Week 21 - Brighton College Abu Dhabi

Spring Term 2014
Issue 12
Week 21
Brighton College turns
pink for the day!
The Senior and Prep
Schools participated
in Pink Shirt Day
2014 on Wednesday
26th February. This
is recognised world
wide, as a symbolic
bullying. “We were
delighted and proud
that so many of
our pupils showed
up wearing pink in
their uniforms – they
looked wonderful and
the whole atmosphere
of the day was one of
celebration and extra
each other,” Ms Sands
In the Classroom
Gearing up for Book Week
Brighton College, Abu Dhabi hosts its third Book
Week next week. Staff and pupils alike are excited
to take part in the activities arranged by the English
Department – particularly with regards to the famous
‘Dress-up Thursday’. Having enjoyed the Book Worm
book fair this week, your children are demonstrably
inspired to read; we hope this will continue as they
enjoy the many activities we have planned next week.
Please do check the School Communicator for full
listings and deadlines but be aware that the Extreme
Photo competition can be a focus over the weekend,
as can the creative writing story competition running
for years 6-9. Email pictures of your son/daughter
reading in extreme/unusual situations to [email protected]
brightoncollege.ae or hand in paper copies labelled
with name, year group and class teacher or form.
Many other competitions will be running throughout
the week, for more information, please read the letter
on the communicator.
Happy reading and best wishes,
Kerry Coburn, Richard Lee and the English
Ismael Ibrahim, Y6 BGK
In the Classroom
That’s the way to do it!
The children in Year 1 have started a new Art and Design project which will include the children in FS2 as
their “clients”. The Year 1 children conducted a survey in FS2 to find out which puppets the children would
like for their Punch and Judy shows when they move up to Year 1 in September. The children had great fun
getting to know each other and finding out information for the design of their puppets. Watch this space for
the next step in this exciting project!
Pink Cake Bake Patter of tiny
have decided that a
‘Friendship’ Bench would
be a welcomed addition
to our outside area and
so yesterday they held a
‘Pink Cake Bake’ in order
to buy the bench. This
was very successful and
a total of AED 2241 was
Thank you to
all parents who donated
cakes and to all those
who bought them. Watch
this space for arrival of
the bench…
We are pleased to annouce the birth of Mr Crane’s
daughter, Poppy Scarlett Eloise Crane on Saturday
22nd February and the birth of Arun Jacob’s son,
also born on the weekend, who is yet to be named.
In the Classroom
When in Rome...
Year 6 take on Roman army
Here are some of our Year 6 practising Roman army formations such as ‘the tortoise’, ‘the orb’ and ‘the wedge’…
In the Classroom
Year 4 Gallery
Taking Shape
In year 4, we have been busy drawing round all 88 of us to brighten
up our corridor. Once we have finished painting ourselves, this will
become a Year 4 gallery for all our fabulous writing. First display
will include our diary entries from Ernest Shackleton’s ill-fated trip
to Antarctica on his ship the Endurance and a selection of the most
fabulous penguin drawings. Watch this space!
The children and parents had great
fun posing with all the props at the
Market Day photo booth. These
brilliant photographs were taken by
Miss Adetayo and the proceeds were
put towards the FS1 collection.
An outstanding co-educational
British-style school
First-class specialist teaching in small classes,
with a choice of over 20 A-Level subjects.
To book a tour in the Senior School please contact: +971 2 815 6504 – [email protected] – brightoncollege.ae
In the Classroom
Year 5 Camping Trip
planning, packing and
sorting, a happy band
of 78 year 5 pupils and
their 9 supervisors from
Brighton College finally
set off on our adventure
to a secret island. Mr
Kenworthy had set us
the challenge to push
ourselves to ‘be the best
that we could be’ in a
environment. The trip
was very professionally
run by the Noukhada
adventure company and
their experts helped
us kayak across the
mangroves to a small
island where we set up
camp for the night,
cooked our own food,
prepared our own toilets
and put up tents in a
pretty strong breeze.
It was amazing how
the whole experience
really brought out the
very best in us. The
food wasn’t quite what
we would get at home
and we had sand in our
sleeping bags, we got
wet when we kayaked,
and the toilets were
very basic. Some people
kept us awake when
we wanted to go to
sleep and others where
wide awake at 5 am.
But we all helped each
other and everyone was
positive. We had fun
and I was so proud of
all the children who
got in those kayaks in
the morning to paddle
back to the mainland
and proud of those who
stayed behind to help
clear up.
In the Classroom
Feel the force!
Yr 1 children were excited to start their new Science topic this term. They have started learning about the world
of forces and spent some time this week exploring how familiar objects move. Children used the vocabulary of
pushing and pulling, magnetic, blowing and sucking to describe how they made the objects move, some were
better than others at sucking (pulling) pasta using a straw!
Arabic Learning Styles
The Arabic department have begun a series of training
sessions for members of staff aimed at taking advantage
of the multiple learning styles. Further sessions will
take place throughout the year.
