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Network and Sensor
insight for effective Network Operations
> Real Time mapping of events
outlines exactly where deployment
problems are occurring.
> Work order tracking and
analysis improves forecasting
of deployment schedules and
supports on time delivery.
> Registration and lifecycle
management ensures that devices
are monitored for their entire
lifecycle – from deployment and
> Grid Director provides
independent, third party validation
of meter installation (registrations
and communications).
Success through insight and control
The Grid Director Network and Sensor Deployment application supports
planned, ad-hoc, piecemeal or mass deployments of network devices, meters
and other sensors attached to the network. By providing a contextualized view
of all activity on an emerging network, deployment teams can create the most
effective plans possible and track against them in real time or retrospectively.
> Improved visibility of deployment
projects allows utilities to resolve
deployment issues quickly.
With detailed views and analyses of work orders, work activities, device
installation and device provisioning status, deployment teams and network
operators can view status of results-vs-plan, as raw data or within a variety of
flexible contextualized views.
> Better communication and
visibility with vendors and internal
stakeholders improves issue
escalation and reduces resolution
Interactive Workbenches and Operational Monitors extend these capabilities
even further by providing users with the information they need, right when
they need it – be it provisioning status rates, deployment progress, or workflow
insight, and monitoring capabilities provide a constant view of the operational
status of assets deployed to the field.
> Better planning tools and shared
insight reduce or eliminate supply
chain delays.
The Network and Sensor Deployment application helps mitigate risk
by ensuring detailed, contextualized, and actionable information is
available to key stakeholders. Planners and operators are empowered
to optimize field deployment activities, creating and maintaining the
clearest path towards a fully deployed and optimized Smart Grid system.
The Grid Director Network and Sensor Deployment
application offers a rich set of tools to manage and support
the complex task of deploying a smart grid network with
intelligent intermediary and end-point devices.
By providing information-rich maps, overlays, and structured dashboards, business
stakeholders are able to stay informed about progress, with the right information at hand
to be responsive and make quick adjustments to any deployment schedule.
> Real time mapping of the network, and all sensor equipment on it, provides a rich visual
presentation of the deployment status.
> Registration and provisioning views provide detailed information on the connectedness
of the intelligent end devices, in real-time.
> Comprehensive dashboards and key performance indicators puts the right information
in front of decision makers to help ensure optimal planning.
> Contextualized event correlation distills data into actionable information decreasing
the time to troubleshoot problems.
> Integration with head-end application servers and customer records enables the entire
distribution process to begin from a solid foundation where customer records are
accurately associated with network assets.
> Scalability is assured with operational systems currently supporting well over 5 million
intelligent endpoints and billions of data points.
> Customized data integration and overlays can help in technology decisions by
presenting various scenarios for network deployment options.
Key Features
Real-time Mapping
Visualizing the network with relevant
overlays from multiple data sources
helps inform all decisions.
Event Correlation
Events are contextualized, grouped,
and processed in order to provide
meaningful and actionable information
to the user.
User Operator Control
Operators see relevant information, and
are not distracted by the noise of the
Investigative Search
Instant powerful and contextualized
search aids in rapid correlation and
aggregation across multiple complex
datasets, helping aid in effective
Future Proof Flexibility
About Bit Stew Systems Inc.
Bit Stew Systems is the creator of the market leading platform for Software Defined Operations for
the Industrial Internet. Bit Stew’s revolutionary information processing engine, MIx CoreTM enables
complex event processing, advanced analytics and sophisticated machine-intelligence. The MIx Core
technology has proven scalability to provide end-to-end operational visibility for billions of connected
devices and trillions of data points—making it the ideal platform for the Industrial Internet. This same
MIx Core technology can also be embedded in devices, gateways and routers for intelligence and
automation directly at the edge of the network.
With easy-to-configure extensions,
connectors, and even plugins, the
system can be easily adapted to grow
through all Smart Grid stages: from
initial deployment through to full
network optimization.
Bit Stew’s flagship product solution, Grid DirectorTM is built on MIx Core and designed specifically to
meet the exacting demands of the utility industry. Grid Director offers customers complete visibility
and control of their networks enabling more agile and informed decision-making that improves
reliability, efficiency and performance. Grid Director provides real-time analytics, pattern recognition,
dynamic event management, and rapid integration across enterprise systems and applications.
Incorporated in 2009, Bit Stew Systems is a venture-backed private company that is headquartered
in Canada with offices in the USA, Australia and Europe. Bit Stew was named on the Gartner Cool
Vendors in Energy & Utilities list for 2014 and the Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company of the Year
– North American Service Solutions for Utilities.
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