Collegium Newsletter ~ October 6, 2014

Monday, Oct. 6th ~ Day 5
Tuesday, Oct. 7th ~ Day 6
Wednesday, Oct. 8th ~ Day 1
Thursday, Oct. 9th ~ Day 2
Friday, Oct. 10th ~ No School
Monday, Oct. 13th ~ No School
Tuesday, Oct. 14th ~ Day 3
Mark Your Calendar!
Tuesday, Oct. 7th
Kdg. Field Trip to
Highland Orchards
(Rivera, Ithier, Frank,
Sherman/Moore, Duffey,
D'Ambra & Stevenson)
Volleyball @
Woodlynde, 3:45pm
Cross Country vs. Mercy
@ Fern Hill Park,
Wednesday, Oct. 8th
Kdg. Field Trip to
Highland Orchards
(Grandizio, Warrington, Fisher,
Jones, Dunn & Kelsey)
HS Techies Day Field
Trip to Evolve IP
MS Soccer vs.
Woodlynde @ United
Sports, 3:15pm
HS Soccer @ Phelps,
Science Fair Committee
Mtg., 500 1 Floor
Foyer, 6-7pm
Thursday, Oct. 9th
Kdg. Field Trip to
Highland Orchards
(Watson, Stauffer, Yanoviak,
DiCicco, Walczak & Zane)
HS Mock Crash &
Assembly (See Article)
HS Soccer vs.
Woodlynde @ United
Sports, 3:45pm
Board of Trustees Public
Work Session, 435
Conference Room 6pm
ESL/ELL Family Night
for Students Grades K-5
and Families, 150 1
Floor Caf. 6:30pm
Friday, Oct. 10th
No School for Students
Teacher Inservice Day
Monday, Oct. 13th
School Closed – Fall
Collegium Newsletter ~ October 6, 2014
500: (610) 903-1300, ext. 6106
150: (610) 903-1300, ext. 6811
515: (610) 903-1300, ext. 6372
535: (610) 903-1300, ext. 6602
CCS Board of Trustees: [email protected] or (610) 903-1300, ext. 7501
Parent Education Night #2
Mock Crash & Assembly
Our Student Services Department is hosting
their second Parent Education Night on
Tuesday, October 21 from 6-7pm in the 535
Library. Their presentation, Literacy and
Language Development, is for parents/
guardians of our K-5 students.
In this
presentation, Speech-Language Pathologists
and Reading Specialists will present
information about the correlation between oral
language and literacy. Parents will be provided
with ideas to use at home to help stimulate
language and literacy. Please RSVP by
[email protected]
In conjunction with Paoli Hospital and the
Cruisin' Smart program, our 10 -12 grade
students will observe a mock vehicle crash.
This event will take place on Thursday,
October 9 (rain date - Thursday, October
16 ). The mock crash will be followed by an
assembly for all high school students. This
program is designed to impress upon our
students the power of positive decisionmaking and discourage distracted driving
and driving while impaired. If you have
questions about the event, please contact
Mr. Dryburgh (HS Assistant Principal) at
[email protected]
September Honor Roll
Pizza Bingo
Please see our Honor Roll list on page 2 of the Pizza Bingo is for all CCS students in grades
our K-6. All students must be accompanied by a
playing parent or guardian. Also welcomed
hardworking students!
Last Chance for Cougar Gear are siblings of K-6 students to participate
with their families. Play bingo, win great
Thanks to all families that showed their
prizes, eat pizza, take a chance on a raffle or
Cougar Pride and ordered our Cougar Gear!
two, and socialize with classmates.
Extra T-shirts and magnets are available and
Registration Forms are available on our
this is your final chance to purchase these
website and are due by October 9 .
items for the 2014-2015 school year. Limited
Flu Shots @ CCS
quantities are available and orders are not
County Health Department’s
guaranteed. Order requests will be collected
and processed in the order in which they are School Flu Vaccine Program is coming to
To submit your order request, CCS on Wednesday, October 22 . Families
please use the following online form: who want their child to get a flu shot must Questions? register online and complete a Consent
Form by October 7 .
