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January 2015
Dear Parents
In the Event of Severe Weather
As snow is forecast for the coming days, I would like to remind you about school procedures in the event of severe
If it is necessary to close the school, we will contact the local radio stations (Radio Lincolnshire and Lincs FM) and ask
them to announce the closure over the radio. We will also endeavour to send you a text message, if we have an upto-date mobile number. In addition, we will post closure information on the school’s website and contact the local
authority, who will post the information at
If early closure becomes necessary in the course of the day, then we will update the website immediately. NB: We
would usually only close early if the bus companies tell us they need to do their runs early to ensure the safe return of
students to their homes. If at all possible we will endeavour to remain open for Year 11 and 13 students and we will
always remain open for our boarding students. If we have a partial opening we will confirm this on our website. In
support of working families with lower school children, any parent who has no alternative childcare arrangements may
bring them to the school and we will run structured activities with our limited staffing. Please contact the school’s
Boarding House on 01673 840806 before 9.00am on a closure day if you would like to take advantage of this facility.
Severe weather is a very difficult issue for schools like ours which serve a wide catchment area. Forecasts are not
always reliable and often vary considerably for different parts of our catchment. If you have a concern that the
weather is deteriorating in your area, please keep us informed as we may not be aware. It is not always possible to
send students home early as this creates more health and safety issues than keeping them in school. Also, the buses
are not always available, as they are used elsewhere during the day. Bus companies have more up-to-date information
on specific routes and often inform us when they think we need to close early. When there are concerns about the
weather we will keep in close contact with the bus companies and follow their advice. Should you ask a third party to
collect your child it would be helpful if they could bring a note authorising them to take your child with them.
With regard to clothing, students are permitted to wear a coat over their blazer (in fact this is strongly encouraged)
and boots can be worn to and from school, as long as school shoes are brought for them to change into. Again, we
very much encourage this, as it helps keep the school floors drier and therefore less slippery. Parents are reminded
that hoodies are not acceptable as an outdoor coat.
Attached is a list of websites which the school recommends students work from, to supplement any homework and
other assignment given by staff during closures.
We do hope that closures will not be necessary, but in view of the long distances that some students have to travel
and the rapid deterioration of both roads and footpaths, we have to ensure the safety of all our students.
Yours sincerely
Mrs E Beighton
Mrs E Beighton MA
Deputy Heads
Mr M Bray BA  Mr S Porter BA
Useful Websites
Business Studies
Design Technology
Sociology /Citizenship
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