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Our Mission is transforming lives by bringing the tangible love of Christ to the destitute, lost, broken, and
forgotten in Tanzania. This will be manifested in food and water for the poor, healing for the sick, education
and family for the orphan, and the living hope of Christ proclaimed to the lost.
Our Vision is that the Village of Living Hope (VLH) will be community centered on family in the body of
Christ, where holistic ministry allows for health of the spirit, soul, and body. All operations will function
with the goal of presenting all to Christ fully mature (Colossians 1:28).The components are detailed
Tumaini School will consist of
primary and secondary schools
for children living in the VLH and
vulnerable children in the
community. Teachers will be
trained in best practices and will
implement innovative strategies.
Students will learn required
subjects as well as Bible
curriculum, while daily engaging
in worship and prayer.
The Children’s Center will exist
to provide homes for orphans.
Children who live in the VLH will
have a home that is overseen by
house parents. They will
participate in and have access to
all of the VLH’s resources. They
will be shown who they are in the
kingdom of God: no longer
orphans, but dearly-loved sons
and daughters of the King. We
partner with the Lord’s work to
“set the lonely in families”
(Psalm 68:6).
Medical Facilities will allow for
trained medical staff to care for
and house those who are sick or
injured. The facility will utilize
medical equipment, short and
long-term in-patient housing,
and reliance on the power of
the Great Physician to bring
about recovery, healing, and
An ‘E’ Center will provide
opportunities for members of
the community to be equipped
and empowered to work and
serve. The center will house
resources, job and skill training,
English language learning,
pastoral and ministerial training,
and micro-enterprise/ business
Missionary Accommodations
will be set apart housing for
long-term missionaries and
dormitories for short-term
missionaries and teams. There
Sustainable Food Production and will be communal meeting and
Distribution areas will be
training facilities to gather for
designated for the production of worship and training.
food, including gardens, a
chicken house, a kitchen, and a
Wells will provide clean, safe
dining area.
water for the Village.
A Church will be led by a local
and missionary pastoral staff.
The church will house Sunday
services, worship, and teaching
throughout the week. Choirs
will help lead worship and
minister to the congregation
and the community.
Outreach Centers will
coordinate and house all
materials and means for
outreach into the community.
Outreach from the center will
include evangelism, feeding
programs, house building, well
drilling, and prison ministry. A
branch of outreach will focus on
the Buhangija School to minister
to the children who are blind,
deaf, and albino.
A House of Prayer and
Prophesy will be a set-apart
place for continual prayer,
worship, and prophesy sets,
with the goal of stewarding an
environment where individuals
can enter into the presence of
the Lord through corporate
means, so to hear His voice and
speak His will over lives and the
Our Story starts in 2009, with a friendship between Potomac Falls Anglican Church in Virginia and
an Anglican priest in Shinyanga, Tanzania who was serving orphaned and vulnerable children. His
ministry, Green Leaf Orphanage, provided education, spiritual training and daily meals to these
preschool, kindergarten and primary grade children.
Pastor Jack Grubbs traveled to see Green Leaf in the spring of 2011. The church began to send
regular contributions for Green Leaf expenses and took short-term mission teams to work with the
children in the summers of 2012 and 2013. It appeared from firsthand experience and reports
received that the ministry was effective and growing. Enrollment expanded from 30 children to
nearly 80.
During the 2013 short-term trip, the mission team saw problems with the way the ministry was
operating. The day before the team was to leave Tanzania, government officials discovered and
revealed that our friend was housing children in unsafe and unsanitary conditions in a house he
had kept secret. The school was operating illegally and he was arrested and the school closed by
local authorities. A subsequent investigation revealed that he was stealing donated money for his
personal use and was raising money from different donors for the same needs while telling each
donor they were the only source of support for the ministry.
As devastating as this revelation was, members of the Tanzania mission teams and the church saw
the hand of God in all of it. God brought to light what was hidden so we could see for ourselves the
deception and corruption. The Lord connected us with government officials who are Christians and
want to see the ministry reorganized and back in operation. We believe God has called us to
continue supporting ministry to those who are vulnerable in Shinyanga. We have recovered some
of the assets stolen from us including land purchased with our donations.
Right Now, God is doing big things in Shinyanga.
It’s important to understand how we got to this point,
but it’s more exciting to talk about where we’re going.
God gave Claire Grubbs the initial vision for the Village
of Living Hope, calling her to fulltime
missions in Tanzania. Living Hope (USA) was
established as a Nonprofit Corporation, and its
board of directors is praying and planning on the
American side. The establishment of a Tanzanian NGO
is in the works. We are working with the government
officials and trusted friends to lay the groundwork for
what God wants to do next.
Tanzania is located in Eastern Africa.
Shinyanga is a rural agricultural community
in northern Tanzania.
Coming Soon! We are preparing to send a team to Tanzania this fall. The Lord has been at work
throughout the whole process, and this trip marks a new beginning, in a way. All of the plans for
the Village of Living Hope are taking flight and culminating in the birth of a dream in Shinyanga. In
preparation, those involved in the ministry are seeking the Lord for His precise plan, raising
awareness of the vision and the need, raising the funds to make the launch possible, and building
relationships with those state-side and abroad who have a heart like ours for the African poor.
We Need You to accomplish the vision for the Village of Living Hope. Please prayerfully consider
involvement in accordance with your means and gifting sets. Here are some opportunities:
Be a part of the team.
An on-the-ground team is
soon being launched to
Tanzania. Our goal is to run
with God’s vision for the VLH,
starting from the ground up.
If you have a call and a desire
to do pioneering work in
Africa by laying down your
life for love, consider joining
our team. Due to the holistic
nature of the VLH, we believe
that the Lord is putting
together a diverse group that
will bring various gifts and
skill sets to the team. Please
contact Claire Grubbs at
[email protected] to
continue the dialogue about
this option!
Be a partner.
Even in the planning stages
of the ministry, it is clear that
God is revealing and joining
together a network of people
with different resources,
businesses, organizations,
expertise, dreams, ideas, and
connections. Whether you
are a nurse or a teacher, a
businessman or an
administrator, a lawyer or a
student, we value your
connection to the ministry
and use of all that God has
given you to pour out to
others. We would love to
glean from your expertise in
the form of partnerships.
Support the ministry.
We urge you to lift up Shinyanga,
the Village of Living Hope, and all
those involved in this ministry in
prayer. Your prayers are powerful
and effective, and we thank you
for remembering us before the
Lord in this way.
If your heart is to give, checks
may be made payable to Potomac
Falls Church. Write “VLH” on the
memo line and send to:
Potomac Falls Church
46179 Westlake Drive, Suite 300
Potomac Falls, VA 20165
To give online via PayPal, visit
and click on the “donate” button.
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