Please contact Mr. Lake at [email protected]
Attention 500 Bldg. Parents http://ccdhcollegiumcharterfluclinic.questionp
Volunteers are needed to work in the 500
Spanish form:
building’s school store from 7:30-8:10am.
Sign-up for times that work for you!
Clearances are required. Review the schedule
HS Career Fair
at Our HS students will participate in a Career
Fair on the morning of Thursday, November
6 . Presenters are needed to share careers
Pizza Bingo Volunteers
with our students from 7:30-11:30am. Able
Need to fulfill your volunteer hours? Want to
to help? Contact Mrs. Whisler at
have a fun Saturday night? Help at Pizza
[email protected]
Bingo – no clearances needed. Sign-up at
K-8 Career Day
Our K-8 students will participate in a Career
Day on the morning of Friday, November
Do You Shoparoo?
21 .
Presenters are needed to share
Shoparoo is a free iOS and Android app that
careers with our students for two hours or
turns pictures of your shopping receipts into
more. Able to help? Contact Mrs. Hirst at
donations for the CCSHSA. The more points
[email protected]
we earn...the more money the CCSHSA
receives. Visit or find the
app on your mobile device to get started now!
Collegium Newsletter
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Character Counts
K- 5 Grade Character Development Program: Fairness, Responsibility, Respect, Citizenship, Trustworthiness, and Caring.
Here at Collegium, students are recognized by staff for their good character and their names and photos are added to the
Good Character Walls. We have new additions to our Good Character Walls: Marek Bako, Danny Benner, Cailyn
Colton, Coriana DiBerardino, Declan English, Elliot Fraser, Sreesh Gudala, Kendal Guinan, Lourdes Jimenez,
Emma Keen, Noah Keen, Jack Lioumis, Jonathan London, Xavier McClanahan, Kiley Schmitt, Jessica Shihadeh,
Colin Staehle, Wesley Steiger, Abigail Mars, Jocelyn Mullin, Ce'Asia Gray, Grant Lateef, Sadie Patarcity, Walker
Potter, Rylan Maloney, and Max Martini.
September 2014 Honor Roll
Middle/High School High Honors:
GPA of 93%+, with no major subject grade of less than 85%, and no grade below 70%
High School: Tyler Allen, Alexa Bash, Torsten Bechtel, Gabriela Caban, Nage’ Ford, Ciera Jacobs, Bethany Kellon, Amanda Laws, Saswatha
Raja, Haley Redden, William Roman, Musab Siddiqui, Anthony Wickham, Marco Cisneros-Armenta, Hanna Donohue, Gautam Goswamy, Maya
Hinton, Alex Inga, Hope Irwin, Maimuna Kenneh, Jerome Lindsay Jr, Abir Madanat, Alexis McCain, Finley Perry, Faith Roman, Brendan Rowe,
Sarah Tahir, Daniella Alvarez, Brandon Anaya-Flores, Lydia Carlson, Lauren Druger, Vinnea Flowers, Alyssa Greenstein, Lauren Hamilton,
Justin Harkins, Mariah Mast, Kylee Mawson, Rahul Mehta, William Newcomb, Julianna Ohnjec, Bruce Polintan, Juliana Toman, Jordan Traut,
