(FIS) Alpine World Ski Championships

The Event
The International Ski Federation (FIS) Alpine World Ski Championships (AWSC) brings together the
top athletes from across the globe to compete for the year’s highest honor in skiing. Running from
Feb. 2 through Feb. 15, the event is expected to bring more than 800 athletes and staff, 2,000
members of the press and upwards of 150,000 spectators to the Vail Valley with events in Beaver
Creek Resort and the town of Vail.
The Opportunity
With over 2,000 volunteers augmenting the existing local, state and federal first responders,
ensuring public safety will be both critical and complicated. Events will be taking place in multiple
locations across Eagle County including the high-mountain terrain of Beaver Creek resort and the
Town of Vail, further complicating communications. With so many first-responders and officials
concentrated in such varied and challenging geography, this is a prime opportunity to test the
possibilities of Public Safety LTE.
The Goals
Through a solid public-private partnership that spans all levels of government (local, state, federal
and tribal) and multiple private entities, our intent is to:
• Put the power of public safety LTE into the hands of first responders in a real-world (and
fun) environment;
• Demonstrate the value of utilizing existing infrastructure, capitalizing on existing
relationships and new partnerships, and helping to lead the way toward the promise of the
Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN); and
• Obtain valuable metrics, performance indicators, and user feedback that will help guide the
development and implementation of the NPSBN.
The Network
The public safety LTE demonstration network (PSLDN) will be a first-of-its-kind installation of 700
MHz Band Class 14 using a distributed antenna system (DAS). The Crown Castle-owned DAS,
developed in conjunction with the town of Vail, consists of 29-nodes connected via fiber-optic
cable. This system integrates major cellular carriers, public WiFi and public safety access into a
single network, using infrastructure strategically placed throughout the town of Vail. Crown
Castle’s DAS within the town of Vail has been complemented with General Dynamics Mission
Systems’ (GD-MS) 700 MHz Band Class 14 LTE solution to provide a dedicated public safety network
throughout the town. The PSLDN will use 4 of the 29 nodes, designed to provide optimal coverage
to responders using the network. Additionally, the demonstration network will feature a
deployable cell on wheels (COW) also provided by GD-MS to cover the actual race venue at the base
of the Birds of Prey racecourse in Beaver Creek.
This location sits at more than 8,000 feet above sea level in extremely challenging geography
notorious for limited communications. Users of the network will have the opportunity to test
various applications including real-time video, voice-over-IP (VoIP) communications, situational
awareness and many others in practical situations to help develop an understanding of how this
technology can support public safety’s critical mission.
The Devices and Applications:
The demonstration network will implement a number of band class 14 devices to allow first
responders at all levels the opportunity to experience the potential of public safety LTE. The
devices to be utilized include:
Sonim Technologies Inc., Ultra-Rugged Smartphone Solution Provider: California-based Sonim
Technologies Inc. provides ultra-rugged mission-critical solutions designed specifically for workers
in extreme, hazardous and isolated environments. Sonim builds the world’s toughest smartphones
and is the first smartphone device manufacturer to develop and deploy a line of Band Class 14capable smartphones. Sonim is committed to bringing first-responders the most robust, reliable,
and interoperable mobile communications and computational tools so that they can properly
manage complex inter- and intra-agency efforts. They are partnered with the best public safety
industry applications and accessory providers to deliver an unmatched ultra-rugged platform and
the most complete ecosystem to support public safety efforts. For more information please visit
Dragon Force: Drakontas’ mission-critical team collaboration software application DragonForce
provides mobile users an integrated set of communication and collaboration capabilities that
include: real-time personnel tracking, file sharing, secure text messaging, incident reporting, and a
unique collaborative whiteboard capability that allows teams of users to draw together on maps,
floor plans or pictures. DragonForce is easily deployed on smartphones, tablets and web browsers
and can be used for a wide range of operations including: emergency and large scale event
management, tactical ops, search & rescue as well as day-to-day task management. DragonForce
gives teams the common operating picture they need, empowering them to achieve their mission
objectives more quickly, safely and effectively. For more information about DragonForce visit
ESChat: Enterprise Secure Chat (ESChat) is the world’s leading Carrier Independent Push to Talk
Service, and is used by the U.S. military, federal, state and local law enforcement, businesses from
the small to the Fortune 500. Carrier Independent, ESChat allows first responders, event
coordinators and other key parties to securely communicate between wireless carriers or via
WiFi. ESChat includes interface gateways for Tactical LMR networks and PC based dispatch clients
and can be interfaced to P25, DMR, TETRA and other digital radio networks. For additional
information on ESChat, please visit http://www.sla-ptt.com/
Mobile Pulse: Mobile Pulse allows governments to create the most accurate wireless coverage
maps in the world. We provide mobile testing apps that run on your laptops, smartphones, tablets
and FirstNet specific devices. The app runs in the background and tests your wireless network
performance automatically. Access your private dashboard to review coverage maps, monitor
wireless performance and run carrier comparison reports. Learn more at www.mobilepulse.com.
Mobile Vehicular and Fixed Access Devices Provided by
General Dynamics-Mission Systems.
Public Safety LTE Demo Network
Open House
February 11, 2015
Beaver Creek Resort and Town of Vail
In order to provide public safety stakeholders the opportunity to see the power of public safety LTE
firsthand we are excited to announce an open house event to showcase and discuss the
demonstration network. This event will combine on-site tours and demonstrations of the network
with the opportunity to discuss the network with the vendors and demo participants. The event is
free, but please register at: https://2015vailbcawscpublicsafetyltedemonetwork.eventbrite.com
Open House Agenda
(Additional Details to Follow)
9:00 – 10:30
Tour/Demonstration of Race Finish Line in Beaver Creek and Cell on Wheels
11:00 – 12:00
Tour/Demonstration of Town of Crown Castle’s DAS in the Town of Vail and
Band Class 14 Network
1:30 – 4:30
Open House Conversations with Local Officials and Responders, Infrastructure,
Device and Application Vendors at the Town of Vail Council Chambers – 75 S
Frontage Rd W, Vail CO 81657
Discussion of Network Origin and Implementation
Local and State First Responders and Users of the Network
Initial Results From the Network
Vendor Presentation Discussion
Open Reception (sponsored by MissionCritical Communications)
Travel Recommendations
Direct flights to Eagle County airport are available
Travel to Denver International Airport (DIA) will be cheaper
Express shuttles from DIA to the destination through Colorado Mountain Express (CME)
(http://www.coloradomountainexpress.com) are available on a consistent basis
Lodging in Vail will be extremely limited. The town of Eagle and Summit County (both a 30
minutes drive) are a recommended alternative