Sandwich Haven Footpath Restrictions

Delivered in partnership by
Sandwich Town Tidal Defences
January 2015
Temporary footpath restrictions at Sandwich Haven
I would like to give you an update regarding our works on the flood defences between Vigo Sluice and
Black Sluice (near the Princes Golf Course).
In December, we let you know that, as a result of the recent wet weather and poor ground conditions, we
had to postpone the works between Vigo Sluice and Black Sluice. Unfortunately, the conditions haven’t
improved and Kent County Council has granted consent for us to temporarily close the footpath for a
further six months to allow us to complete the works. Our contractors will continue to monitor the
conditions and will start construction again when they improve.
As a result, the temporary closure of the footpath here will continue until Wednesday 12 August 2015.
Further details are below.
Temporary closure – Stour Valley Walk
The first 150 meters of footpath from Vigo Sluice (West to East) will remain open. At the fork, the
footpath to the left leading to Black Sluice (South/North) will be closed temporarily to enable us to carry
out works to the existing earth embankment. Please see the red route on the map below.
Alternative route – Saxon Shore Way
You will still be able to use the footpath from Sandwich Quay to Royal St George’s Golf Club
(East/West). Please see the purple route on the map below.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.
If you have any questions or comments or would like to know more about the works, please contact
Louise Sturgeon on 07831 481398 or email: [email protected]