Subcription Offer
Did you know that we also offer
a low cost monthly subscription
service for your My-Trak WPT250?
> Unlimited Tracking
> Unlimited Monitoring
> 24hr access to My-Trak web portal
Only £7.99 a month inc VAT!
For further information or to upgrade your
WPT250 Pay As You Go call 01928 579 579
Quick Start Guide
Using your My-Trak WPT250
The WPT has a pre-installed Pay As You Go SIM card (PAYG) provided by O2.
My-Trak WPT250 operates with the My-Trak LIVE web tracking service. To register and set up your
WPT250 visit www.my-trak.co.uk where you will also find full information of the many different
functions of your unit plus instructions on how to get the most out of your My-Trak WPT250.
PAYG Important information
Register your WPT250 at www.my-trak.co.uk and click ‘new user registration’ button.
Register the PAYG SIM card by following the instructions on My-Trak website.
Once My-Trak registration has been completed you will need to also register the SIM card with
O2. Please follow the registration instructions on the My-Trak website to activate your O2 SIM
Further details can be found on page 5 of the quick start guide.
Upgrade offer
O2 Terms & Conditions will apply to usage as published on the O2 website. see: www.o2.co.uk
£7.99 subscription includes data charges in the UK and Europe. (fair usage limits apply)
NOTE: Unused credit on the SIM card will expire after 45 days.
Minimum 12 months contract.
Installation kit (optional, NOT included)
Unit must be returned to Performance Products Ltd for the ‘pay as you go’ SIM card to be
replaced, in the device, with a ‘pay monthly’ SIM card, refer to page 5 for return address details.
An installation kit is available, comprising of a 12/24v DC hardware lead and extension GPS
antenna. These components allow the device to be installed into a vehicle.
Getting to know your My-Trak WPT250
1. USB charger socket
Charge your WPT250 using the AC
charger provided.
It will take approximately 3 hours to fully
GPS antenna
Remove the cover from the rear of the WPT250 unit and connect the GPS antenna.
2. Battery light indicator
Red when battery low and requires
charging. Orange when charging. Green
when fully charged.
DO NOT position the GPS antenna or WPT250 below ANY metal surfaces as this will restrict GSM
and GPS reception.
Contact the sales department on 01928 579579 for pricing and availability.
3. GPS indicator
Red flashing LED – No GPS connection
Green flashing LED – GPS connection
4. GSM indicator
Green flashing LED – GPRS connection
No LED – No GPRS connection
Hardwire connections
Black/Red wire (with fuse) connect to 12/24v +ve supply (permanent)
Black wire connect to -ve.
Service under warranty
My-Trak WPT250 comes with a standard one year manufacturer’s warranty.
5. Power button
Press and hold for 5 seconds to power on. 3 Green LEDs will
flash for a few seconds as WPT250 boots up. Press and hold for 5
seconds to power off.
Please note it may take a few minutes for WPT250 to connect
to GPS and GPRS after you have powered it on.
Copyright @2013 SNOOPER. All rights reserved. Product specifications and features are for reference only and are subject to change without prior notice.
This User Manual is published by SNOOPER without any warranty. Improvement and changes to this User Manual necessitated by typographical errors,
inaccuracies of current information, or improvements to programs and/or equipment, may be made by Performance Products Limited any time and
without notice. Such changes will, however, be incorporated into new editions of this User Manual.
Please note: Before returning this product please visit ‘Troubleshooting’ at
If your unit requires service under warranty return it, via Special Delivery or equivelent insured
courier service in suitable packaging to:
The Returns Department, Performance Products Limited,
Cleaver House, Sarus Court, Manor Park, Cheshire WA7 1UL
Enclose the following information:
(a) Your name, address and a full description of the problem.
(b) A telephone number where you can be reached during business hours.
(c) Your units’ serial number.
Customer service
Tel: 01928 579 579 Email: [email protected]