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Motley Free Methodist Church, 33 Wellwood Street E, Motley, MN. 56466
Pastor Jim Johnson: [email protected] 218.352.6888
Feb. 2015
A Word from Pastor Jim:
Psalm 7:17 I will praise the Lord according to His
righteousness, and will sing praise to the Lord Most-High.
We have so much to give God praise for today. Oh, I know
Words from Pastor Jim
that there are plenty of trials and troubles here and around
Upcoming Events
Small Group Information
the globe. BUT, because the Lord God is righteous and
Children’s Programming Information
Nursery Schedule
because He is good, and because He redeems and transforms,
Youth News
heals and justifies we can and should praise Him, every day.
Women’s Ministry Information
Board of Administration Meeting Minutes
He is worthy of our praise.
Calendar of Events
Thank you each and every one for making our “contractor
appreciation Sunday” a very good day. I think that one of you
said it best when you said “well that answers the one service
question, doesn’t it”.
Our sanctuary was full and the parking lots were full, but we had a great day after all. I hope that you will continue to
pray for all of our contractors, their families and their walk with Jesus, or to begin that walk with Jesus.
Most of you know already, that we have a new BOA (board of administration) for 2015.
May I introduce them to you and ask you to pray for them as they/we seek God for our city, community and
Lead delegate (and voting member of the BOA and representative to the NCC)-Linda Beebe
Second delegate (and 2nd representative to the NCC)-Kathy Broberg
Secretary and finance chair–Judy Eggert
Treasurer—Sandy Korach
Evangelism (and chairman of the BOA)-Chris Neal
Missions–Craig Weigel
Building and grounds—Doug Buscho
Small groups—Patric Doyle
Please remember to lift them and all of the rest of the ministry leaders up in prayer as we “love God and people and
make disciples”.
On February 15th, we will welcome MN Adult and Teen challenge to MFMC again. We will have 2 services that day to
accommodate all from our community that want to come and listen. We will be feeding all of the nearly 50 men that
day, so please plan accordingly for our pot-luck lunch together. We will have another very good day that day too.
On March 8th we will have our official dedication service. What does that mean? We will have only 1 service again that
day at 10:30 am. We will then have our pot-luck dinner together, and at 1:00 pm we will have our Dedication service
with invited guests from the city, the conference and other churches. I hope that you will plan to be with us on that very
important day too. We have already unofficially dedicated this building and this ministry to the Lord and His glory. But
that day will be more of an official dedication with a dedication service.
Please continue to pray. Pray for our leaders, pray for our children, pray for the lost, pray for our safety against the
“wiles of the devil”. Pray for an out-pouring of God’s Spirit this year so that together, we may bring God glory in this
community and even around the world. Thanks for being part of our family. Serving the Lord Jesus Christ, and serving
Pastor Jim
Upcoming Events:
*Feb. 7-Men’s Group 8 am
*Feb. 14-CMA Meeting at the church
*Feb. 14-Women’s Meeting at 10 am
*Feb. 15-MN Teen Challenge here & Pot-luck Dinner
*Feb. 16-BOA Meeting at 6:30 pm
*Feb. 21-Men’s Group 8 am
*Mar. 8-Dedication Sunday-one service at 10:30 pm
Small Group Information:
As a part of a growing body, the best way to have a more
intimate fellowship and Bible study is to be involved in a
small group. Here at the Motley Free Methodist Church we
currently have eight small group opportunities…
Sunday morning at 10:30 in the old sanctuary studying
Cults, see Chris Neal or Dan Rose
Sunday Evening Service-6:00 pm
Tuesday morning Women’s Bible study-Ann Voskamp
study, One Thousand Gifts: A dare to live fully right
where you are.1:00 pm at the church, see Brandi Neal
for questions!
Tuesday evening Bible Study starting at 6:30 pm
studying the book of Matthew
Coming February 15th!
Wednesday mornings at 9:30 am in the church
basement studying the book of I John
Wednesday afternoon intercessory prayer team at
Jessica Judd’s House at 12:00 pm
Thursday evenings at 6 pm at the church: Why
We Believe with Richard Broberg
Thursday evenings at the Neal’s home at 6:30The Truth Project
Saturday morning men’s group-8 am every other
Saturday with Doug Buscho
Saturday evening prayer group at the church at 6
pm with Pastor Les Crider
Please pray about which group you can be a part of or
if you have an idea for/or would be willing to lead a
different small group please see Richard Broberg or
Pastor Jim!
