra
tradición católica romana, nosotros, la
parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Fátima,
somos una comunidad de creyentes que
acoge a todos, cuida de todos e incluye a
Intentamos dar evidencia del amor de
Cristo para todos en nuestras vidas, en
nuestra comunidad y en todo nuestro
Nos esforzamos en continuar la misión de
Jesús por medio de nuestra devoción y
por medio de nuestros programas de
educación, espiritualidad y justicia social
y en nuestro compromiso de
corresponsabilidad de la vida parroquial.
Somos una parroquia colaboradora,
diversa y multicultural, dedicada a
extenderse a todo el pueblo de,
especialmente a los más necesitados.
¡Todos son bienvenidos a esta parroquia!
Nuestra Despensa de Alimentos – Está bien por
ahora. Muchas gracias a todos los donantes y
voluntarios. Estamos en necesidad de los
siguientes elementos: Pastas, Fruta Enlatada,
Aceite, Mayonesa, Ketchup y todos los
artículos personales siempre son bienvenidos.
Le pedimos que por favor revise las fechas de
vencimiento de sus donaciones debido a que
hemos estado recibiendo algunos de estos
elementos expirados.
Page 7
Consejo Hispano
Nuestra Fiesta Anual se acerca muy pronto. Si
usted quiere ayudar a la Iglesia se puede
comunicar con José llamando al (516)883-6910.
Queremos saber si usted vino el año pasado a
nuestra fiesta y queremos saber que podemos
hacer mejor. Usted puede hacer una diferencia
en la comunidad; solo necesita un poco de ánimo
y voluntad. Los esperamos muy pronto. Gracias.
 Ministros Hispanos – Todos los ministros
hispanos (Lectores, Ministros de Eucaristía,
Consejo Hispano, Acomodadores, y Músicos) tiene
una reunión con el Padre Steve el martes, 21 de
abril, comenzando a las 7:00 PM en la Iglesia.
 Voluntarios – Nuestra Parroquia esta en
necesidad de Ministros de Eucaristía, Miembros
para el Consejo Hispano, Monaguillos/as o algún
tipo de servicio comunitario. Si usted está
interesado en dar Comunión durante la Misa
Hispana o ser un Lector para leer durante la Misa,
o tal vez quiere que su hijo/a sirva a Dios, por
favor, llame al (516)883-6910 y hable con José
para más información.
Guarde la fecha para nuestro Almuerzo Anual que
se celebrará el Domingo, 17 de mayo, en el Port
Washington Yacht Club. Será una tarde
maravillosa con buena comida y compañía
maravillosa. El costo es el mismo del año pasado:
$55 por persona (Adulto, Niños, y Mayores).
Living Stewardship
We are grateful this week for all stewards
in our parish who look beyond their own
wants to help satisfy the needs of others.
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