My professional, personal experiences, and my

My professional, personal experiences, and my university path enabled me to gain a
bit of autonomy and flexibility in the areas of word processing, graphics, video, Desktop
Publishing, Computer Assisted Music, project management, and more recently, some Web
design, and so on...
At work:
I feel confortable working alone as well as in a team. I'm curious, a quick-learner and I tend to
adapt easily. I think I can bring a creative and aesthetic touch, without failing to get the point
The people I had the opportunity to work with qualified me of: creative, serious, thoughtful,
thorough, quick-thinker, eager to learn, patient, fresh, autonomous, productive, positive and
In the everyday life:
I love the music of the old days; cover art, pretty sentences, new experiences, hedgehogs,
painting, drawing, writing, singing, unusual musical instruments, languages, and personal
I watch more lectures about that last subject than I should, and attend fewer concerts than I