Building Update:
*The building fund is at $563,000.00~Praise God for
His faithfulness!
Contractor Appreciation Sunday!
Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor
in vain. ~Psalm 127
Children’s Programming News:
In the children’s programming news…
*Children’s Programming Meeting Discussion:
*Children’s Church-Do you still feel called to teach? Curriculum needs, crafts, snacks, bigger supply items to work toward in 2015,
time off, any child concerns, etc…
*Pre/k- (Jason needs play-dough, and March curriculum)
*Early Elementary-(Kathy will look into different crafts as she has mostly boys, 1 less book to order next time)
*Middle Elementary-(Geri needs 3 more discovery packs and Bible Discoveries, as well as an extra manual for Barb., Geri will retire
in May. I need to find a replacement, Barb Hirschey has agreed to take this position on, who is currently helping with that class, Geri
would like me to order 14 books for March curriculum)
*Upper Elementary-Still likes Hands on Bible Curriculum, likes being in the big area! Will store Bibles, etc… in one of the closets.
Angie and John will sub for one month this summer, but we will have to find a substitute for the other two summer Months that
Danny & Sue take off.
*Back ground checks-(Linda Beebe) 49 out of 83 received.
*VBS 2015 –after 2015 theme discussion, decided to go with Groups, Mt. Everest (Easy VBS) June 15-19, 2015 4:30-7:30 pm; this
group would like to me make available the option of ordering t-shirts again for leaders and children!
*AWANA Update 2014-2015-How’s all persons sign-in going-switching buildings? Both going well! Commanders will do a big push
in Summer/Fall for more kids!
*Fall Festival-Comments on last year’s-went very well, because of having enough adult help!!! 2015 Fall Festival October 31-5:307:30; the group threw out some ideas for older kid games, bubble gum blowing contest, pies, etc…Also Angie asked about putting
AWANA card info in each child’s bag to invite to AWANA!
*Christmas Program: December 14th comments-everyone enjoyed, suggestions: more time to practice music or fewer verses,
adults liked when children had lines memorized, hopefully the screen on back wall in new sanctuary can help with this in the future!!
Possibly looking at borrowing risers for kids to sit on in the future?! Jess will try to have Christmas Programs available at the July
meeting to get a quicker start in the fall!
*Nursery Updates-looking for someone to take more of a position in the nursery for consistency…(there are two possibly interested
Jess and Renee will talk to these individuals and go from there!)
*Youth Group Up-date: Wednesday evenings 5:30-7:30 going very well attendance has doubled in the past 6 months!-Monthly
events coming: BAY Rally coming Jan. 28th as well as ATF Mar. 13 & 14, BAY April 22, Spring Sale in May, Cook-out in June, etc…,
hoping to pick up more kids in May-with the AWANA graduates, Val and Angie think we should gain 6-12 easily!!  Angie also
asked about doing a “Bump Up” night in April for the 6th graders to try youth group, Tim & Jess are all for that, we will pick a date
*Additional Items/new ideas/etc…-(got new kidney bean table for 1st/2nd graders, closet for nursery & now pre-k room!) Additional
idea of children’s offerings going to a lady who makes dolls, we will talk more to Kate Miller regarding this option!
*Next Meeting-July 2015…  *Richard Closed in Prayer
Nursery Schedule:
cx February 2015-First/Second Service:
March 2015-First/Second Service:
April 2015-First/Second Service:
Feb. 1-Logan & Jennifer M/Renee H & Sandy K
Mar. 1-Renee H & Tom S/Ken & Hope J
April 5-Emily & Patric D/Lori & Tayah S
Feb. 8-Ian & Sue N/Brandi N & Margaret F
Mar. 8-Dale & Carla/Sam & Dayton B
April 12-Linda J & Brenda R/Renee & Callie S
Feb. 15-Steve & Maggie D/John & Angie N
Mar. 15-Linda J & Brenda R/Jenelle C.
April 19-Dave & Nancy S/Diane B & Chris V
Feb. 22-Carol & Craig W/Marisela & Ashley V
Mar. 22-Linda S & Kurt W/Sandy K & Chris V
April 26-Lonna & Nick D/Sarah & Robin H
Mar. 29-Tammy & Dale R/Brenda & Katey
*In youth news for January, the youth transitioned to meeting for the first half of our time into the new sanctuary. This
has worked very well as Jess can use a microphone and we laid some ground rules for lesson time! We begin at 5:30
each week with a little “social time” and then a time of announcements and prayer before starting our weekly lesson.