Matthew Wagner, Akina Wollie, Mackenzie Avellino, Danna Caballero-Zamora, Erika Calle, Julia Christman, Abigail Clompus-Brown, Emily
Dalessandro, Alicia Ford, Kelly Horgan, Anusha Kalavacharla, Brendan Kane, Ashley Leon-Guerrero, and Frederick Newlin. Middle School:
Anna Becnel, Mina Bourquin, Kayla Brajkovich, Lauren Caracci, Abigail Dean, Rebecca Drager, Kendra Ebke, Joshua Edwards, Paige Erich,
Zachary Essick, Haajrah Gilani, Brooklyn Green, Taylor Gustafson, Abigail Herman, Skylar Jennings, Elizabeth Kearns, Brooke Kelley, Micah
Kranzel, Kayla LaRue, Alexis Linkins, Dylan Lippiatt-Cook, Serena Matos, Makaylah McMillan, Mary Kathryn Meshurle, Lydia Newlin, Cheney Ni,
James Panyasiri, Maranda Rodrigues, Gabrielle Salazar, Madison Schneider, Joy Sethachutkul, Matthew Wachter, Lauren Wallace, Kevin
Whalen, Sabrina Aguila, Kristina Archie, Mitchell Balint, Luke Beattie, Evan Beebe, David Boamah, Nathaniel Cain, Amira Coleman, Tyler
Correll, Cahlia Cotto, Tristan DiBerardino, Corinne Estrella, Kassandra Flink, Kayla Floyd, Rose Garzon, Brynn Henry, Lizeth Hidalgo-Rojel,
Marissa Hillworth, Nicholas Hogg, Chloe Holman, Reema Jadhav, Austin James, Madelynn Kennedy, Rayna LaBell, Georgia Laughlin, Morgan
Linkins, Serena Luther, Carson Mast, Rachel Mattie, Alicia Mettinger, Shayna Miele, Rachael Millhous, Seth Murray, Krish Nair , Van Nguyen,
Kevin Ohrn, Ria Philip, Madeline Reeser, Ayanna Revnell, Tayah Rogers, Rohan Rojy, Karl Romberger, Thomas Wagner, Loryn Walker,
Hannah Washington, and Melinda Williams.
Middle/High School Honors:
GPA of 85%+, with no major subject grade of less than 85%, and no grade below 70%
High School: Sheilamar Charriez, Anthony Trento, Victoria Madonna, Sierra Smith, and Ashlyn Handkins. Middle School: Alyssa Balink,
Sebastian Ross, Joshua Santos-Vidal, Joanna Sheller, Christopher Story, and Peyton Wood.
3rd to 6th Grade High Honors: GPA of 93%+ and no grade below 85%
3 Grade: Isabella Agatone, Aiden Ahmed, Saereen Ahmed, Kimberlee Alder, Madden Alexander, Devon Anderson, MacKenzie Anderson, Ian
Bailey, Nora Baudat, Cole Benner-Smith, Nathan Bertram, Vidur Bhardwaj, Kylie Borden, Jhasae Bryant-Durnell, Hailey Burke, Samuel Carey,
Lukas Carlson, Andrew Carver, Saanvi Chigurupati, Lindsey Compton, LilyAnna Creighton, Venkat Devabhakthuni, Annaleise Elkins , Brandon
Erskine, Logan Ewing, Alexander Fedor, Andrew Fedor, Olivia Forlano, Kereagan Gallant, Adama Gba-Kamara, Mustafa Gilani, Alexandra
Gilbert, Gabrielle Green, Nicholas Gross, Kendal Guinan, Cole Gustafson, Ian Hackett, Sircha Hanna, Ainsley Harris, Zuri Harris, Raiann Hawes,
Ryan Hendricks, Nathan Hitchens, Christopher Hoertz, Reginald Holmes, Chenxi Huang, Alethea Jacob, Eesha Jadhav, Rishab Jain, Gurleen
Kaur, Caitlin Lamplugh, Penelope Lang, Joel Malo, Alyssa McCormick, Rachel McCormick, Khalil Mendez, Chaitra Moligi, Sienna Morales, Dhriti