In the Classroom
Year One Puzzle Makers
Year 1 recently made some
jigsaw puzzles to sell at the
Enterprise Week Market. They
designed their picture based on
a letter of the alphabet, painted
it and then finally watched
it being cut on the College
laser cutter. The children
the wood being cut and very
excited every time they saw a
tiny flame shooting off their
puzzles. A big thank you to
Mr Savage and Mr Sumera for
taking the time to explain the
process to the children and cut
more than 200 puzzles!
Socks and Soles for Syria huge success so far!
A huge thank you to all of you in the BCAD community
who have contributed socks and shoes for the Socks and
Soles for Syrians collection. I have delivered over 15
large bags of donations in total and here is a photo of
the second delivery of around 7 bags from BCAD. The
photo is on the Facebook page and is a thank you for
all of our generosity so far here at Brighton College
Abu Dhabi. I will continue collecting, so please bring
in more socks and shoes including flat sandals for the
warmer weather to S039 on floor 2, or leave them at
reception. I will keep delivering to this worthy cause.
Many thanks
Catherine Morgan
In the theatre
21 days until the
BSME Games!
In the last edition of the newsletter we included two articles
written for Sport 360 all about the BSME Games. We now show
you another two to help you get excited about the big event!
The BSME games are
coming to Brighton College
Abu Dhabi this March on
the 19-23rd! It will be the
11th BSME games meeting.
The British School Middle
East games have been
running since 2003, where
only 4 schools competed
pupils entered in events.
It has since grown greatly
and Brighton College Abu
Dhabi will be hosting 11
schools, each who are each
bringing 36 of their top
sporting pupils to vie for the
top spot.
There will be football,
netball and athletics for
all aged under 11. Each
podium finish will be fort
for by each pupil; however,
in line with the tradition
of the games there will be a
high level of sportsmanship
and fun involved.
Brighton College will be
holding different activities
throughout the week with
most of the sporting events
at Zayed Sports City; the
main event, excluding the
sport, will be the Gala
Dwinner, which will be a
spectacular ending to a sport
filled week.
There is a high level of
competitors “I’m greatly
looking forward to the
netball and I can’t wait
for it to begin, many of us
have circled the dates in
our diaries and are really
looking forward for the
competition to begin” one
of the competitors from year
6 told me. Many of them
are also doing extra training
each week at BCAD to
prepare and have very little
time for much else!
Oscar Lindley-Smith
Year 10 Ryle
The BSME games (British Schools in the
Middle East) is a competition held once a
year. During the six days of competition,
the competitors participate in a variety
of inter-school sports, music, art and
other forms of skill based academics. The
main area of competition is sports and
specifically includes football, athletics,
netball, basketball and swimming.
Each year, there is a host country and for
the year of 2014, Abu Dhabi has been
chosen as the host of the BSME games.
The games were formed in 1982 and
this will be the first year that Brighton
College will not only be competing in
it but also hosting it! A group of some
of the most talented Brightonians, from
years five to six, have been entered
to compete in the extremely fun yet
challenging occasion. The whole school
is buzzing in anticipation of the games
and everybody is joining together to do
everything possible that will be of help.
So far, the school has been very busy
organizing a variety of actions to help
raise money for this massive event: the
huge bake-sale and the disco for years
four to eight are just a few examples.
There have also been an assortment of
competitions within the school that
have already been held, weeks before the
actual games! A prime example is the
logo competition in which any student
from Pre-Prep to Senior school could
enter to win the whole BSME kit and
other merchandise.
The BSME games will be held from the
19th to the 24th of March this year, so
come along and show your support! We
wish all competitors and the Tournament
Director, Mr Crane, the best of luck in
the forthcoming games.
Deva D’Cruz
Year 10 Ryle
Stars of the Week
Eloise Harvey
Sara Khalifa
Barnaby Patterson
Olivia Nu
Mostafa El Meleegy
Sanjana Anand
Sultan Alblooshi
Sienna Valdez
Maria Ines Lozano Kramer
Hansen Wu
Sirine Messaikeh
Katya Vandebril
3 HW
3 JC
4 SW
4 GP
4 SD
4 SA
Elliot Saxon
Rula Al-Garousha
Ekaterina Kelly
Lewis Chappell
Eliza Caputo
Al Yazeya Almemari
Aakanksh Vaidya
Oscar Fowles
4 GP
4 SD
4 GP
4 SA
For consistent hard work and taking on extra responsibility
For excellent extra reading work
For wonderful singing every morning and thinking about others
For making nice pink flowers for her t-shirt and always being helpful
For improved concentration, focus and contribution during lessons
For a fantastic diary entry and an amazing writing assessment
For excellent improvement in maths
For superb effort across the curriculum
For commitment and determination in all areas of school life
For good behaviour and being helpful
For always being very well organised and consistent in her positive attitude
For outstanding effort, attitude and for always going above and beyond in
everything she does. She baked 93 cupcakes for the Student Council bake
sale! Absolute legend.
For reading in form time and punctuality
For tidying the house room.
For making her friend feel better who had lost AED100
For always being on time
All for being absolute stars!