New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) is a newly formed research university with a fully
integrated liberal arts and science college. NYUAD invites applications and nominations for the
position of the Director of Health and Wellness to oversee the NYU Abu Dhabi Health and
Wellness Center. NYUAD seeks an accomplished, dynamic, and creative person with vision to
assume the position by late summer 2014 or soon thereafter. The Director of Health and
Wellness will report to the Dean of Students. This document is intended to provide potential
candidates with information about
the institution and position, and to
describe how to participate in the
forthcoming search.
NYUAD is the first campus of its
kind to be operated abroad by a
major American research university.
New York University has established
itself as a Global Network
University, a multi-site, organically
connected network encompassing
key global cities and idea capitals.
The network has three degreegranting campuses in New York,
Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai,
complemented by 11 study-away
sites across six continents. Faculty
and students circulate within this
global network in pursuit of common
research interests, and the promotion
of cross-cultural understanding and
solutions for problems, both local
and global. The University draws
students from around the world and
prepares them for the challenges and
opportunities for an interconnected
world. HISTORY
In 2005-06, representatives of NYU and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi met and recognized that a
partnership between the government of Abu Dhabi — with its goal of establishing world-class
educational and cultural institutions in the UAE — and NYU — with its goal of achieving a truly
international, global network university — could be furthered through the establishment of NYU
Abu Dhabi.
The agreement to build NYU Abu Dhabi is based on a shared understanding of the essential role
of quality higher education in a global society. This includes a common belief in the value of a
liberal arts and sciences education; concurrence on the benefits a research university brings to the
society that sustains it; a conviction that interaction with new ideas and those who are different is
valuable; and a commitment to educating students who are citizens of the world, prepared to lead
at home and contribute to global trade, politics, and culture. It is operated as a school of NYU
and supported by New York University in Abu Dhabi Corporation, a New York not-for-profit,
which is registered to do business in Abu Dhabi.
Since its opening, NYU Abu Dhabi has expanded. The first cohort of 150 students was enrolled
in 2010; today the University has grown to 670 students with over 400 faculty and staff
members. The University is highly selective and has an exceptionally diverse student body. Of
the approximately 670 students currently enrolled, over 100 nationalities are represented. The
2014-15 class will be approximately 200 students, and the first class will graduate in summer
2014. Over the course of the next ten years, the University hopes to grow its student population
to 2,500 students. NYUAD is committed to attracting the best possible students regardless of
their financial circumstances and tailors generous financial support programs to each student’s
Currently NYUAD offers
only undergraduate
degrees. The University
offers a core curriculum,
22 majors, numerous
multidisciplinary and
disciplinary concentrations,
pre-professional courses,
and electives in an array of
fields. As the size of the
student body and faculty
grows, new courses will be
developed to reflect student
interests. The offerings at
NYUAD are also enriched
by the wide array of
programs across NYU’s global network. During four years of undergraduate study, students will
have an extensive choice of courses in all disciplines and be able to fulfill all requirements.
Graduates of NYU Abu Dhabi receive either a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or a Bachelor of Science
(B.S.) degree. The degrees are conferred by New York University and are identical to the
degrees awarded at the New York campus. English is the language of instruction at NYU Abu
Dhabi. Select courses in Language and Literature are conducted in other languages.
Over time, the University
will phase in select
graduate programs. NYU’s
most selective graduate and
professional schools in
New York will offer special
consideration to NYU Abu
Dhabi students who apply
to these schools for
graduate education.
The academic year begins
in mid to late August and
concludes in late May. The
academic year is divided
into a Fall Semester (14 weeks plus exam period), January Term (3 weeks), and Spring Semester
(14 weeks plus exam period).
NYU Abu Dhabi is fully accredited in the United States by the Middle States Commission on
Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and in the United
Arab Emirates by the Commission for Academic Accreditation of the UAE Ministry of Higher
Education and Scientific Research.
NYUAD’s downtown campus officially opened its doors in December 2009. The downtown
campus is located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, just off the Corniche, the city’s prestigious
boulevard. The Corniche faces the waterfront and an expansive recreational zone, with parks,
jogging and bike trails, restaurants, a boardwalk, and public beach.
