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“I am the Vine, you are the branches; he
February 2015
who abides in Me bears much fruit...”
John 15:5
The Newsletter of Lansdale Presbyterian Church
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Summer Missions Trip 2015: Cherokee
North Carolina
This summer our missions trip will take us into the
Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina to serve the
Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians with MTW. We will
have opportunity to serve in both Word and deed
ministries that could include things like VBS,
sports/day camps, community visitation and senior citizen centers as well as construction
projects. We will know more about what exactly our ministry will be after our team is
assembled and we can take inventory of our gifts.
In addition to our Youth Group, we are in need of adult
volunteers with a variety of gifts. Individuals with who can
help with leading construction projects are especially
needed as well as individuals to take the lead in VBS
ministry. Please let Brian Hand know of your interest! Also,
MTW describes this as a “family friendly” trip open to all
ages. They have separate family housing to accommodate
young children with their parents and have ministry
opportunities that young children can participate in.
Discounts are available for four spouses attending together
and deep discounts for younger children.
The dates for the trip are July 25th-August 1st (Saturday-Saturday). The cost for each person
will be in the range of $550-$600 depending on transportation and day off activities. Please
ask about rates for spouses or children if interested. A $65 deposit will be due by March 1st for
all trip participants.
Please pray over the next few weeks for the formation of our team and the initial planning
Men’s Breakfast
Men’s Retreat in March
We are pleased and excited to invite all the
men of LPC and their friends to attend our
next breakfast at the Henning’s Market Food
Court in Harleysville on Sat., Feb.7th, at 7:30
am. Come listen to Aji George talk about how
St. Thomas brought Christianity to India
(before it reached the Americas!), his journey
to faith within the Mar Thoma Church and
what led to his family’s decision to leave the
church and begin attending LPC. Don’t miss
out on this great opportunity to "pepper" Aji
with questions about everything you ever
wanted to know about India!
We will be holding our 6th annual Men’s
retreat this year at Spruce Lake retreat center
March 6-8. Danillo Santos will be our speaker
this year on the topic of identity in Christ.
This is a great opportunity to get to know
other guys and share great food, hike up the
mountain, and be encouraged. This year we
are pleased to invite the young men to join
us. All men in high school on up are invited
to attend. Check out our You Tube video of
Bringing Missions Into Focus
Most of us are familiar with Isaiah 53. It is a prophetic description of the redemptive
sacrifice work of Jesus Christ. But many of us are not so familiar with Isaiah 52, which
also deals with the redemptive work of Christ. Why not read it and see what I mean.
The first twelve verses are a joyful proclamation anticipating the deliverance of God’s
people, Israel. Take note of verse 10.
“The LORD has bared His holy arm before the eyes of all the nations, and all the ends of
the earth shall see the salvation of our God.”
The figure of speech, “bared His holy arm” speaks of God’s powerful work of redemption
that only He can do but the phrase stresses the fact that His powerful work was “bared”
that is revealed to the nations even all the ends of the earth.
At first glance Isaiah 52:10 may seem to be picturing God’s deliverance of Israel while all
the nations look on from the “side lines” and trembled as when God delivered Israel out
of Egypt. At that time the nations did not “see” in the sense of participating in and
benefiting from the salvation that God accomplished for His people.
A closer reading of Isaiah 52 indicates otherwise. Vs. 13-14 briefly allude to the
sacrificial work of the Servant/Messiah. Now notice verse 15, “so shall He sprinkle many
nations…” Vs. 15 boldly and unequivocally declares that many nations will be sprinkled,
that is purified, made holy in God’s sight, redeemed by the blood of an atoning sacrifice
resulting from the Messiah’s sacrificial work described in vs. 13 and 14. The redemptive
work spoken of in this chapter has “all the nations,” and “all the ends of the earth,” and
“many nations” in view.
“All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to Himself and gave us the ministry
of reconciliation; that is, in Christ God was reconciling the world to Himself, not counting
their trespasses against them, and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation.” (2 Cor.
5:18-19). God has given us the ministry of reconciliation, which is based on the
redemptive work of Christ. If God’s work of redemption has “all the nations” in view,
should our ministry of reconciliation focus on anything less?
- Dan McBride
LPC Missions Conference: Save the Date!!
“Starting In Jerusalem”
Saturday & Sunday
March 14 – 15, 2015
The 2015 Missions Conference presents a unique opportunity for us to better understand
our Jewish friends. Our speaker is Rev. Fred Klett, the first ordained PCA evangelist
specifically called to evangelize the Jewish people. Rev. Klett is Director of CHAIM CHristians Announcing Israel's Messiah." Named after the Hebrew word for "life," CHAIM
promotes the gospel among the Jewish people through evangelism, equipping churches,
and discipling Jewish believers. During the evening program, Rev. Klett will demonstrate
a Passover Seder dinner, the very setting of Jesus' last supper with his disciples.
Coming Events at LPC
9:15a Christian Education (wkly)
10:30a Worship Service (wkly)
11:45a Church Luncheon
1:00p Congregational Meeting
6:30p Cantabile Choir (wkly)
6:30 pm Perkasie Small Grp (wkly)
7:00 pm Brd. of Christian Ed. Mtg.
