16 October 2014 - Glen Taylor School

Thanks to those of you who responded to this survey.
The results were as follows:
Is Bible in Schools important to you – 18 people said ‘yes’ and 3 said ‘no.’
Do you want Bible in Schools to continue as it is – 19 people said ‘yes’ and 2
16 October 2014
No. 16
said ‘no’
These results were presented at the Board meeting in September. Bible in
Dear Parents and Caregivers
 Text the school
Schools discussions will be continued at the October Board meeting.
Have a safe and happy fortnight
Lin Avery
Read Alive Fundraiser
Glen Taylor house captains have planned a fundraiser for Thursday 30th
October 2014.
It will be called Read Alive – please come to school dressed as a character
from a book - make your character come to life.
The cost is a gold coin.
All money raised will be used to buy sports equipment for each class.
Come along and have a blast.
There will be a prize for the best dressed student from each syndicate.
Term 4
Kia ora, Faka-lofa Atu, Talofa Lava, Malo e lelei,
Namaste, Sawatdi, Li ho, Mingala ba, Kia Orana,
Allo, Üdv, Salaam, Hello!
021- 02646873
Term 4 - October
13 2014 to
December 11 2014
A special welcome to the following students who have joined our learning
community: Zechariah Teono, Hein Htet Kyaw, Makisha Tearii, Joshua Drake,
Henry Schaaf, Noah Hiku, Penehe Tupua, Rosina Tupua, Antonio Tupua and
Ahena Petelo.
28th October – whole school testing for Rheumatic fever prevention
Stop chaos at the school gate
Never stop on yellow lines or double-park around the school, no
matter how briefly. In doing this you may be blocking the view of
children and motorists. Don’t be responsible for injuring a child.
18th – 19th November Y7 & 8 Technology intensive programme at Selwyn
19th November APPA choir performance in Auckland Town Hall
27th November School Culture Festival
29th November Ukulele Festival at Trust Arena, Henderson
8th December Y8 graduation dinner
Choose safety over convenience. Park safe, and protect our
10th December – prizegiving assembly
11th December – last day of school year.
The fourth term has started! In many ways this is the busiest term of the
year as we wind up 2014 and plan for 2015. We are all working hard to gather
assessment information in order to review the progress our students have
made in their learning and to reflect on the effectiveness of our teaching
Similarly students are busy completing their end of year assessments and
Our data system has been up-graded and we are almost in a position to begin
reviewing their success in achieving their learning goals. Teachers are busy
using Network for Learning (N4L) which will mean free internet access for
making overall teacher judgements about their students achievement in
our school.
relation to the National Standards. These judgements are made using a
range of information: assessment results, student work and teacher
observation of how students learn in class. They are very thoughtful
judgements and are made in consultation with others as part of our in-school
moderation processes. Please ensure your children sleep well and eat well so
they are learning well at school during this hectic term.
At our last Board of Trustees meeting in September the Board began work on
reviewing our school charter. We will be seeking your input into this later in
the term.
Our annual stock take of library books is planned for the next couple of
weeks. It would be enormously helpful for us if you could look around at
home for books from the school library. Each year we lose several hundred
books and they cost a lot of money to replace. Thank you.
We are very proud that our under 55kg rugby team played the curtain raiser
at Eden Park on Saturday before the Auckland vs Northland game. Glen
Taylor played Koru School who have many members of their team in the
Auckland Roller Mills team, so competition was fierce. It was a great
will run five days a week for this term. This would not have eventuated
experience for them to play to a full stadium. Thanks to Chris Lokeni and
without our committed parents who prepare breakfast daily, our health team
Chris Owen, Community Rugby Development Manager.
students who turn up to help out and the generosity of Steve Farrelly who
supplies us with milo and bread.
Steve Farrelly from time to time donates food such as bread and rice to the
school. Our social worker Anna Bern plays a key role in distributing this. So
if your child comes home bringing food they were given at school, you will
know where it has come from. We hope it goes a small way to easing your
family budget.
Slow progress is being made on our senior block toilet refurbishments. This
is due to on-going discussions regarding the water tightness of the windows
and the need for installation of improved flashings.