State of Michigan

State of Michigan
3rd Judicial Circuit Court, Family Division
1025 East Forest Avenue, Detroit, MI 48207
Safe Delivery of Newborn No.
TO: Birth parents of
born on
and surrendered on
. in Courtroom
, James H. Lincoln Hall of
Juvenile Justice, 1025 E. Forest Avenue, Detroit, MI 48207-1098, before the Honorable
a hearing will be held on the petition to accept the release of parental rights made
under the safe delivery of newborns act and will TERMINATE YOUR PARENTAL
The law provides that you should be notified of this hearing by publication only. You
will not receive personal service.
Failure to attend the hearing will constitute a denial of interest in the minor and a waiver
of notice of all subsequent hearings.
You may call the Adoptions Unit at the Third Circuit Court of Michigan, Family
Division, Juvenile Section at (313) 833-1880 or