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CITA is an independent regional testing
agency that administers the ADEX dental and CITA dental hygiene clinical licensure examinations in the states of Alabama, Louisiana, North Carolina and the
territory of Puerto Rico. CITA continues
to engage state boards, practitioners,
and educators in the examination development process to maintain a superior
clinical licensing examination.
Quality and Consistency
CITA maintains a clear commitment to quality and
consistency during the exam administration process:
Quality Assurance Committee:
A quality assurance committee reviews the
process and documentation utilized at each exam site to
ensure proper and consistent application of established
policies and protocols.
5. Become part of a growing
community of dentists
“Real-Time” Exam Performance:
committed to improving
CITA utilizes an electronic software system developed by
Brightlink, Inc. to administer and manage the administration of each licensure exam in real time.
the future of dentistry
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Calibrations are now administered electronically, and
examiners can view results of their calibration quizzes in
real time.
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