1. What is AYSO Extra and AYSO Club?
The AYSO Extra/Club programs are competitive soccer leagues designed to provide a higher level
of play for those players who possess the appropriate skills, abilities, and drive. The Extra/Club
programs are designed to enhance each player’s experience and individual growth. Extra Regions
are formed by over 15 participating Regions such as Camarillo, Moorpark, Van Nuys, Valencia, etc.
within Area 10S. Club teams participate in the Coast Soccer League, which is the premier CLUB
league in the Southland.
The Extra teams will play each other during the traditional season from August to
November/December and again for Extra Cup at the end of the season. This fall the Saugus Extra
program will be entering into its 5th year of existence.
2. What benefits does the Extra/Club programs offer?
● Coaches and players will be subject to a neutral selection process to ensure the highest possible
competition level.
● Roster sizes are limited to ensure quality playing time. Guaranteed to play 75% of every game.
● Registration fees are low and there are zero hidden fees.
● Club Coaches all have advanced licenses by Cal South. Extra/Club coaches are non-paid and not
motivated by training fees or large roster sizes.
3. Divisions for Fall 2015
Only one competitive team in each division will be selected subject to qualified coaches and enough
competitive players (after tryouts) that meet the minimum roster sizes.
Boys U9
Girls U9
born 8.1.2006 to 7.31.2007
Boys U10
Girls U10
born 8.1.2005 to 7.31.2006
Boys U11
Girls U11
born 8.1.2004 to 7.31.2005
Boys U12
Girls U12
born 8.1.2003 to 7.31.2004
Boys U13
Girls U13
born 8.1.2002 to 7.31.2003
Boys U14
Girls U14
born 8.1.2001 to 7.31.2002
Boys U15
Girls U15
born 8.1.2000 to 7.31.2001
Boys U16
Girls U16
born 8.1.1999 to 7.31.2000
4. Tryouts
Tryouts will be hosted starting February 16th, 2015 for the 2015 Extra/Club seasons. Please check our
website www.ayso46.org for exact dates/times/locations, which will be posted soon.
CONTACT: Rick Darbourne at [email protected] for more information.
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