Network Planning and Optimization

Network Planning Leveraging
and Optimization
insight for effective Network Operations
> Integration with work order
systems empowers planners to
understand the current state
of the network, how it is being
deployed in real time, and the
effect of the communications
> Flexible and customizable
interactive workbenches and
operational monitoring screens
provide clear and contextualized
> The ability to overlay network
technology options on planning
charts and service territory
maps provides a critical decision
making tool.
> Linking demand forecasting with
network planning helps ensure the
most efficient use of resources.
> Seamless integration with the
Grid Director Network Control
for Demand Response and
Distributed Generation application
empowers the utility to build
network plans that take advanced
capacity programs into account.
> One consolidated view of the
network with prediction analysis
mitigates network connectivity
risk, helping ensure a stable
meter-to-cash system.
Building out the most efficient network
The Network Planning and Optimization application offers telecommunication and network teams the benefit of planning, tracking and optimizing the
network through the presentation of a sophisticated analysis layer including a
contextualized view of the communication infrastructure and all other relevant
data - consoloidated from numerous systems.
Features such as RF propagation analysis, what-if analysis, plan versus actual
comparison, and optimization reporting are included in the application, aiding in
initial planning, and ongoing buildout of the grid.
All major features are fully interactive on the Grid Director workbenches,
and the geospatial map provides an ideal model for end-to-end planning and
optimization exercises and tracking to plans. The utility never loses sight of the
status of the network, and the options available to increase its performance at
the most sustainable cost of operations.
With contextual overlays, what-if analysis, integration of expert rules and
instant calculations providing feedback on different scenarios, planning
the telecommunication network becomes an exercise in optimization. The
utility has constant clear and complete visibility into its communication
options, can track its plans effectively, and adjust them as needed.
The Grid Director Network Planning and Optimization
application provides a toolset that integrates all
network elements together providing a unified
planning platform.
With the ability to model different network coverage options on a geospatial map,
designers can more quickly get from planning to network design with information that is
accurate and up to date.
> Map based visualizations make identification of potential network coverage enhancements
easy, and timely - from the beginning of network planning, well into deployment.
> A sophisticated analysis layer with customizable dashboards and KPIs integrates data
relating to all communication infrastructure for flexible consolidated or disaggregated
filtered views.
> Plan vs actual network design comparisons enable network designers to make sure the
network is being deployed as expected, and how any relevant conditions may have
changed - in terms of timing, conenctivity, cost or other relevant factors. Layering in
potential plans for build-out helps the utility weigh the advantages and disadvantages of
various models, to select the best path forward.
> Full support of industry standards with the integration tools to support legacy networks
means that the application can grow as utility needs evolve.
> Virtual network design simulations make the entire planning exercise clearer, more
controlled, and more easily tracked.
Key Features
Network Scenario Modeling
Layering potential network technology
plans into ‘living models’ helps the
utility weigh the advantages and costs
of various network strategies, both
in capital outlay as well as ongoing
network expenses.
Network Planning Support
Correlating network plans with events
from deployed assets mitigates network
connectivity risk and lends insight to
how the network is actually being
formed on the ground. Integration with
work order systems provides even closer
Integrated Insight
Integration with all network technology
equipment assures that the application
has access to complete information
including speed, range, and cost of
Advanced Permissions
About Bit Stew Systems Inc.
Bit Stew Systems is the creator of the market leading platform for Software Defined Operations for
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complex event processing, advanced analytics and sophisticated machine-intelligence. The MIx Core
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devices and trillions of data points—making it the ideal platform for the Industrial Internet. This same
MIx Core technology can also be embedded in devices, gateways and routers for intelligence and
automation directly at the edge of the network.
Discrete views for planners, operators,
and business owners is driven by
powerful user types with inherited
permissions, empowering all
stakeholders with the right information
at the right time.
Bit Stew’s flagship product solution, Grid Director™ is built on MIx Core and designed specifically to
meet the exacting demands of the utility industry. Grid Director offers customers complete visibility
and control of their networks enabling more agile and informed decision-making that improves
reliability, efficiency and performance. Grid Director provides real-time analytics, pattern recognition,
dynamic event management, and rapid integration across enterprise systems and applications.
Incorporated in 2009, Bit Stew Systems is a venture-backed private company that is headquartered
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