The 50-story building called Sama Tower temporarily houses nearly all of NYUAD’s academic
activities while a permanent campus is being developed. The building includes accommodation
for students and faculty members, administrative offices, the Health and Wellness Center, a
fitness center, performance spaces, classrooms, lounges, art studies, music practice rooms, and
study areas. The landscaped grounds are designed for outdoor dining, study, and recreation.
In September 2014, NYUAD will open a new campus on Saadiyat Island, a 27-square kilometer
natural island that lies a short distance from the main island of Abu Dhabi. The new campus will
consist of state-of-the-art classroom, library, and information technology facilities; laboratories;
academic buildings; dormitories; faculty and residential housing; student services; and athletic
and performance facilities. The Cultural District of Saadiyat Island will feature three major
museums: the Zayed National Museum, the Louvre Abu Dhabi, and the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi.
Students, faculty and staff will enjoy the island’s spectacular beaches and mangrove lagoons.
The new campus will foster the integration of living and learning. Many students and faculty will
live on campus, which will facilitate their interaction, a key to the educational experience at
NYUAD. The layout of the campus aims to promote interaction between the disciplines. The
facilities include a wide variety of instructional spaces, including experimental laboratories, new
media labs, film production facilities, music practice rooms, and classrooms with sophisticated
technological infrastructure. The flexible labs in the Experimental Research Building will
support a range of advanced research projects, and the Arts Center combines four theaters with a
variety of teaching and production spaces, including art studios for painting, drawing, sculpture,
and animation, as well as media labs, editing suites, and film shooting stages.
Established in 1971, the UAE is a federation with two separate levels of government. Abu Dhabi
is the largest of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. It also has 700
kilometers of coastline and some 200 islands. It occupies 87 percent of the country’s landmass
and is home to over 2.33 million people across the emirate, and 1.42 million in the Abu Dhabi
region. Located on an island in the Arabian Gulf, Abu Dhabi is the dynamic capital city of both
the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates. This area holds nine percent of the
world’s proven oil reserves and almost five percent of proven natural gas. The government
makes efforts to grow in a balanced and sustainable way. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan,
the ruler of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, is also the president of the country.
The UAE has a highly diverse and international population — 80 percent of its inhabitants are
"ex-pats," coming from some 150 countries around the globe. The UAE's population is about 8.3
million, and it is one of the most ethnically diverse in the Middle East. Roughly 11 percent of the
population is Emirati; with other major demographic groups including South Asians, other Arab
nationals, East Asians, and Western expatriates.
With this amount of diversity, various lifestyles are accommodated. Islam is the official religion
of the country, but other religions are respected and practiced freely. The dress code is
conservative, but tolerant. Given the diverse nature of the population, one can see many different
types of dress in Abu Dhabi (jeans, saris, business suits, dishdashas, and abayas). Visitors are
free to wear the same clothes that they would wear at home, but both men and women typically
refrain from wearing excessively revealing clothing out of respect for the local culture and
customs. For most of the year, lightweight summer clothing is suitable. Warmer clothes are
needed during the winter months, especially in the evening.
The UAE operates on Greenwich Mean Time (+4) with a Sunday through Thursday work and
school week. The climate of Abu Dhabi is hot and arid with very little rainfall. From June to
September maximum temperatures average above 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit)
and the humidity is high. From November to March, average temperatures range from 18 degrees
Celsius (64.4 degrees Fahrenheit) to 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit).
The currency is the dirham, divided
into 100 fils, which is fixed at a rate
of 3.67 to the dollar. The city operates
a bus system, and metered taxis are
readily available and inexpensive. A
free shuttle service is provided for
faculty, staff and students to key
For more information, please visit:
- NYU living in Abu Dhabi
- Visit Abu Dhabi
The Division of Campus Life has
important functional areas that work
in close collaboration to enrich the
lives of students. Campus Life
encompasses the following areas: the
Dean’s Office, Student Life, Career
Development, Athletics, Health &
Wellness, Residential Education, the
Fitness Center, and the Office of the
First Year Dean. Student Life, which
is a subdivision of Campus Life,
includes the offices of Community
Outreach, Spiritual Life, Student Activities, Student Interest Groups (student clubs), Intercultural
Affairs, and Facilities of Student Spaces.
