Week of Feb 2, 2015
The Finest Selections – Exclusively.
Chocolate Cake; Gluten Free (TASTE IT PRESENTS)
2/4 lb $50.59
Taste It Presents is one of the largest, independentlyowned dessert manufacturing companies in the US. One of
the best-kept secrets in the business for over 18 years.
100 ct $54.55
Artichoke Hearts Stuffed w/ Cheese
100 ct $49.40
Since 1960, Les Chateaux has followed a simple
philosophy that continues to stand the test of time, “A blend
of quality ingredients, make it right, make it with pride, and
the rest will take care of itself”. We are the company that
can custom make any Hors D’oeuvre for your culinary
Asparagus Soup w/ Roasted Garlic
4/8 lb $42.35
Chef Creations offers restaurants, consumers, and
foodservice professionals "Chef Quality" products; the result
of a perfect combination of exceptional recipes and culinary
experts. Our goal is to offer the finest in culinary excellence
and the freshest ingredients possible, providing both Guest
satisfaction and cost-effective solutions.
Fontina Cheese Wheel (SHETAKIS)
10 lb Avg $ 5.53 lb
Delivering quality products and uncompromising value has
been a Shetakis tradition for over half a century. As the
largest independently owned and operated foodservice
distributor in Southern Nevada, they are passionate about
one thing: Doing the job right - the first time.
Sweet Chili Sauce (KAGOME)
4/64 oz
Kagome’s variety of sauces has no limits and their culinary
team's ideas and creativity are also endless. From sauces to
icings, glazes to marinades, Kagome can help you bring your
creations to the table or assist you with new ideas that will keep
your customers coming back for more.