At 6:40 pm we switch with the AWANA kids as we head to the basement to play games and have snack! The youth
really enjoy this interaction time with one another and it is fun for all involved! For our monthly event, we attended the
January BAY Rally (Brainerd Area Youth for Christ) and had a time of fellowship, pizza and heard from a good
speaker! We also ordered tickets for our March ATF (acquire the fire) event held in Eden Prairie, MN this year. This
event is a 27 hour overnight event where the youth hear from dynamic speakers, bands and see fun skits to
encourage them to Christ and/or a closer walk with Him! If you have any questions please see Tim or Jess Judd!
Thanks for your continued prayer and support for our teens!
What’s Brewin’ in the Women’s Ministry Kitchen?
We have had a full start of the year with two potlucks, annual meeting and ladies craft night. It is always so much fun
to see our people involved in the church and its activities!
Brewing on the front burners…… Teen Challenge Sunday is February 15th. There will be a potluck after the 2nd
service. We are also putting together a care package to send back with the men on this day. There are sheets on the
back table with items that are needed if you would like to donate to the care package. There will be a box in the foyer
labeled Teen Challenge if you would like to drop things off into it. The WM’s group is also purchasing a case of bibles
to send with them.
Simmering on the back burners….. We will be shipping off our dollies and dresses that were put together at our last
craft night. They will be hand delivered to precious children overseas and I am so excited to be a part of that. There
will be Easter Breakfast coming in April and Ladies Tea will be coming up in May. We are always open to new ideas.
Maybe you feel led to speak or share with the ladies at a meeting or at the Ladies Tea. I would love to hear from you
and pray with you. We are always in need of fresh ideas, thoughts and cares you may have.
Our next meeting will be February 14th at 10am. I would love to see you there!
~Kathy Broberg 218.397.2033 or [email protected]
Wow! January seems to have just started and we are already finished- some updates for all of you
regarding AWANA:
First we are very excited and very much enjoying the new game area upstairs- what a blessing it has been to teach the children
to play AWANA games that other churches are playing with our new game square and circle! If you have never seen AWANA
games I encourage you to come visit us on a Wednesday night and see all the fun the kids and adults are having. Second, for
the month of February I am going to be challenging our clubbers to get into their Bibles and find some verses on Love- it will be
fun to see our bulletin area fill up with hearts with verses they have found each week, please be sure to take a look each
Sunday! Third, I have started to pray about our 6th graders that will be graduating out of AWANA - please be in prayer if God
would lead you to be a sponsor to one of them when the time comes in prayer and helping with purchasing a Bible and devotion
book, more to come later on this!
Please continue to keep the children, their families and all of our volunteers in your prayers! We thank you for all of your support!
Upcoming Nights:
February 4: Polka Dots and Strips; February 11: Regular Night; February 18: Flashlight Night; February 25: Regular Night
Board of Administration Meeting Minutes:
Date: January 19, 2015
Time: 6:30 pm
People Present: Pastor Jim Johnson, Richard Broberg, Craig Weigel, Linda Beebe, Kathy Broberg, Judy Eggert, Chris Neal, Doug
Buscho, Patric Doyle
Opening prayer: Philippians 3:12. “Pressing on after Christ”. God has more for us in mind than just getting people saved
from hell. Pressing on means “Run swiftly in order to reach a goal.” Press on as individuals, family and church to
holiness and perfection in our love and faithfulness for the Lord. Seek the face of the Lord.
*Secretary’s Report: Craig motioned to accept secretary’s report as read, Chris seconded, no discussion, all agreed, motion
*Treasurer’s Report- In the absence of the treasurer, Pastor Jim talked about January’s expenses thus far but no report was available
until the end of January.
Elect Secretary- Pastor asked for Board to appoint a new secretary. Judy offered to continue to be secretary for 2015. Patric
motioned to accept, Linda seconded, no discussion, all agreed, motion carries.
Chairman of Board- Chris Neal was nominated to remain the chairman. Criag made motion to accept Chris as BOA Chair, Linda
seconded, no discussion, all agreed, motion carries.
Pastor Jim then explained the roles of the two delegates. Linda Beebe is our voting delegate on the BOA. Linda represents the BOA
and Linda and Kathy represent the congregation at the conference.