Munagala, Aaron Myrie, Stephen Ohrn, Ashton Parks, Nihira Patel, Aiden Pittman, Sydney Pryor, Maya Ranish, Scarlette Reed, Olin Rubinow,
Itzel Salgado, Kevin Sanchez, Kyle Schatzel, Evan Schnitzius, Foram Shah, Swarna Shanmugasundaram, Pranav Shenoy, Shawn Sims,
Courtney Smethurst, Arul Srirangam, Antonio Steele, Nicholas Steinfeldt, Jude Stevenson, Max Strassman, Matthew Thomas, Jayda Thompson,
Mia Toman, Jordan Toth, Keyaira Tozer, Ariana Trowery, Alexandra Unrath, Mayte Vasquez-Cuevas, Olivia Wakefoose, Morgan Widner, Chase
Wildermuth, Jack Wolf, Alexandra Wolfington, Chase Woolfolk, Neha Yadavilli, Sabrina Yao, and Gracelyn Yarnell. 4th Grade: Anand Bohm,
Nicholas Carabio, Teilo Castro, Joshua Franck, Patrick Gallagher, Zoe Greene, Caroline Hackett, Mark Hinlo, Kylie Hogg, Abigail Holton, Joy
Howe, Aditi Inamdar, Dakota Jennings, Sarah Kerrigan, Nicholas Kiley, Tanner Kramer, Melanie Luong, Julian Mabee, Nile Mahmood, Brian
McCoy, Delaney Mitchell, Alexandra Morris, Sophia Morrison, Samarth Nair, Grace O'Brien, Patrick O'Rourke, Meenakshi Rajesh, Lyndsey
Reef, Paige Rider, Mitchell Russum, Ethan Rutkowski, Timothy Salmon, Anshu Shinde, Grace Steimel, Ruthvik Suryapalam, Devadarsh Vijesh,
Carl Wagner, Alyjah Warren, Bowen Whiteman, and Alexandra Wright. 5th Grade: Charles Adams Jr, William Addison, Michael Allen, Kushi
Amara, Lily Angstadt, Vincent Baldwin, Charles Becnel, Izeah Bennett, Ethan Chheda, Keshvi Chheda, Autumn Dean, Yarrick Dillard, Lillian
DiPierro, Anish Doki, Taylor Douglas, Joel Falkenstein, Taylor Folk, Silviane Franqui-Howey, Josephine Gallant, Amarri Glasco, Austen
Gustafson, Lily Iding, Shreya Kakumani, Jordan Kelly, Samantha Kline, William Lentz, Emily Libo-on, Thomas Linkins, Gwendolyn Locke,
Gabrielle McHenry, Chetan Muvvala, Olive Odida, Aidan Oliver, Serene Pan, Sneha Ramady, Nandita Reddy, Maia Rissi, Alexa Sanchez, Kevin
Schmiedel, Jenna Schuda, Magnolia Sommar, Kaleah Tuttle, Kaitlyn Warner, and Brooks Woolfolk. 6th Grade: Lizbeth Calle, Timothy Carlson,
John Darnall, Michael Ewing, Ani Goldman, Paige Henry, Grace Hitchens, Aidan Jackson, Andre Lester, Raven McCoy, Taylor Nagel, Anna
Newlin, Rachel Ocran, Thomas Riley, Shouro Shuvit, Albert Sommar, Emma Trego, and Sam Van Pelt.
3rd to 6th Grade Honors: GPA of 85%+ and no grade below 85%
3 Grade: Zoe Baxter, Keira Brady, Akshith Dunaboyina, Layla Evans, Nolan Feathers, David Gober, and Odote Ondiek. 4th Grade: Dominic
Berger, Marlana Gramo, Carly Lamplugh, Jackson Nawalinski, Madison Ott, Aaron Pitt, and Kendall Radwick. 5th Grade: Jurius Coleman,
Courtney Gyuris, Ian Hampton, Indiana Kelly, William Porter, Loreena Roscioli, Zahra Siddiqui, Aidan Stubblebine, Smita Venkatesan, and
Christopher Wright. 6th Grade: Brandon Olivarez and Belle Sethachutkul.
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