here - Breath Analysis 2014

Cutting-edge solutions in breath analysis
Workshop will be held on Sunday, July 6, 2014 from 10.00 until 13.00 at the Faculty of Chemistry of
the Nicolaus Copernicus University (7 Gagarin St.).
The registration desk for workshops will be open from 9.00 until 10.00 the same day at the Faculty.
1. Lecture: "LCMS-8040 / LCMS-8050 and lipid mediators: A high speed
cocktail to detect more and discover more"
Dr. Marcin Gawryś (Shim-Pol)
2. Lecture: "A new smart GCMS TQ with high sensitivity for metabolomics
Dr. Krzysztof Bańka (Shim-Pol)
3. Practice: "New combination of ON-LINE SPME-Smart MRM/GC-MSTQ8040 techniques for fast classification selected food product by
extraction of human breath during eating.”
Mr. Mateusz Jakubiec (Shim-Pol), Dr. inż. Mariusz Dziadas (Shim-Pol;
Poznań University of Life Sciences)
Workshop show application with SPME technique in the analysis of human breath through extraction
volatile compounds during consumption of the product at the same time (chewing gum mint,
peppermint lozenges, fresh mint leaves).
SPME technique is one of the most commonly used techniques for the extraction of volatile
compounds. Due to the simplicity and versatility is applied in the analysis of food, beverages,
petrochemical, medicine, cosmetology, etc..
For extraction of volatiles from the air exhaled from the human lungs the Carboxen /
Polydimethylsiloxane (CAR / PDMS) 75μm partially cross linked fiber was been used. Menthol and
carvone was been determined as a differentiator fresh mint and menthyl acetate as a synthetic
To increase the sensitivity and reliability analysis GCMS-TQ8030 Triple Quadrupole Gas
Chromatograph (Shimadzu) with SMART MRM function has been used. Optimization of MRM was
performed on the volatile compounds from human breath after the desorption of the SPME fiber
without any pure standards.
With MRM-SPME-GC/MS/MS feature the origin of investigated products can be determined by
screening the contents of artificial additives (menthyl acetate) or containing natural extract of
peppermint (CARVONE) in 11 minutes.