Old BusinessBack-ground checks- 52 completed checks have been received out of 80. Patric had various questions regarding the form
and the ease of filling it out. It has been decided at an earlier meeting that any new people coming in will be required to fill out
the paperwork.
Building committee updates/questions/needs-Discussed how to distribute the large contribution of $100,000. It was
agreed to pay the general contractor $60,000 and the remaining $40,000 to the Foundation to pay principle down on money
borrowed. Pastor stated there remains $38,000 in the building fund for extra and additional projects yet to be completed.
Doug made motion to pay $40,000 to the Foundation, Judy seconded, no further discussion, all agreed, motion carries.
Goals for 2015-List of 2014 goals were handed out. Some of these goals were not accomplished. BOA is to look over them
and pray about them. Next meeting we will address these goals.
New Members-17 new members. More asking to become members. We have just over 100 members, although we have
between 240-250 coming to church. We would like to see more members but having this scenario is a trend of the current
New BusinessMorey House-Some discussion on the future of the Morey house.
BOA members for 2015 (delegates) Handout of descriptions of the roles of the Board was handed out.
Janitorial services-Discussed getting volunteers verses contract out the project. It may take 1-3 persons to do the jobs
required. How many hours are we talking about? BOA needs to keep thinking this through and the BOA will make a decision
on what we are going to do. Pastor states that 10-12 hours is sufficient to clean the entire church. Keep researching.
February meeting we need to make a decision. Try to find volunteers to save funds.
Recognition Dinner for the contractors-25 Invited. Pastor does not have any idea how many will attend of these. Kathy
informed BOA that two food service tables will be set up. One upstairs. One downstairs.
Future Work-Old building going to be sided. Lights outside. Snow stops need to be installed. New door in old sanctuary
where the chairs will be stored. Parking area repaired and repainted. Rails outside. Earlier meeting it had been discussed to
only side two sides of old building. Christ motioned to side all 4 sides, Craig seconded no further discussion, all agreed,
motion carries.
Teen Challenge-February 15th. Discussion on two services and whether to invite all members of Teen Challenge or just half
of them. Because of their size it was decided two services and half of the members.
Dedication Sunday – March 8th. One service that day at 10:30, then lunch and then back to the Dedication
service at 1:00.
Dan Simon Benefit-There has been a request to use our old sanctuary for a silent auction and benefit for Dan Simon who lost
his house to a fire. BOA Agreed to let them use it but they are to clean up after. Richard will contact the coordinator of the
Other – Suggestion to look at getting a tall ladder for new facility. Patric, Doug and Richard are looking into this.
Next meeting-February 16, 2015
Closing Prayer-Chris.
February 2015
*6 pm-Service
*1 pm-Bible Study
*6:30 pm Bible Study
*1 pm-Bible Study
*9:30-Bible Study
*12 pm-AA Meeting
*12 pm Prayer Time at Jess’
*5:30-Youth Group
*6 pm-AWANA
*9:30-Bible Study
*12 pm-AA Meeting
*12 pm-AA Meeting
*6pm-Bible study
*8 am Men’s Group
*6 pm-Prayer Time
*12 pm-AA Meeting
14 *CMA Mtg. Here
*10 am-Women’s Ministry
*12 pm Prayer Time at Jess’
6 pm-Evening Service
*4 pm-Worship Practice
*6:30 pm Bible Study
*Pot-Luck Dinner & MN
Teen Challenge
*1 pm-Bible Study
6 pm-Evening Service
*6:30-BOA Meeting
*6:30-Bible Study
*1 pm-Bible Study
*6 pm-Evening Service
*5:30-Youth Group
*6 pm-AWANA
*6pm-Bible study
*9:30-Bible Study
*12 pm-AA Meeting
*5:30-Youth Group
*6 pm-AWANA
*6pm-Bible study
*9:30-Bible Study
*12 pm-AA Meeting
*4 pm-Worship Practice
*6:30 pm Bible Study
*8am-Men’s Group
*12 pm-AA Meeting
*12 pm Prayer Time at Jess’
*12 pm Prayer at Jess’
*5:30 pm–Youth Group
*6 pm-AWANA
*6 pm –Prayer Time
*6 pm- Prayer Time
*12 pm-AA Meeting
*6pm-Bible study
*6 pm-Prayer Time