Transition letter - Carachipampa Christian School

Dear friends of Carachipampa Christian School,
I trust that this letter finds you resting in the Lord's goodness and grace. I am writing to inform you
of some exciting developments that are taking place in SIM Bolivia and with Carachipampa
Christian School.
Since 1926, Carachipampa Christian School has been a strategic ministry serving missionary
families, allowing parents to be involved in full-time ministry by fulfilling the educational needs
of their sons and daughters. Carachipampa was founded with this vision, but as dynamics have changed over the years,
Carachipampa has adapted to fit its context. Since opening enrollment to the non-mission community in the mid-80s,
Carachipampa’s reputation for academic excellence and commitment to a quality Christian education in English have
increasingly attracted local Bolivian and international families. This trend has put Carachipampa in an even better
position to strategically fulfill its mission of “Educating for Eternity,” emphasizing not only the importance of preparing
students academically but providing them an education from a Christian worldview that challenges each student with
the Lordship of Christ in every area of life.
Carachipampa Christian School has been operated by SIM, its identity has been as a ministry of SIM, and the school has
been a big part of SIM’s identity as well. In recent years, members of school and mission leadership have been
evaluating how to move forward in light of the fact that CCS has grown into a well-established ministry that is
sustainable and very able to operate on its own. Also, during the most recent accreditation review, ACSI recommended
that the school redefine its governance structure. A governing body of Bolivians, SIM missionaries, and non-SIM
missionaries is now in place. This has helped pave the way for CCS to become an independent legal entity under
guidelines the mission has set forth. In the Lord’s providence, these discussions have also prepared us to respond to
recent changes in Bolivian regulations that will require SIM to decentralize the educational component of our ministry
in 2015.
After a thorough investigation, SIM is working with CCS and the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS) on
a transition plan so that NICS will operate the school starting in July 2015, coinciding with the school’s independence
from the mission. NICS is an organization based in the U.S. that specializes in international Christian education and
currently operates twenty schools around the world. Both SIM and CCS are very positive about the developing
relationship with NICS and believe NICS is very capable of assuring a successful future for CCS and the families it
serves. SIM will continue to partner with CCS, and NICS is open to receiving SIM missionaries to serve at CCS in the
years to come.
We in SIM Bolivia thank the Lord for all He has done through Carachipampa Christian School and those who have
served there over the years, and our desire is that this ministry continue forward with its vision, mission, and values well
into the future. Pray with us for a smooth transition, celebrate with us this historic development, and know that your
continued support of the ministry of CCS represents an investment in “Educating for Eternity.”
MAE Director
CCS Director