Holland, MI-The Dental Careers program at Careerline Tech Center

Holland, MI-The Dental Careers program at Careerline Tech Center
started the 2015 school year with state-of-the-art dental chairs allowing
students to gain hands-on experience with technology used in today’s
dental offices.
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Holland, MI 49424
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“These chairs allow our students to gain experience on the high-tech
equipment found in the current work environment and gives our students
an advantage when applying for jobs after high school,” said Denise
Callaghan, dental careers instructor for CTC. “Receiving these chairs as a
donation from Dr. Darren Riopelle at Little Smiles provides our students
with real-world experience and helps set the stage for a successful
“I was looking for a good home for equipment that wasn’t making the
move to our new office,” Dr. Riopelle said. “When I met Denise and her
students I knew giving them these resources would allow them to become
better trained and enhance their education. The chairs had found their
Callaghan and Dr. Riopelle are currently working to establish a program
that would include student externships along with regular tours of the
new facility including hands-on practice with patients and equipment
used daily in dental offices.
“Dr. Riopelle has also expressed interest in letting our students work in a
dental clinic that is in progress,” said Callaghan. “This type of experience is
amazing for our students and will help them leave CTC prepared for what
dentistry really has to offer.”
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For more information, contact Denise Callaghan (616) 738-8950 x4487,
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