KASYAPA Summer Courses 2014 The Science of

 KASYAPA Summer Courses 2014 The Science of Breath (SB100) An Introduction to Praṡna (PR100) Yoga for Cognitive Enhancement (YCE) Sundays 8:30 AM -­‐ 4:30 PM August 10, 17, 24 September 7, 14, 21, 28 October 5 www.kasyapa.ca The Science of Breath (SB100) In this 8-­‐week course, participants will learn the theoretical and practical aspects of therapeutic breathing, known as prāṇāyāma, as taught in the tradition of Classical Yoga. According to ancient yogic texts, prāṇāyāma is the advanced application of āsana for the purpose of establishing higher levels of consciousness. A basic introduction to the physiology of natural and therapeutic breathing will be presented with a focus on the neurophysiological dimensions of breath*, including the study and practice of the eight classical types of prāṇāyāma and two types of breath-­‐based kriyas. The therapeutic applications of three bandhas and six mudrās in the practice of prāṇāyāma will be thoroughly studied. In addition, the symptoms and disorders arising from the improper practice of prāṇāyama, kriya and yogic diet will be addressed in detail, culminating in the therapeutic benefits of proper practice. *Scientific research studies reviewed will include Variable Heart Rate (VHR), Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), Lung Function Testing (Spirometric Measurements), Electrocardiogram (EKG), Electro Encephalograph (EEG), including Alpha-­‐block and Evoked Potentials, Biofeedback/Neurofeedback studies, and well as Nueropsychometry (Cognitive Function Testing). Instructor: Babu Rao An Introduction to Praṡna (PR100) In Sanskrit, the word Praṡna means Question. Praṡna is the branch of Jyotiṣam concerned with inquiries about health, finances & wealth, family, residence, children, education, litigation, marriage & relationship, career, spiritual life, gains & losses and travel. Participants will learn simple and time-­‐tested ancient techniques from the Kasyapa lineage of Jyotiṣam for predicting outcomes in the various areas of life. The efficacy and limitations of ancient praṡna techniques applied in the context of modern living will be explored through the examination of case studies. Instructor: Davis Batson Yoga for Cognitive Enhancement (YCE) The participants will learn the proper practice of various Classical Yoga techniques for cognitive enhancement with a focus on the improvement of attention, memory, planning, inhibition and learning. The participants will be introduced to simple, safe and effective yoga postures, breathing, cleansing and meditation techniques applicable for all age groups. The cognitive enhancing yogic practices being taught have been scientifically evaluated by several reputable mental health and academic institutions worldwide, and are published in several peer-­‐reviewed journals. This special course was designed by Babu Rao based on his clinical research experience in yoga therapy and neuropsychology at NIMHANS (National Institue of Mental Health and Neurosciences), CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) and the University of Toronto. Instructor: Eliana Stein Sunday Schedule 8:30-­‐9:45 Yoga for Cognitive Enhancement (YCE) 10:00-­‐12:30 The Science of Breath (SB100) 12:30-­‐2:00 Lunch 2:00-­‐4:30 Praṡna (PR100) Course Fees The Science of Breath (SB100) $700 Praṡna (PM100) $500 Yoga for Cognitive Enhancement (YCE) $150 Early Bird by July 20 $1200 Payment Full or half of course fees payable by check or cash on the first day of class. A post dated check for September 14, 2014 for remaining half of the course fees is required on the first day of class. Early Bird payment by July 20, 2014 to be paid in full. Location Ayurveda Rituals 1081 Bathurst Street Toronto, ON M5R3GB Application Entry into the KASYAPA Classical Indian Subjects Program is by application only. You may request an application by e-­‐mailing us at [email protected] Current students of KASYAPA Classical Indian Subjects do not need to submit another formal application. Please state your intention to attend on or before the application deadline by e-­‐mailing us at [email protected] Application Deadline August 6, 2014 Biographies of Instructors Please see www.kasyapa.ca and shineyogaandwellness.com ==========