NYU Abu Dhabi provides students with a unique network of advisors and other resources to
support learning, academic performance, and extracurricular exploration. Each new student is
assigned a pre-major faculty mentor who serves as a general guide and resource for academic
planning in the first few semesters while the student focuses on curricular exploration. Students
are also paired with a student life advisor throughout his or her four-year experience. These
advisors help identify resources and opportunities available within NYUAD and the NYU global
network that enhance student’s undergraduate experience.
The NYU Abu Dhabi Health and Wellness Center is a fully accredited, on-campus health care
facility committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality, student-centered health care and
wellness services for all currently registered NYUAD students. Health and Wellness Center
clinicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the academic year.
A multidisciplinary staff comprised of physicians, registered nurses, psychologists, clinical
social workers, and administrative and technical personnel provide a comprehensive array of
services. The Health and Wellness Center offers confidential counseling services. The counselors
serve as skilled listeners who help clarify issues, discover students' true wishes and feelings, and
deal effectively with problems.
The Director of Health and Wellness is responsible for strategic leadership and overall
management of the NYU Abu Dhabi Health & Wellness Center, balancing clinical and
administrative duties, and has authority for the design, development, implementation,
assessment, and coordination of health-related programs and services for students, faculty, staff
and their dependents. This position oversees all campus health initiatives, including determining
health policies, clinical care, campus-wide wellness initiative, and leadership, guidance and
consultation on all current and emerging health-related initiatives. The Director will have an
extremely high level of autonomy, creating and enforcing policy and serving as the primary
spokesperson for all health and wellness-related issues for the student body.
The Director leads the collaborative efforts of the Center and directs staff responsible for clinical
care, student counseling and support services for students with disabilities. The Director
determines health policy, protocols and best practices to ensure a high standard of care and safety
for students, other clients and medical staff. In close coordination with the Dean and the Chief
Operations Officer, the Director coordinates various contracted services, negotiating rates, terms
and conditions for health services and the student health insurance plan.
Education, Certifications, Licensing or Training
 Required: Doctor of Medicine degree from an accredited medical school
 Required: Eligibility for a current license to practice medicine in Abu Dhabi
 Required: Post-graduate training and board certification in the primary care specialty
(internal medicine or family practice preferred)
Work and Related Experience
 Required: 5+ years’ experience in active medical practice
 Required: 6+ years’ significant, progressive health care administrative experience including
the design, development, and direction of health-related programs and services and
responsibility for fiscal management, budget development, and human resources
 Preferred: Public health training, experience in clinical preventive services and a
community health background
 Preferred: Experience with contract negotiation
 Preferred: Experience gained in an academic setting, and an understanding of and
appreciation for the intellectual, emotional, social and psychological development of
undergraduate students in a diverse academic community committed to intellectual rigor
Competencies: (Skills, knowledge, and abilities)
 Required: Analytical and strategic management skills; proven ability to develop, implement,
and direct policies, procedures, and strategic planning activities. Outstanding written and oral
communication skill. Skill in negotiating positive outcomes, and ability to identify, analyze
and address problems in order to resolve issues whenever possible in a way that minimizes
negative impacts for the operations and priorities of the institution
Required: Broad knowledge of healthcare, mental health services, clinical preventive
services, health promotion, and community-based and/or public health services is essential.
Knowledge of quality assessment and improvement procedures and best practices in health
care management, patient care, and prevention programs is also required
Required: Demonstrated success working with a diverse group of colleagues and clients
Required: Understands and abides by a high standard of professional and personal ethics in
order to ensure the integrity of the organization
This position requires demonstrated leadership, global/cultural savvy and the fortitude to manage
a myriad of activities simultaneously to manage the Health & Wellness Center. Specifically, the
Director of Health and Wellness will be expected to:
Lead and execute short-term, long-term, and strategic planning processes, coordinating
strategic planning activities across the spectrum of health-related programs and services.
