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Tentative Daily Schedule
Future Courses
Admin of Christian Ed Programs
January 2016
Bible and Christian Education
June 2016
January 2017
Faith Development
June 2017
United Methodist Doctrine
January 2018
Christian Education Theory
June 2018
12:30 p.m.
Arrival, Registration & Settling In
Content Session One
Free time until dinner
Content Session Two
Vespers & Informal Sharing
7:30 a.m.
12:00 p.m.
Morning Watch
Content Session Three
Prepare for Lunch
Lunch and Rest Time
Content Session Four
Prepare for Dinner
Content Session Five
Vespers & Informal Sharing
7:30 a.m.
12:30 p.m.
Morning Watch
Content Session Six
Prepare for Lunch
Enrichment Session
Content Session Seven
Prepare for Dinner
Out to Eat Dinner
Group Session
7:30 a.m.
Morning Watch
Content Session Eight
Commissioning Service
What to Bring
Life is casual at Mount Wesley. Bring
comfortable clothes and walking shoes. Be
sure to include bedding, towels, washcloths,
and other personal necessities.
For more information, contact:
Parish Christian
Educator School
Marcia Hildebrand
Parish Christian Educator School
[email protected]
Letha Peters, Chair
Parish Christian Educator School
[email protected]
Linda Keen
Leadership Development Director
SWTX Conference
A Cokesbury Book Table will be available
with books relating to the course topic. Specific
titles on other areas of Christian education
can be made available.
“PCE is like going to seminary but at a local
level. This was a foundation for our congregation.
Anyone working in Christian Education
should know about PCE School.”
Jean Marinus
2000 Commissionee
Director of Children’s Ministries
Northwest Hills UMC, Austin
Six intensive studies:
Administration of Christian Education,
Bible, Worship, Faith Development,
United Methodist Doctrine and
Christian Education Theory
All courses held at
Mount Wesley Conference Center
Sponsored by
Río Texas Conference,
The United Methodist Church
About the Program
The Parish Christian Educator (PCE) School is
a three-year educational experience for United
Methodists in local church Christian education
service, both volunteer and salaried. The school
consists of a series of six courses focusing on
essential aspects of Christian education in the
local church. Participants may take one or all
six courses. Each course includes selected
reading assignments, writing and in-class
participation. Completion of all six will entitle
a United Methodist to carry the conference
approved title of Parish Christian Educator.
United Methodist membership at the time of
commissioning is required. In order to receive
credit, participant must be present for the
whole course.
Information and Experiences
Information and experiences gained through
PCE will provide relevant leader training for
those who lead Christian education ministries
in local United Methodist churches. PCE School
seeks to meet the needs of persons who have
primary responsibility for the Ministry of
Education in local United Methodist churches
and who have little or no formal training in the
field. It is designed for persons who are motivated
to learn more to enhance their leadership abilities.
Participants are encouraged to get involved in
advanced level educational opportunities
following the completion of Parish Christian
Educator School.
Registration Deadline
Ample preparation is essential to full
participation. A confirmation letter will be sent
upon receipt of registration and fee, with course
reading assignment. Firm registration deadline is
30 days prior to the start of each school. Those
already in process will be given priority,
however, these spaces will be released if
registration is not received 30 days prior to the
start of school. Non-attendance at 2 consecutive
sessions will be considered withdrawal.
Cancellation must be received 30 days prior to
start of school to receive a full refund, less $25
processing fee.
January 21-24, 2015
United Methodist Doctrine
June 17-20, 2015
Christian Education Theory
Parish Christian Educator School
 Registration Form 
Deadline: One month prior to course.
Fee: $250 (Check payable RTC Treasurer)
Mail form and fee to: RTC Registrar
16400 Huebner Rd.
San Antonio TX 78248-1693
Name _________________________________
Address _______________________________
Rev. Dr. Diana Hynson
Rev. Leigh L. Lloyd
Dr. Diana Hynson is an elder, retired
from her position as Director of Teaching
and Learning at the General Board of
Discipleship of The United Methodist
Church. There she related primarily to
work on Christian education and formation.
She has been an active participant on the
board and design team for Christian
Educators Fellowship and the 2014
conference. Diana enjoys fix-it projects
around the house, reading, games, and movies.
In her “previous life,” Diana served at
The United Methodist Publishing House as
an editor of curriculum resources, mainly
for adults. Prior to that she served local
churches in the Baltimore-Washington
Conference, where she holds membership
as an elder.
Diana earned an M.Div. and a D. Min.
in Christian Education from Wesley
Theological Seminary in Washington, DC.
Profound words to live by: A sense of
humor is better than no sense at all.
Leigh is currently serving as pastor of
Sonora UMC. Prior to attending Perkins
School of Theology, she served as Director
of Children and Family Ministries at Sierra
Vista UMC in San Angelo. Leigh was a
member of the first class to complete the
Parish Christian Educator School and has
served as PCE Dean.
Leigh has served as Director of Youth
Ministries, District Program Director,
Dean of camps for youth and children, and
served on the United Campus Ministry
board at San Angelo State University.
Leigh served as a Curriculum Writer for
Cokesbury Publishing House
She was ordained an elder in the Southwest Texas Conference in 2010. She has a
BSW from Texas Woman’s University in
Denton and an MTS from Perkins School
of Theology in Dallas. Her pastoral
appointments include First UMC, Menard,
Veribest UMC, Shooks Chapel UMC and
Pine Forest UMC. Leigh is the mother of 3
Phone h______________ w________________
Personal email _________________________
Local Church __________________________
Office email ___________________________
Date of Course _________________________
This is my first time to attend.
I covenant to perform all assignments of reading
& study prior to my attendance at the school, to
attend the complete course and to support my
colleagues in our mutual ministry.
To the Pastor: Your signature below certifies
the potential you see in the servant ministry of
the above applicant and is required as
confirmation that the applicant is engaged in
ministry in your congregation.
Pastor’s Signature ______________________
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