From: Serbian Academy for Arts and Science
35 Kneza Mihaila Steet, 11000 Belgrade
To: “My Own City”
(Citizens’ Association)
24 Vladimira Popovica Street
11070 New Belgrade
Regarding the “Eco Oasis Block 19a” Project
“My own city” Citizens’ Initiative Belgrade
I have been following and supporting the initiative of “Eco oasis-Block 19a” and
have been confident about the best intentions and enthusiasm of its creators. The idea is
most surely inspired by the will for improvement of the practical, ecological and aesthetic
conditions of the open areas in Block 19a. Therefore, I am supporting this initiative today,
but having in mind that it should be united with the development plan and the project of
reconstruction of the whole block.
It is worth mentioning that even today, on the territory of Block 19a, there has been
no realization of all of the contents which were planned and designed by the original
project. Neither trade, service, business, cultural, educational, child care, recreational, car
park nor any other facilities have been constructed. On the other hand, a thorough
reconstruction of the existing objects is already necessary. Roofs are for the most of their
part damaged, the ground floor facilities have lost their original purpose; the pedestrian
plateaus and urban furniture are in poor condition, green areas are entirely neglected, etc.
In my opinion, very useful and good initiative “My own city” (as I have suggested
above) should be consolidated with the plan for complementation and reconstruction of
the whole Block. In other words, one should first plan the whole area in which the idea of
“Eco oasis” will be incorporated and only then start with the realization, step by step, in
accordance with the public interest and provision of funds. Therefore, risk of partial
interventions, without perceiving the area as a whole and potentially causing mutual
collision, would be avoided, and on the other hand, the idea “Eco oasis Block 19a” would
achieve significant thematic, functional, technical, ambient and aesthetic function and most
probably, important financial support.
Kind regards,
On behalf of the architects of Block 19a,
Academic Milan Lojanica.