Set health-related priorities, and allocates resources for programs and services in
accordance with the mission and goals of the Dean of Students area and the academic
mission of NYU Abu Dhabi. Develop and present recommendations to the Dean
regarding image enhancement and marketing opportunities for student health and
wellness programs, with business plans, analyses and benchmark studies to support those
recommendations. (35%)
Provide direction for the recruitment, selection, orientation, development, supervision
and retention of high caliber staff, and ensures the presence of well-qualified and
properly trained employees to carry out the health center's mission. Develop and
implement systems to assess the quality and effectiveness of health programs and
services and establishes ongoing quality improvement methods with metrics and
outcomes in consultation with the Associate Vice President of Student Health at NYU.
Provide health leadership, guidance, consultation and advice on known and emerging
issues relevant to the health, safety, and well-being of students and other members of the
university community, coordinating efforts with Human Resources, the Health Center at
NYU in New York, and others as appropriate. Establish and maintain health care policy
for NYU Abu Dhabi, consulting with the Associate Vice President of Student Health at
NYU in New York City to ensure consistency. (15%)
Ensure consistency in best practices as defined by appropriate regulatory agencies,
accreditation organizations, departments of health, and relevant professional associations.
Develop and maintains the Health Center's relationships with local providers and health
agencies. Represent NYU Abu Dhabi and the NYU Abu Dhabi Health Center to various
constituencies including students, parents, faculty, alumni, colleagues and the broader
public. Chair or serve on various committees, working groups and review teams to
advance the mission of the institution and the work of the Health Center. Maintain
ongoing professional engagement through activities such as continuing education, service
in professional associations, publications or related endeavors. (10%)
Work within the framework of NYU's global system for responding to such emergencies,
develop policies, procedures, and protocols for responding to student health-related
emergencies. Work in partnership with, and under the leadership of the Associate Vice
President of Student Health, in implementing and coordinating the NYU system's
response to student health-related emergencies. Lead the campus response to student
health-related emergencies and crises, in close collaboration with the Dean of Students
and other campus leaders. Serve as spokesperson for NYUAD health programs and
services, and serves in an "On Call" capacity for health emergencies and consultation in
support of Health and Wellness Center staff. (10%)
Have direct patient care responsibility where 25% patient care is a responsibility of the
job with the expectation to see patients as part of the rotation schedule (rotations are for
one week at a time) and to serve/share on call duties with the others on staff. (10%)
Oversee the development and approval of annual budgets and financial forecasts; monitor
the fiscal performance of health-related services, and ensures that services are managed
in a fiscally responsible manner. Structure health programs and services as required to
improve their efficacy, collaboration, and cost-effectiveness. (5%)
The compensation package is highly competitive and generous. NYU Abu Dhabi is quickly
developing as an employer of choice both globally and within the Gulf region. It offers the
highest level of both traditional and regionally competitive benefits.
In line with those offered at NYU New York, NYU Abu Dhabi's traditional benefits include:
 Highly competitive salary
 Health benefits (employee and family)
 Life insurance
 Disability insurance
 Retirement benefits
 Housing assistance
 Transportation allowance
 Relocation allowance
 Home leave travel allowance
 Tuition remission for spouse/eligible non-spouse and dependent children
 Private school tuition up to two children
 Annual vacation
 UAE statutory holidays
NYUAD strives to ensure that employees and their families enjoy a comfortable work/life
standard by providing a high level of employee benefits support. The University provides a team
to assist with onboarding and relocation, as well as visa and immigration assistance. The Director
will be employed under a continuous contract. Please note that the UAE government typically
issues two-year which are easily renewed.
The University is assisted in the United States by:
Maya Ranchod Kirkhope, Senior Consultant
Academic Search, Inc.
[email protected]  +1-703-380-9195 (US Central time)
Given the urgency to fill this position, the search consultant is interested in talking with
nominees and potential candidates right away. To apply, candidates should address a thoughtful
letter of interest to Ms. Kirkhope, speaking as appropriate to issues and preferred qualifications
in this prospectus. Attach a current resume highlighting relevant experience and
accomplishments and attach, too, the names and phone numbers of at least five professional
Nominations and applications can be submitted electronically in confidence to
[email protected] All information from and about candidates will be kept
in strict confidence. Additional information about NYUAD can be found at