Jane has been a part of the AGEDI team since

Jane has been a part of the AGEDI team since the organisation’s inception in 2003. As Partnership
Project Manager, Jane has led on a range of AGEDI’s milestone projects, including the Abu Dhabi Blue
Carbon Demonstration, the largest project of its kind worldwide, and the Climate Change Programme,
which is the most comprehensive study of the issue for the region. Jane also led in the Biodiversity
Systematic Conservation Assessment, a pioneering initiative for the region, and the State of the
Environment report for Abu Dhabi, which was the first web-based environmental report in the Middle
East, among numerous other projects. Her unique insight into enhancing environmental management
and protection through better and open access to environmental information has brought strong
partnerships at the local, national, regional and international levels. Jane’s roles prior to joining AGEDI
include positions at EAD, and Environment Canada.