6:00a Men’s Fraternity (wkly)
6:30p Choir Rehearsal (wkly)
7:30p Worship Music Rehearsal (wkly)
9:00a Ladies Bible Study (wkly)
6:30p Session Meeting
7:00p Ladies Bible Study (wkly)
10:30a Fri. Small Group (wkly)
7:30 a Men’s Breakfast
2:00 p Meadowood Tea
2:00p Meadowood Ministry
5:30p Youth Group (wkly)
5:30 p College & Career (CACHOC) (wkly)
5:45p Small Groups in homes (wkly)
7:30p Evangelism Comm. Mtg.
7:30p Youth Fellowship (wkly)
7:15a Mission Committee Mtg.
7:00a MOPS
5:30 pm Children’s Ministry
7:00p Deacons’ Meeting
7:00 pm A Time to Pray
9:00a MOPS Steering Comm. Mtg.
1:00p Food From the Heart Dinner
5:30p Children’s Chime Choir
7:00p Men’s Fraternity
February Birthdays/Anniversaries
Ari & Ellen Koudis
If your birthday or anniversary is not included, or
we have made a mistake, please contact the
church office so that we can correct our records.
Thank you.
February Schedules Women’s One-Day Retreat
Thanks to our many volunteers who help
things to run smoothly every Sunday!
Save the Date
Eastern Pennsylvania Presbytery Women’s
Ministries Local Spring Retreat: April 25th at
Calvary Presbyterian Church, 405 Easton
Rd., Willow Grove, PA
Cancellations In case of inclement weather and there is a
question as to whether services or evening
fellowship will be cancelled or schedules
modified, please call the church at 215-3681119, ext. 66, and listen for updates.
Announcements will also be made by email,
and you may call your elders. Thank you.
Cathy Keane
Scott Wilson
Ron Stotish
Amber Etherton
Krista Hathaway
Grace S
Marge Long
Alex Halvorsen
Emme Gray
Lydia Keane
Charis Whitney
Jenn Gray
Deb Negley
Anita Schwartz
Maombi Magangala
Sarah Prall
Rachel Weinstein
Brian Witner
Genevieve Hand
Danillo Santos
Paul & Dottie Koehrsen
Fred & Carol Pletscher
Tom & Chris Greene
Scott & Shirley Wilson
Bruce Weinstein, Bob Wunderlich,
Philip Pennington, Bill Gray, Jr.
Craig Schwartz, Jamie Bard,
Glenn Slotter, Paul Koehrsen
8 Paul & Dottie Koehrsen, J&S Hathaway
15 Paul & Dottie Koehrsen, J&S Hathaway
22 Paul Koehrsen, Dave & Wendy Fox
Year End Gifts Report
New On-line Church Directory!
We are happy to report that our church
ended the 2014 fiscal year with a surplus.
This was due to the generous response to the
year-end request letter that was sent out in
December. Not only did we surpass the
requested $16,500 goal for our Sacrificial
Offering, but additional giving made up for
the deficit we were experiencing and more.
Each year the church office distributes a
member directory. In addition to that booklet
the church also had an online directory
through Member Connect. At the end of
2014, Member Connect was no longer
available. We have begun using a new online
directory called Instant Church Directory
Online that we hope you will find helpful.
You can access the directory from your
computer or smartphones, which hopefully
makes finding someone’s contact information
quick and easy. This is also a photo
The final amount of the Sacrificial Offering
was $16,780, $280 above our goal. As
stated, this will be dedicated to various
things planned in our 2015 budget.
With the additional year end gifts besides the
Sacrificial Offering we ended the 2014 year
$17,250 above our expenses! Where we were
expecting a significant deficit, God had other
plans. The Lord provides! Some of this
money has been allocated to cover
unbudgeted costs involved with our strategic
planning process. How the rest of these
funds will be allocated is currently under
discussion by the Session and the Finance
Committee, and will be reported when this
decision has been made.
“And my God will supply every need of yours
according to his riches in glory in Christ
Philippians 4:19
It is essential for the church office to have
your correct email address as this will enable
you to have access to the directory and
enable you to create your account and log in.
administrative access to updating your and
your family’s information.
Food from the Heart
If you want to access the online directory,
they can do so just like they had for Member
Connect. Hover over the "Home" tab on the
church website, and you'll see "Member
Directory" listed at the bottom. If you click
on that, you will be able to login (or create a
login) there using the email address that the
church office has listed for you.
Dinner Update
Date: January 25, 2015
Speaker: Dr. Bruce Weinstein
Topic: Matthew 8 - The Faith of the
Centurion, with his personal testimony
Number Attended: 46
Menu: Tossed Salad, Roll & butter, Bean
and Spinach Soup, Lasagna, peas & carrots,
and ice cream for dessert
February 2015
For those who desire a paper booklet style
directory, we would like to print- with
pictures - from this file once all information
is up to date. (You can also print your own!)
Spreading Branches