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Mangere Boat Club
Address: Kiwi Esplanade, Mangere Bridge
Kiwi Esplanade
Postal: PO Box 59029, Mangere Bridge
Mangere Bridge
Ph: 636 4673
Ph: 636 4673
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Club Captains report
 Airflow NZ Ltd
I hope you all had a wonderful time over the Christmas break catching up with family and friends. We are already almost to the end of January and most of you will be
deSign Ltd
back at work or into the normal rut. One of the hardest things to do when returning
Dimond Industries from holidays is switching back into work mode. Minds might still be in holiday
mode and not completely focused on the job. This thought Patton also applies
Fairfit Marine
when out on the water. This means there is a risk someone could get hurt. One of
Fishing & Camping the easiest ways you can keep yourself and work mates or crew safe is to apply the
take 5 process. Prior to commencing a task, perform a Take 5 to ensure hazards are
identified and controlled. This involves.
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Discount Liquor
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Estate (Mangere
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 Thompson
engage your mind before your hands
consider your task step by step (i.e. have I put the bungs in)
look around for existing and potential hazards. (Are there rock
at the bottom of ramp)
choose the most effective change(s) to remove or reduce the
risk of hazards
make the change(s) to do the job safely.
We have had some high times over the holidays with good fish being caught, catching up with family and friends and just relaxing. But the club has also had some bad
time vandals ripping the bar leaners off the wall just for fun and the loss of a boat
member on the Manukau Bar over the Christmas break. This loss shows the importance of having the backup of the club and coast guard, and why we should always
call up when putting your boat in the water and letting people know where and
what you are up to. If you don’t have a VHF in your boat please make sure you have
a charged cell phone in an airtight plastic bag with the coast guards phone number
and or the clubs number. This may just save your life.
Over the next few months we have some great fishing comps coming up; Geoff has
touched on these in the fishing report. Keep an eye on the web page and notice
board at the club for up and coming events.
Looking forward to seeing you down at the club, and keep safe on the water
FISHO’S REPORT January 2015
Well things have certainly heated up since our last report several months ago.
We had several club members enter the Weymouth Cosie Club Kahawai competition
with what can only be described as a splendid result. Club members took away
something like 18 of the top 20 prizes. Hopefully we get invited back next year.
We ran our own Kahawai comp several weeks later with an excellent turnout.
Although several boats got across the bar, weather conditions were far from ideal,
and having spent several hours in miserable conditions, not seeing any significant
Kahawai, most headed back to the inner harbour for a go there. Surprisingly (or not)
all of the winning fish (with the exception of the junior) were caught in the inner
harbour. Don’t believe you are disadvantaged if you have a smaller boat and are not
able to fish the Tasman. Often there are bigger fish inside the harbour that can be
caught at a lot less expense.
Kerry Ragg and Richard Johnston flew the flag for Wavelength with the heaviest
overall and heaviest blokes Kahawai while Colleen Ragg and Jason Stone
represented Unbelievable with the heaviest Ladies and average weight. Special note
as well that the heaviest fish for the day was caught by one of our keen juniors Zane
Leggett, fishing with his dad and a few mates, off the beach. The fish weighed
2.36kg. All other results can be found on our website.
Amazing weather over the Xmas New Year period saw fishing in both the inner and
outer Harbour going great guns. Frankly if you can’t catch a feed of very reasonable
Snapper on the inner harbour at the moment then you’re doing something wrong.
Some of the fish we have seen are exceeding 2.0kgs and Dino had a 3.5kg Snapper
just last week. We’ve had plenty of rat Kingi’s picking up baits as well and a couple
of reasonable King fish weighed in at the club over the last couple of months. George
and Lynette are consistently catching dinner, Zane caught his first King Fish last
week, and although undersize, I think he got a bit of a buzz out of it, Stalky had
quite a few Mullet in the net and if Facebook is to be believed, Dan Louie knows
where some monster Scallops are living. If you have a boat in the shed that you
haven’t used then now is the time to dust it off.
I’ve managed to get across the bar several times since our last report. October/
November was a real blast with large Snapper pretty much everywhere. We could
have filled the bin several times over! When I got out again in December it was quite
a different story. Many of the larger ones were no longer there, possibly due to
trawlers, but there was certainly still many snapper around in close. We caught a
heap of reasonable Gurnard, which is a by-catch I won’t be complaining about.
Trolling lures has never really spun my wheels, however we had a go last week and
found a water temperature of 23 degrees at the 38 metre mark and heaps of Tuna
about, even pulled in a small Kingfish. Who knows, perhaps my wheels might start
to get spun.
Now we’ve got a heap of fishing stuff coming up at the club over the next couple of
months. The barge trip heads to the Coromandel at the end of the month, the Ladies
fishing day will take place on 22nd March and I believe we are getting the kids out
fishing at some stage between these dates. There will no doubt be a couple of quick
fire comps to get people out on the water while we are having such good weather, so
ensure the club has your cell phone number as these are mostly communicated
through text message, or on the white board at the clubrooms.
This year’s One Base comp will be held on 14th&15th March. Tickets are on sale at
the club ($50.00 if you get in before 28th February for the early bird draw) or $60.00
thereafter. Basically the same rules as last year targeting Marlin/Tuna/Kingfish/
Snapper/Kahawai and Trevally. Remember many of last year’s winners caught their
fish on the inner harbour including an 8.00kg monster snapper caught by Tubby on
Spot X. You don’t need a big boat and lots of fuel to win in this competition.
The all tide ramp is being well used at the moment, both from our club members and
members of the public. We’ve had a bit of an issue of late with mangrove pods pilling
up, to the point that regardless of power, a two wheel drive wouldn’t pull my boat
out. Thankfully I had a rake and a broom in the back of the Ute. The pods can be just
as slippery when launching so please be careful. Vehicles slide just as quickly downhill on these little buggers, even with the handbrake applied. Also the all tide can
often not be used on a dead low tide due to mud and silt build up. Please be mindful
of this when launching on an outgoing tide and there are other boats waiting to get
in the water. Spending 20 or 30 minutes waiting for a mate or parking your car is
probably not going to win you any friends.
Finally here are some facts you may or may not know:
If you have a cell phone you can call a TR through to Coastguard on *500
Anyone operating a VHF on a boat should have a call sign. It makes
things so much easier for Coastguard when they have to come rescue you.
Forms for this are behind the bar. A one off payment of $45.00 ($30.00 if
completed on-line)
Since Labour weekend 2014 it is an offence for anyone to be in charge of
a vessel who is intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.
The daily bag limit for Snapper on the Westcoast is ten, with a minimum
length of 27cm. (you would be surprised how many people think it’s nine)
The legal weight for Kahawai at our club is 1.00kg (unless otherwise
Smoked Mullet is 100 times better than smoked Kahawai.
Men are better at fishing than woman, which is why we have to run ladies fishing competitions.
Until next time, stay safe and I will see you on the water.
14TH 15TH MARCH 2015
Club rooms-Kiwi Esplanade, between Boyd ave and
Shortt ave. Telephone (09) 6364673
Limited to 100 anglers
Marlin - Tuna - Kingfish - Snapper - Kahawai - Trevally
West Coast from Port Waikato to Kaipara Heads
And the Manukau Harbour
Sponsored by
FCO - Lion Breweries - Herb Morgan - Trailcom -AirflowNZ ltd
NZ Steel - Dimond Industries
John Young Furniture - Fin Nor - Masport
Fairfit Marine - Brass Monkey Ice
Tickets available at clubrooms only
All participants enter this completion at their own risk. Neither the Club,
Sponsor’s or organisers shall be liable for any loss, injury or misadventure however arising .